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Feedback: Lots of Achievements for Season 3 Gone? Why?(1)Category: GeneralApril-10-2015 9:36 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
TLDNR: Cutting out all the original achievements (class, explore, event, boss and monster kills, etc) is not the way to spark interest in Season 3. It excludes a massive amount of the player base shooting for "The Achievement Point Leaderboards" in a season. Discuss.

The long post:
Update: Confirmed on page 6 that his is "not" a bug:

Posted by: TheTias

The 2.2 PTR's "Season 3" had the same achievements as we have now. That is, all of the regular achievements had been removed on the PTR just as they are removed on Live.

Thank you for the information and time required to reply. I wish I would have actually known this before Friday when Season 3 officially started. I would have began my campaign of "get answers" much, much sooner! :)

This also, with out a doubt, confirms that this is "not a bug". Now I want to know "why" as the title of this thread states.

Update Two: From page 16 with the idea that less achievements and making them harder is a great idea. Here is my reply:

Posted by: Hawk

The seasonal achievements should - and now are - tied to accomplishing something that is made more significant by the pressure of time.

Did you try to get 7490 achievement points in Season 1?
If not, you don't fully understand the pressure of time in this situation.
Getting a gem to 40 is a single set of tasks:
Do any bounties to get key. Do T6 rift to get trial. Do trial to get Grift key. Complete Grift to upgrade gem.
That... is... it.
Four tasks repeated over and over and over again.

7490 Achievement points (I was #217 Season 1) around 600 tasks, give or take, as not all achievements I gained was worth 10 points each.
Please tell me how making Season 3 achievements revolve around 4 tasks is "better" than 600?
Seriously. I just do not get it.

And to continue with the original information:

I played season 1 and 2 only for the season achievement point leaderboards (even though "starting over" was fun, to a point).
My career/non-season achievement score is 7200 or 98%.

Season 1 - I ended at #217 on the Americas Achievement list (because it was 11 weeks).
Season 2 - I ended at #304 on the Americas Achievement list (because it was only 7 weeks).
Season 3... Why try?

With the Season 2 Achievement point leaderboard...
#1 had 8280 points.
#1000 had 4910.
8280 - 4910 = 3370
3370 / 10 = 337
The top and the bottom was separated by 337 different possible achievements available.

While in Season 3:
970 is max points?
79 total achievements possible?
How is this even close to being considered "better" for their main gaming base and the largest segment of revenue? I fail to understand.
I am not asking to make it "easier" to get on a leaderboard. I am asking to keep it the way it was as it was a great system that allowed a much larger player base with a massive variety on play styles to have a shot at getting listed and did nothing to reduce the amount of top tier players fighting for the top. A win for all!

Update April 14th: Currently, the Americas achievement board has:

#1 = 930 points
#1000 = 600 points

What this means is that after only five days, the leaderboard is already filled with people finishing 60%+ of the achievements available in Season 3 and this season will last "at least four months".

In Season 1 and 2, the bottom person only had 50% of all available points after 11 and 7 weeks.

Please, Blizzard, explain to me how locking up a leaderboard in a week or two is possibly a good thing for your player base and the "replay value" of Seasons and exactly what I predicted on April 10th when I discovered this change.

Oddly enough, I read the blog post as "We added a whole lot of achievements for Season 3, so enjoy!"
Instead of "We now made the only thing casuals can go for completely invalid in Season 3!"

From the Season 3 now live blog post: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/18710109/season-3-now-live-4-10-2015

And I quote:

"And that’s not all! We’ve also completely re-worked previous Seasonal Achievements to focus more on the challenging accomplishments you can achieve during a Season. There are 100 new Seasonal Achievements altogether in normal and Hardcore, giving you plenty of new challenges to take on this Season.

As always, our philosophy when creating Achievements is that they should require time and effort to obtain. The Conquests and Season-exclusive Achievements available in Season 3 reflect this idea. While some may be achieved through normal play, you’ll find that some require creativity and dedication if you want to complete them!"

"As always"?!?!? This one completely cracks me up... As always when creating Achievements...

Since when? Four hours ago? Does "As always" at Blizzard really mean four hours, just like Soon means forever?

Most of the bold can be translated to mean "Casual gamers need not apply".

I find it highly ironic that they developers deleted a major part of "starting over" with each season (those achievement toasts are awesome), yet have an entire community around "Play Your Way" highlighting unpopular and, often times, strange builds.

This defies logic.

Want to know how I like "Playing My Way?"

Getting all the achievements again!

Sure, Blizzard wants to create challenging new achievements... while deleting almost every single one that we have been earning since the game came out and when Seasons started? What?

I cannot get to the top of any class on the leaderboards Grift completion solo or in group (I do not play public games) on Americas leaderboards, even though I probably play a lot more than most people like to label "Casuals".

My best character in Season 2 made it to Solo Grift 34... after seven weeks. I did not even get the Season 2 Grift Conquest... for 10 points... LOL!

Why did Blizzard completely exclude a vast amount of their player base from Season 3?
I get that a lot of "post retail" added stuff has been massive amounts of experiments, but this is ridiculous.

Do they seriously think "Casuals" are going to continue at all with Seasons now?
400 points did take little time to get (ya, I admit a bit too easy), but now for Season 3, it may take weeks.
Does Blizzard really think that getting "Season 3 only items to drop" four months early is an incentive, just to delete another redundant character in an already crowded character list and start all over again, no longer even using the items earned?

Isn't getting all the achievements and hitting at least one leaderboard the "end game" draw?
It was for me!

I must say that I liked having the 1000 players listed on the leaderboard separated by four thousand points instead of ten (or maybe even zero) at Seasons end.
I can only see Season 3 ending in two weeks. Why make it end in seven weeks, or as one developer already said: four months? (Thanks Spluncy for the link)


The Season 3 Achievements are also pro-group to the max. In other words, a player that normally plays with three other people can leave the group, do a solo level 40 Grift, get all of the solo Grift achievements in 14 minutes and 59 seconds for 240 points and then continue playing in a group.

This is broken. Period.

The leaderboards will be completely taken up by people playing 23 hours a day for a week or two and then locked out of for everyone else for the rest of the season, slated for at least four months.


Blizzard, please reconsider this action for Season 4.
Don't kill the genre for me after 19 years of dedication.

I have always lurked these forums and laughed at the silly rage quit noobs trying to get their point across and I am not one of them. I will continue playing, but not as intently as I would like.

- Signed, a long time PC Vanilla to ROS player completely irritated.
Look at my post count. (it was one when I started this thread) I don't troll forums. I post when something is really broken...
I have been playing Blizzard games since December 31, 1996.
Go ahead, Google what release date that was... I dare you.

Black Viper from www.blackviper.com
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Feedback: Lots of Achievements for Season 3 Gone? Why?(285)April-16-2015 11:00 AM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Zsu

We don't mind re-doing achievements, Blizzard. New and exclusive challenges are nice, but don't take away from the casual experience, please. That's a really big part of the fun for us who don't feel like real competitive play.

Posted by: BlackViper

Cutting out all the original achievements (class, explore, event, boss and monster kills, etc) is not the way to spark interest in Season 3. It excludes a massive amount of the player base shooting for "The Achievement Point Leaderboards" in a season.

Posted by: Spluncy

I agree 100%. I was so looking forward to going for the achievements and competing for them (when I was able) and seeing where I fell on the leaderboards. But when I logged in, it seemed like 90% of the achievements were gone.

Posted by: eternalsnows

I have zero desire to put the time into competing on grifts and conquests, but last season at least I could get into the top 1000 by playing a lot and picking up a ton of random achievements.

Great feedback! You all have my thanks for sharing your perspectives so constructively here. Even fifteen pages later, I can see that most responses are on topic and respectful in their tone. *insert applause*

I'm still parsing through and collecting all of the ideas presented in this thread (since there's a lot of good stuff here). By all means, please continue this discussion and I'll make sure your feedback gets in front of the right folks.
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