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Tavern Talk...No questions taken till last min?(1)Category: GeneralMarch-18-2015 5:39 PM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
quote from Tavern Talk post:

"Unlike previous Tavern Talks, we won't be pulling any questions in advance, so be sure to have yours ready to go when the show begins!"

I think that it's really cowardly that they will NOT be taking questions that are well thought out and well up-voted, and only ones that get spammed threw on the day of the Tavern talk...

Feels like they don't want to be asked any real hard questions..

Basically... it feels like they are choosing a easy way to opt-out of being asked good questions...
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Tavern Talk...No questions taken till last min?(6)March-18-2015 6:17 PM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Actually, this shift was in response to feedback we received that we took too many prepared questions in advance and that the presence of such questions made the show feel "staged" or pre-recorded.

It's an experiment with the format and not at all indicative of our willingness to take one type of question over the other. The right answer is probably a mix of the two styles, which is what we did with the last Tavern Talk (which still received the above feedback). This way, we have a basic litmus of each experience and can see what works best for our audience. :)

Tavern Talk is still undergoing iteration, and I appreciate all the feedback folks have been providing on it. We'd like to continue providing excellent video and stream content, and your thoughts about what works and what doesn't helps us fine tune.
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