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Evening all,

I don't usually post anything on these poisonous forums of hate but have been quite disturbed recently by a banning of one of my close in game friends on Diablo 3. He has been nothing but a loyal customer to blizzard and to my knowledge an honest respectful gamer who does not use any third party programs to be ahead . He has a passion for the game and as a result does play for many hours a day but that is no different anyone else.Given that I had played with him most days during the recent season it is hard to see the hours that he has put in be swept away in one foul swoop by someone in your organisation who deems him to be 'botting'.

If he has violated blizzards code of conduct then I completely understand, however, as a company offering a service to their customers the least you could do is determine how you come to the finds and what exactly is the issue and when the incident occurred.

The response to the below post from Omrakos is simply a sign of how blizzard is unwilling to commit time to what would seem a fairly controversial topic for all member in the community. Also an extent to the reason as to why the D3 community is dying... but i digress.


I'd be happy to discuss this further with member of the team.

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I'm sorry for any confusion here but all players who are actioned for any subject have the ability to appeal by submitting a ticket to us. These reports are manually reviewed by Customer Service again and if verified the action was correct, it will be upheld.

Note we do not give out exact details on many exploitative account actions as doing so would allow certain parties the ability to gain information on how they were caught. A botter for example will most likely only be told they were actioned for the use of third party programs, nothing more and this is intended.

Please note Omrakos post was spot on. We don't talk about player's actions with anyone but the owner of the account, so that owner needs to contact us. Your friend needs to contact us to file an appeal to have the account reviewed again to ensure the action was correct. That isn't controversial that is our system looking out for any possible mistake made and ensuring we filter out mistakes and at the same time keep good players here.

This is the only insight I can give. This topic is also not related to "Technical Support" and will be locked.
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