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Do people really avoid barbs on rifts?(1)Category: GeneralApril-8-2015 4:19 AM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
I have noticed lately esp post patch that whenever a high level barb enters the game, a couple players usually leave the rift.

On my second to the last rift, one DH said something about how annoying they are because they spin around like ballerina acting like it's a solo game. It turned into an entertaining exchange of words but here's my though

Idk if there is an etiquette (i mean who am I kidding) but bit by bit it seems to have grown quite of an annoyance to me too. It's like 1 second and the elite is dead as I am setting up my sentries or hydra, and then seconds later the barb is on the next level spinning and breezing through.

LOL at the dislikes. Just stating a fact mates. Ain't trying to hate. The responses would also beg to differ from your opposition. And just for correction, it isn't about how fast one kills an elite for me. take the glory on that last shot but stay with the group, don't act like it's a solo. Why play group when you're just playing solo away from the team?
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Do people really avoid barbs on rifts?(178)April-24-2015 5:37 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: KazeSenju

So far I have done two rifts where the barbs seem to be running that whirlwind and jumping build but they do wait for the rest of the teams. Most rifts int he last two days however when there are barbs, I usually end up just picking the loot with the rest of the team. They're either too fast or just won't bother playing with the group. No hate though. I just wish some would be a little more considerate.

Personally, I think it’s always a good idea when starting a public game to establish ground rules with your team, like what your pace will be and what group buffs you'll use, among other things. Knowing those details at the outset can often help make multiplayer games go much more smoothly.

That said, we understand that playing in public games outside of Greater Rifts can have its ups and downs, especially when one player is able to more quickly power through enemies and obstacles than the rest of the group. We don’t have any plans to take away movement-based builds or similar playstyles, but we’ll continue to discuss ways to present players at those higher power levels with options for more challenging public game content.
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Do people really avoid barbs on rifts?(255)April-28-2015 10:29 AM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: smokeypoo

as far as public matchmaking goes, it's way too open to have reliable, organized gameplay. lobbies would be great, but if we can't get those i would rather an emphasis be put on Communities, which are a great way to find likeminded players who want to play the way you want to play. a lot of players already know about them, but maybe more should be done on the developer's end to help create more awareness for them.

Great suggestion (and thanks for calling this out)! There are all kinds of Communities of like-minded nephalem out there. I've already seen several that focus on specific aspects of the game, and your idea of promoting these better is certainly a fair one.
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