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Diablo III Players Dive Into Season 1

The first Diablo III Season brings the fun of a blank slate to the game

Diablo III Season 1 is Live
The first Diablo III Season has started with a bang, as players flock to the new game mode. Many of the seasonal achievements called Conquests filled up quickly, with the first 1000 players completing each of them. Here at Diablo Somepage, we are now tracking Seasonal characters and gathering data to make Season versions of our data-filled charts and guides. Here is a look at the new Seasonal Legendary items, and tips for leveling up in the Diablo III Season.

Season 1 Begins Worldwide
Season 1 had a staggered release as it rolled out around the world. Here in the United States it is a holiday weekend celebrating Labor Day, and once the Season started a multitude of players quickly leveled up. The ongoing treasure event helps out, providing needed gold for starting fresh in the Season.

Diablo III Season 1 is now live in all gameplay regions! To create a Seasonal hero, select your class, gender, and name as usual, then select the "Seasonal Hero" checkbox on the lower left of the screen. 

What Are Seasons?

Seasons are an optional, recurring game mode that offers PC players the opportunity to periodically start fresh, leveling new Normal or Hardcore heroes from level 1 without any currency, resources, items, or previously earned Paragon experience. Similar to the separation between Normal and Hardcore game modes, Seasonal heroes will also have their own shared stash and Artisan progression. Any currency, materials, recipes, items, Paragon experience, and Artisan progression earned during a Season will be rolled over to a player's non-Seasonal profile once the Season concludes.

Seasons offer unique rewards and new challenges for players, including new Legendaries, an exclusive Transmogrification set only available to those who compete in each Season, and new achievements called Conquests. Progress within a given Season will also be tracked in our new Leaderboard system.

To learn more about Seasons, click here.

Good luck, nephalem! May the loot gods treat you kindly and your deeds of valor always be remembered. 

Season 1 Legendary and Set Items
Season 1 brings twelve new Seasonal Legendary and Set items. These special items only drop for Seasonal characters while the Season is active. Once Season 1 ends, the items will drop for all characters. The Season 1 Legendaries include three general use items, three Follower special items, and one weapon for each class.
  • Bottomless Potion of Rejuvenation - Legendary power:
    Restores 10–15% resource when used below 25% health.
    This is the first of the Bottomless potions that is restricted, where the Legendary power only activates if the character is below a certain health level. As with the other Legendary potions, the flavor text provides another look at the adventurous life of Royal Apothecary Jentulf (before he held that position!)
  • Krelm's Buff Belt - Legendary power:
    Gain 25% run speed. This effect is lost for 5 seconds after taking damage.
    This set belt goes with the bracers below; the 2-piece bonus from having both of them provides +500 Vitality.
  • Krelm's Buff Bracers - Legendary power:
    You are immune to Knockback and Stun effects.
  • Enchantress Focus: Vadim’s Surge
    Scoundrel Token: Slipka’s Letter Opener
    Templar Relic: Hillenbrand’s Training Sword
    The three Follower items each provide the same Legendary power:
    Equip on Follower: Reduce the cooldown of all Follower skills by 50%.

One Seasonal Legendary weapon was added for each of the classes, that boosts a specific active skill for that class.
  • Barbarian: Remorseless - A 1-Handed Mighty Weapon with the legendary power:
    Hammer of the Ancients has a 25–30% chance to summon an Ancient for 20 seconds.
  • Crusader: Frydehr’s Wrath - A Crusader Shield with the Legendary power:
    Condemn has no cooldown but instead costs 40 Wrath.
  • Demon Hunter: Leonine Bow of Hashir - A Bow with the Legendary power:
    Bolas shots have a 15–20% chance on explosion to pull in all enemies within 24 yards.
  • Monk: Vengeful Wind - A Fist weapon with the Legendary power:
    Increases the maximum stack count of Sweeping Wind by 3.
  • Witch Doctor: Sacred Harvester - A Ceremonial Knife with the Legendary power:
    Soul Harvest now stacks up to 10 times.
  • Wizard: Aether Walker - A Wand with the Legendary power:
    Teleport no longer has a cooldown but costs 25 Arcane Power.
The official Season preview provides other information about this new game mode.

Tracking Seasonal Characters
Here at Diablo Somepage we are working to record all of the stats for Seasonal characters, just as we do for regular Diablo III heroes. That will eventually provide Season-specific versions of the Popular Builds and Skills charts, and the Top Legendaries. We track Seasonal characters just like regular characters, and clearly mark them. An example is the Wizard Xanokk in the recently updated hero display, as one of the many Seasonal heroes we are tracking.

You can Add a BattleTag so your characters can be tracked as part of our data, both Seasonal and regular ones. If you are already in our database, our scanners will be automatically updating your characters every few days, gathering data on all the characters and Seasonal Paragon Levels. We have improvements coming soon to make that process smoother.

Diablo III Leveling Tips in Patch 2.1
If you are looking to level up a new Diablo III character, whether in Seasons or not, it helps to have tips to speed up the process. A video by YouTuber Rhykker gives some great info for leveling quickly. The related reddit thread has more discussion on ideas to help speed the leveling process.

Keep informed with the Diablo III news, and info about our new guides and charts. Follow Diablo Somepage on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ for the latest updates.

Patch 2.1.0 Hotfixes Boost Item Affixes

Blizzard Blues on Ramaladni's Gift drops and Treasure Goblin spawns (Updated)

Diablo III Hotfixes
A handful of hotfixes rolled out since Diablo III Patch 2.1.0 arrived, taking care of bugs and issues that cropped up. Multiple items that were not rolling their proper number of item affixes now roll properly. Blizzard Blues posts detailed the changes so far and other hotfixes that are on the way, and info on getting the powerful new Ramaladni's Gift consumable item.

New Patch 2.1.0 Hotfixes
The upcoming hotfixes include a hopefully final fix for the 6-piece set bonus to the Wizard Firebird's Finery set.
The hotfix list has been updated:

  • Fixing an issue where the Firebird's Finery damage over time effect is snapshotting critical damage upon application
  • Fixing an issue where Sentry (Spitfire Turret) is proccing Knockback effects from items


  • Resolved an issue where occasionally a normal Rift could not be completed due to insufficient monsters spawning (8/28)
  • Treasure Goblins no longer have a 100% chance to spawn in Halls of Agony level 2 (8/28)
  • Fixed an issue where Game Difficulty XP bonus was applying to monsters in the Realm of Trials (8/27)

  • Fixed an issue where the item Spines of Seething Hatred was rolling with one less affix than intended (should now properly spawn with 5 Primary and 2 Secondary) (8/27)
  • Fixed an issue where the item Broken Promises was rolling with one less affix than intended (should now properly spawn with 4 Primary and 2 Secondary) (8/27)
  • Fixed an issue where the item Meticulous Bolts was rolling with one less affix than intended (should now roll with 5 Primary and 2 Secondary) (8/27)

Update - All the hotfixes listed above are now live, along with other changes. The main new addition requires that a Greater Rift be fully cleared before the Greater Rift Guardian will spawn; it is no longer possible to just wait the 15 minutes and have it spawn automatically.
The hotfix list has been updated:


There are no upcoming hotfixes at this time.


  • Greater Rifts Guardians will no longer instantly spawn after 15 minutes. In order to spawn a Greater Rift Guardian, players must fill the progress bar completely. (8/29)

  • Fixed an issue where the Firebird's Finery damage over time effect is snapshotting critical damage upon application (8/28)

Demon Hunter:
  • Fixed an issue where Sentry (Spitfire Turret) is proccing Knockback effects from items (8/28)

  • Fixed an issue where the Firebird's Finery damage over time effect is snapshotting critical damage upon application (8/28)

Goblin Spawns and Portals to The Vault
The Vault is a new area added in patch 2.1, and is only occasionally accessible through a Treasure Goblin's portal. That portal cannot spawn from a Treasure Goblin in either a Nephalem Rift or a Greater Rift.
Posted by: Korynthe

has it been confirmed that you cannot access the goblin portal in rifts?

Indeed! The portal to The Vault will not spawn inside a Nephalem Rift (and Treasure Goblins don't spawn inside of Greater Rifts at all).

Posted by: DoctorSatan

Confirmed....not all portals gobs spawn is for Greed...just got portal to Whimsydale.

You, my friend, have found a very special type of Treasure Goblin. The Whimsyshire Goblin will occasionally pop his friendly face into Sanctuary, and when defeated, drops a portal to Whimsydale. Functionally, Whimsydale is identical to Whimsyshire - behind the scenes, the name was altered slightly in order to get the portal to function correctly.

If you've never visited the mystical land of murderous Unicorns, Cuddle Bears, and Twinkleroots, you can certainly hitch a ride there from this cute little guy instead!

One of the hotfixes listed above stopped a guaranteed Treasure Goblin spawn. Nevalistis explained why this was necessary, and that The Vault was not supposed to be a common, easily found area.
Posted by: Shiggit

Except there was nothing stealthy about the 'Nerf' (which btw was clearly a fix).

Basically this. I've been working on the hotfix list for a while, which has now been updated, but sometimes it can take some time to verify everything. There were a lot of fixes that went out recently, and we make it a point to double (and sometimes triple) check to make sure they're accurate before we post them.

The Vault is meant to be a relatively rare and fun interlude. We want it to feel extremely rewarding when it's encountered. When we implemented on the PTR, in order to facilitate testing, it had a much higher spawn rate. A zone like this can be frequent or it can be awesomely rewarding, but not both or it dilutes both its purpose and how great it can feel. The idea is for it to be memorable and a special experience rather than another place to farm regularly.

In addition, Treasure Goblins themselves are meant to be a rare occurrence, and no zone should have a 100% spawn rate for them. Any additional instances of this should be reported in our Bug Report forum.

Ramaladni's Gift Drops
The new Ramaladni's Gift consumable can add a gem socket to a weapon. It is a rare drop, and essentially acts as any other Torment-only drop in how it can be obtained. As Nevalistis noted in this post and at reddit, Torment items in general can drop in Greater Rifts, and that includes Ramaladni's Gift.
Posted by: TheTias

To further clarify, does Ramaladni's Gift drop only at Torment level or higher, or at all levels?

Did some checking in to clarify a few points:

  • Ramaladni's Gift is considered a Torment Only item and begins dropping in Torment I
  • It can drop from any source (monsters, chests, etc.) in any game mode
  • It acts just like any other Torment-only Legendary and follows similar drop rules

Hope that clears up some confusion. :)

Hydra Runes and Stats
The Wizard Hydra skill interacts differently with stats like Critical Hit Damage and Increased Attack Speed, depending on the rune used. Tyvalir explained how that works, and what changes might be made for the skill in the future.
Posted by: Nihla

only attack speed isnt working with mammoth, rest is working somehow.

Correct! All runes of the Hydra skill take Critical Hit Damage and Critical Hit Chance into account, and most of them (except Blazing Hydra) can deal Critical Hits.

Blazing Hydra is the only rune where CHD and CHC are rolled into the attack itself. Instead of producing Critical Hits, Blazing Hydra calculates CHC and CHD as part of its regular attack damage. It’s also the only rune that incorporates Increased Attack Speed, which increases its damage per tick.

Although the other runes don’t currently benefit from Increased Attack Speed, it is something we want to implement in the future.

Hellfire Amulet Coming to Consoles
Patch 2.1.0 was released just this week for the PC Diablo III client. Most of the content from that patch will be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One editions of the Ultimate Evil Edition, down the road. That includes the new Hellfire Amulet jewelry.
Posted by: Clownnut

ust want to know dont see find that option on black smith.

The Hellfire Amulet is an item that was recently introduced in patch 2.1 for the PC version of Diablo III, but doesn't presently exist in UEE. We're currently planning to implement the Hellfire Amulet in a future patch for UEE on PS4 and Xbox One, but right now we don't have an estimate to share about when that might be.

Finally, keep in mind that Season 1 starts today! Get ready to start out a brand new character as part of the race; for those in the Americas, that will start at 6PM Pacific time (9PM Eastern time.)

Play Your Way Livestream #3 Today

Developer John Yang joins the team playing Crusaders on the Twitch stream

Play Your Way Thursday
The Play Your Way community series continues today with another Twitch livestream this afternoon! Community representative Brandy "Nevalistis" Camel hosts the stream, and will be joined by Deadset#2627, Qelric#2241, and Diablo III developer John Yang. They will be playing Crusaders through the livestream, and testing out the latest Play Your Way featured build. The fun starts at 3PM Pacific time Thursday (6PM Eastern time) and runs for an hour!

Last week, voting completed for the latest round of Play Your Way Thursday builds. Your dedication to the Zakarum faith is clear, so tune in this Thursday, August 28 for our Round 3 livestream featuring the Crusader!

Here are the TL;DR details:

Come join me and the winner of our last vote, Deadset, as we don our armor and raise our shields alongside Associate Game Designer John Yang and YouTuber Qelric. We'll be going over the finer points of Deadset's "Leapquake" Crusader build while crushing our foes in Nephalem Rifts, and just generally having a grand ole time! Tune in to Twitch.tv/Diablo and give us a follow to be notified the moment we go live!

See you there!

Can't catch the livestream this week? No problem—we'll have the VOD available on both Twitch and YouTube shortly after the livestream concludes, so subscribe or follow so you know exactly when you can rewatch the glory at your leisure.

Update: Check out the VOD from the livestream below!

Patch 2.1.0 Hotfixes and Current Issues

Including a fix to make the empty Diablo III Achievements show up

Diablo III Hotfixes
Diablo III Patch 2.1.0 is here with new features and fun activities. As with any large patch, there are also new bugs and issues to be dealt with. Here are the hotfixes that have already rolled out with the patch, and current issues that players are dealing with. If the Achievements for your Diablo III account are not showing up in game, we have a fix for that problem.

Hotfixes for Patch 2.1.0
Diablo III hotfixes are server updates to fix ongoing bugs. These hotfixes rolled out with the patch when it went live. This list will automatically update with further hotfixes as those are applied.
Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks.

These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued.

Last updated August 29th. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers.


There are no upcoming hotfixes at this time.


  • Treasure Goblins no longer have a 100% chance to spawn in Halls of Agony level 2 (8/28)
  • Fixed an issue where increased elemental damage debuffs applied to enemies were stacking from multiple sources (8/26)

Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts:
  • Boon of the Hoarder, Goldskin, Gladiator Gauntlets, and Threatening Shout (Grim Harvest) should no longer drop gold in Greater Rifts (8/29)
  • Greater Rifts Guardians will no longer instantly spawn after 15 minutes. In order to spawn a Greater Rift Guardian, players must fill the progress bar completely (8/29)
  • Resolved an issue where occasionally a normal Rift could not be completed due to insufficient monsters spawning (8/28)
  • Fixed an issue where Game Difficulty XP bonus was applying to monsters in the Realm of Trials (8/27)

  • Fixed an issue where the item Spines of Seething Hatred was rolling with one less affix than intended (should now properly spawn with 5 Primary and 2 Secondary) (8/27)
  • Fixed an issue where the item Broken Promises was rolling with one less affix than intended (should now properly spawn with 4 Primary and 2 Secondary) (8/27)
  • Fixed an issue where the item Meticulous Bolts was rolling with one less affix than intended (should now roll with 5 Primary and 2 Secondary) (8/27)
  • Fixed an issue where the fireball effect from Gyana Na Kashu was being applied to the first target twice (8/26)

  • Laws of Hope (Time Stop) will no longer allow the invulnerability effect to last beyond 3 seconds (8/26)
    • Please note: The visual bubble and buff icon for Time Stop's invulnerability effect will still remain for 8 seconds when using the Long Arm of the Law passive

Demon Hunter:
  • Fixed an issue where Sentry (Spitfire Turret) is proccing Knockback effects from items (8/28)

  • Fixed an issue where the Firebird's Finery damage over time effect is snapshotting critical damage upon application (8/28)
  • Fixed an issue where Blizzard (Apocalypse) was unintentionally applying extra damage when reapplying the Firebird's Finery damage over time effect (8/26)
  • Disintegrate will now properly proc Arcane Power on Crit (8/26)
  • Disintegrate will now properly benefit from the +% Damage to Disintegrate affix (8/26)

Fix for Missing Achievements
One bug since the patch has prevented all achievements from showing up in certain Diablo III accounts. Instead text like !!Missing!! - 0 shows in the Diablo III client, and all the achievements are blank. This is being investigated by Blizzard tech support; in the meantime, they recommend logging in and out of the game a few times to fix it.

As reported by xMikesh on reddit, there is another fix that will take care of the issue. It involves temporarily changing the Diablo III region that your battle.net client connects to. Here are the steps to fix this achievement bug:
  1. Log into the Battle.net app.
  2. Click the Region / Account drop-down, and under the Live section change to a different region. For example, if your Diablo III characters are in the Americas region then switch to Europe, or vice-versa.
  3. Click Play and log fully into Diablo III, in that alternate region.
  4. Quit out of the game, and switch back to your regular Diablo III region in the Battle.net app.
  5. Log into the game with your normal region, and all the achievements should be showing up properly.
Here are recent Blizzard tech support posts about the issue.
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to chime in and let all of you know that we are aware that we are actively investigating this issue, and hope to have a resolution in place soon.

In the short term, the log out workaround (detailed here) is working for many players and we encourage you to give that a try if you are experiencing this. Please note that this is just a temporary workaround, and may not work for all players. If this does not work for you right away, please wait a short while and try again.

We really appreciate your patience while we are working on a permanent resolution. Thank you all for the reports about this!
Posted by: Draco

Hey Tsarnis. Thanks for getting back to us. Now the thing is, I am patient and don't mind waiting for the fix, however I need to know if any achievements our characters get between now and when the fix is deployed will be accounted for or not. Because if the achievements we unlock now aren't good, then I will want to hold off on playing until the fix is rolled out but if you're going to let the achievements be retroactive once the fix is out, then I will gladly start playing. Please let me know, thanks.

This is a very good question. This issue is a display issue only, and achievement data is actually being loaded and tracked while in-game. Any achievement progress you make until we resolve this issue should be retained without issue.
Posted by: DrOfDeath

I tried Kelo's method of changing regions and then changing back and it worked.

Several players have reported that this has worked for them. For those of you who are still experiencing issues with the Achievements UI, this might be worth a shot.

Thanks to everyone for their patience. We are continuing to work on this!
Hello everyone! Just wanted to jump in to clarify a few things.

If you are still affected by the Achievements UI bug, please try switching to the Europe servers from the login screen, hit Play to launch the game, log out, then try switching back to the Americas servers. This should solve the issue. If it doesn’t, please let us know in this thread.

In the meantime, we believe we have identified the problem and are working with our ISP to resolve it as soon as possible. Once again, your achievements and progress are not lost.
Posted by: EnkerZan

Hello, I tried the method to fix this problem and it still persists. Can you please help? I am missing out on a lot of achievements.

Posted by: RayIxI

I have done everything mentioned and am still not able to see my achievements please help. Thank you.

Understood! Sorry you're still having this issue, folks, and thanks for letting us know it persists. We're continuing to investigate and troubleshoot more permanent solutions and will work to keep you all as updated as possible in this thread.

Read on for details on other current issues, including missing monsters in Greater Rifts.

Double Treasure Goblins and Gold Bonus in Diablo III

A treasure event for the next week, and Greater Rift rankings are live

Diablo III Goblin and Gold Temporary Bonus
Diablo III Patch 2.1.0 is live around the world, and there is a new treasure-filled event bonus to celebrate! The event provides an extra +100% Gold Find, and those crafty Treasure Goblins will spawn in pairs throughout the event. The latest Blizzard Blues posts detail the bonus, along with the new Greater Rift list that shows off the heroes who have reached the top of the rankings.

Gold Find Bonus and Double Treasure Goblins
The community event this week is all about gold! Patch 2.1.0 brought the new Realm of Greed, Baroness of the Vault. The riches continue until next Tuesday, with +100% Gold Find and double Treasure Goblins wherever they can be found!

Patch 2.1.0 is now live in the Americas! 

To celebrate the arrival of this major content update, all players who log into Diablo III this week on Windows or Mac will not only receive a +100% bonus to Gold Find, but all Treasure Goblin spawns in the game have been doubled! (As with our previous buff, please note that the Gold Find bonus will stack multiplicatively with existing bonuses including those provided by items and Paragon points.)

This bonus Gold Find and double Treasure Goblin period begins in the Americas region today, August 26, and ends on Tuesday, September 2, at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

We hope you enjoy patch 2.1.0 and look forward to hearing your feedback. In the meantime, good luck, have fun, and we'll see you in Sanctuary!

*The buff is only available on Windows and Mac, but it will apply to all heroes—including those on accounts without Reaper of Souls enabled. 

Greater Rift Rankings and Game Guide Updates
Many of the new features in patch 2.1 are now detailed on the official Diablo III game guide. There are also lists of the Greater Rift rankings, the heroes who have achieved the best times in the hardest Greater Rifts so far.

Give and you shall recieve... The Rankings page is now active, and will be updated with the feats of brave nephalem warriors:

We've also updated the game guide with information on the following Patch 2.1.0 features:

We're always searching for ways to expand and improve the guide with answers to all of your questions. If there are any aspects of the game you're curious about, let us know in the comments!

*Seasons and Rankings are only available for Reaper of Souls for Windows and Mac. 

Empty Rifts
An occasional issue occurs when there aren't enough enemies to spawn the Rift Guardian, in a Nephalem Rift or Greater Rift. This is being investigated; if you run into the problem, you can leave details in the thread.
Posted by: Dommer

Not enough mobs to spawn RG.

Thanks, Dommer! We're definitely aware that some Greater Rifts are still unable to be completed because of a lower enemy density (or because they are filled with weak enemies, like Random mentioned). While these cases should be relatively few and far between, we're working on reducing and hopefully eliminating their occurrence.

One question I have for all of you: are you unable to complete regular Rifts, Greater Rifts, or both? (Knowing the answer to this will help us target our efforts better.)

Ramaladni's Gift Drops Everywhere
The Ramaladni's Gift is a special new enchant in patch 2.1, that can add a socket to a weapon item. Ramaladni's Gift does not drop very often, but it can drop throughout the game; it is not restricted to a specific area or game mode.
Ramaladni's Gift is quite rare, as it's sort of a bonus. A gift, if you will. ;)

It is not, however, limited to Greater Rifts. It can drop in any game mode.

Unsocketing Legendary Gems
The new Legendary Gems are restricted in some ways, obtained through Greater Rifts and only able to be placed in Ring and Amulet items. Unsocketing those gems is an easy process that does not change or reduce the power of the gem, as Grimiku clarifies.
Unsocketing a Legendary Gem should have no effect on the gem, and definitely shouldn't reset its level.

Posted by: Sardonnicus

Can a legendary gem be upgraded after it's been placed into an item?

Yes! As long as the Legendary Gem is on your character, in your inventory, or in your stash, then you'll be able to upgrade the gem when you speak with Urshi.

Adventure Mode Unlocked in Seasons
The upcoming Season 1 starts this Friday! As seen when it was tested on the PTR, Adventure Mode can automatically be unlocked when a player starts a Seasonal character - if that has already been unlocked in the standard non-Seasonal side of the game.
Posted by: BazDefunct

I'm assuming Adventure mode will begin locked if you choose ladder, has this been confirmed though?

Good question! You're certainly not the only one who's been wondering about this, either.

To confirm, though, if you've previously unlocked Adventure Mode before starting a Season then it will be immediately available for you when you start playing in one. In other words, if you've already unlocked Adventure Mode then you won't have to do it again in Seasons. However, it'll only correspond with the game type you unlocked it in. So, for example, you'll need to have previously unlocked Adventure Mode in Hardcore in order for your Hardcore Seasonal hero to start with access to it.

You can also follow this link to the 2.1 Tavern Talk, if you'd like to hear the developers talk about it.
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