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Hardcore Diablo III Played by Fewer Than 25%

New charts display how many level 70 heroes are being leveled up

Diablo III Account Chart
With the over 5 million Diablo III characters that we track here at Diablo Somepage, there is a wealth of interesting data to glean. We have expanded our Class Popularity guide with charts of data specifically about Diablo III accounts. There are three new Accounts Statistics charts that look broadly beyond a single Diablo III hero, and are updated daily as part of the charts and guides that we provide. One tidbit is that over 75% of the active Diablo III players do not have a single level live 70 hardcore hero.

Level 70 Heroes of Every Class
One data point displayed reflects the active Diablo III accounts who have at least one level 70 hero of every class. Many players stick to primarily playing a single class, or just a few of them. We wanted to see how many players take the time to level up all six of the classes to maximum level. The data for this can be seen in the chart above. Of the active Diablo III accounts, around 75% do not have the full group of all 6 classes leveled up to 70. About 24% of the accounts have leveled up at least one hero of each class. A tiny sliver of players have a massive amount of characters; around 1% of the accounts include two level 70 heroes of each class, for a total of 12+ level 70 heroes!

Diablo III Level 70 Heroes Per Account

Level 70 Heroes Per Account
Another new chart looks at how many level 70 heroes are on active accounts. Keep in mind this is only of the accounts that have at least one level 70 character, so it does not include the large percentage of players who do not have any level 70 heroes. But of those accounts who do have at least one level 70 character, most players go ahead and level up some more heroes to 70.

Diablo III Level 70 Hardcore Heroes Per Account

Hardcore Level 70 Heroes Per Account
This chart looks at how many active players are taking on the risk of hardcore characters. The vast majority of players do not have a live level 70 hardcore hero. Around 9% of the accounts have one live level 70, and smaller percentages have more hardcore heroes at 70. A tiny percentage of players have 10+ live level 70 characters. Of course there are Hardcore Deaths along the way up to level 70, although over 75% of hardcore characters do make it to max level these days.

The details of these daily updated charts can be seen in the Accounts Statistics section of the Class Popularity guide. Keep in mind that these charts over-estimate the Diablo III players who are highly active, whether in hardcore or leveling up characters to 70. There are many Diablo III players who do not ever level even a single softcore character all the way to level 70, and are not likely to be tracked in our database. You can check on the details of your own Diablo III account data in our database, or add it, with the BattleTag Locator.

We are looking at other interesting Diablo III data charts to add for the community. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to send it along.

Metallica is the Closing Act at BlizzCon 2014

Order the Virtual Ticket to view the concert and the rest of the convention

Metallica Live at BlizzCon 2014
BlizzCon 2014 is only a couple of weeks away, and the convention details have been provided about nearly every aspect of the upcoming show. The big announcement today is about the closing concert. Metallica will be performing live the evening of Saturday, November 8, to wrap up this year's BlizzCon!

If you want to see the concert, and the rest of the BlizzCon festivities, be sure to sign up for the Virtual Ticket! It also includes special digital goodies that include 6 transmogrification appearances for Diablo III. The press release announces Metallica as the closing act for the convention.

Metallica Live at BlizzCon® 2014

Crank up the volume and watch the concert live with the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket

IRVINE, Calif. – October 21 , 2014 – Metallica is coming to BlizzCon® 2014! On November 8, Blizzard Entertainment’s two-day Warcraft®, StarCraft®, and Diablo® community celebration will culminate with Metallica performing to a sold-out convention crowd, broadcast worldwide through the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket.

“We’re thrilled to have Metallica blowing out our speakers at BlizzCon this year,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “After two full days of epic gaming and intense eSports action, an earth-shaking concert is the perfect sendoff for everyone at the show and watching from home.”

BlizzCon is a celebration of the global player communities surrounding Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft game universes. Taking place November 7 and 8 at the Anaheim Convention Center, this year’s show will feature a wide array of activities, including discussion panels, tournaments, contests, hands-on play time with the latest Blizzard Entertainment games, and more.

Tickets to the convention are sold out, but viewers at home can join the excitement by ordering the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket ($39.99 USD), which offers comprehensive live online coverage of both days of the event—including the community contests hosted by Chris Hardwick on Friday evening and Metallica’s performance on Saturday night.

In addition to the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, DIRECTV customers in the United States have the option to watch the show from home by ordering the BlizzCon 2014 Pay Per View event, priced at $39.99 USD (includes access to the Virtual Ticket online stream). Visit www.directv.com/blizzcon for more details.

As BlizzCon draws closer, further details about the show will be announced at www.blizzcon.com. With multiple games in development, Blizzard Entertainment has numerous positions currently available—visit http://jobs.blizzard.com for more information and to learn how to apply.

Hardcore Hijinks on 'Play Your Way' Stream

Everyone in the group stayed alive throughout the Twitch stream

Diablo III Play Your Way Livestream - October 16, 2014
The latest Diablo III Play Your Way Thursday livestream was set in Seasonal Hardcore mode, with many narrow escapes by the end. Hosted as always by Brandy "Nevalistis" Camel, she was joined for this round by associate game designer Don Vu, Majier#1230, and special guest Joel "deadmau5" Zimmerman. They blazed through Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts, in a fun and entertaining stream.

This session was very much focused on gameplay. There weren't any conversations that provided new game details; new development will be discussed at BlizzCon next month, and the players here were making an effort to stay alive. They went through Nephalem Rifts up to Torment 6, and then moved on to Greater Rifts, finishing up with a Greater Rift 29. Since this was in Seasonal Hardcore mode and some of the characters had just recently been leveled up, there were some risky moments as their anti-death skills and item procs were often activating.

A few tidbits of info from the livestream and chat:

  • End of Season 1 - We haven't announced an end date for the first Season yet. We'll make sure to give people a heads-up before the end, though.
  • More Community Buffs? - No date. We'll likely have buffs around milestones (patches and the like), though.
  • Next Play Your Way Livestream - The next livestream won't be until after BlizzCon.
Here's the official recap and video:

Last Thursday, we hopped on Twitch and livestreamed a very special Hardcore edition of Play Your Way, featuring Majier's "Sweeping Thunder" Crusader and special guest, deadmau5! If you missed the live broadcast, the VOD of our play session is now available on both Twitch and YouTube

For our fourth Play Your Way livestream, associate game designer Don Vu convinced Majier#1230 and I into leveling up new Seasonal heroes to join himself and Joel "deadmau5" Zimmerman in Hardcore mode. The threat of permanent death was very real, and you better bet my heart was racing the entire stream!

We started out with Nephalem Rifts on Torment III and pushed our way past Torment VI. After our successes there, we challenged ourselves to Greater Rift levels 25-29! Want to see how we fared? Then check the video embedded video below or watch the VOD directly on Twitch or YouTube.

Curious about the builds we were running? Here's what we were rolling with:

Thanks to those who joined us in chat, especially those demanding blood tribute.

Until next time, keep playing your way and don't forget to send in your builds for a chance to join us on stream!

Tooltips Bug in Outdated Google Chrome

Upgrading the Chrome browser to version 38 corrects the tooltips display

Diablo III Tooltip - Furious Charge
An outdated version of the browser Google Chrome is not displaying the tooltips properly here at Diablo Somepage, but upgrading to the current version will fix it. We have been investigating reports of the tooltips not showing up correctly on the site, as users mouse over the names of skill and items. This has been tracked down to a bug in Google Chrome version 37.

When a skill or item is moused over, it should display a full tooltip, as seen in the skill image above. The display in the browser Google Chrome version 37 truncates this tooltip. Fortunately, Google Chrome version 38 was released to the public last week, and all users can upgrade to that. The Update Google Chrome help can step you through the simple process of updating the browser. Once updated to Google Chrome version 38 or above, the tooltips here (and on other websites across the internet) should once again display properly.

Our thanks to everyone who let us know about this issue. If the tooltips still aren't displaying properly on Chrome version 38 or above, or any other browser, please let us know the browser and version with the issue. We are always working to provide Diablo III data in a clear, easy to read format for the Diablo III community.

Play Your Way Livestream on Thursday with deadmau5

Hardcore Diablo III on the Twitch livestream this Thursday at 2PM PDT

Diablo III Play Your Way - Livestream on Thursday, October 16
The Diablo III Play Your Way livestream is back this Thursday, with special guest deadmau5. The musician will be on the Twitch.tv/Diablo livestream hosted by Brandy "Nevalistis" Camel, along with Majier#1230, and Diablo III developer Don Vu. To make the event even more interesting, they will all be playing in hardcore mode. The livestream starts on Thursday October 16, at 2PM Pacific time (5PM Eastern).

While the master of magic, the Wizard, prevailed in our last Play Your Thursday community vote, we were unfortunately unable to sync up with V3dun#2884 for our upcoming livestream. Thankfully, runner-up Majier#1230 has raised his weapon in service and will be joining us this Thursday, October 16. 

But that's not all, nephalem. We'll also be joined by a very special guest for this week's show—deadmau5!


Here are all the juicy details:

For this particular stream, associate game designer Don Vu raised the bar and challenged us to jump into the Hardcore Season with Halcyon himself, Joel Zimmerman. See just how long I'll last running V3dun's "Void Ray" Wizard and learn more about Majier’s "Sweeping Thunder" Crusader as we Rift our way to HC glory.

May our deeds of valor be remembered!

This is definitely an edition of Play Your Way you won’t want to miss, so be sure to follow us on Twitch so you’ll be notified the moment we go live. 

Won't be able to tune in on Thursday? Just hang tight, because we'll have the VOD available on both Twitch and YouTube shortly after we go off the air. Follow and subscribe so you can stay up to date on when our replays become available!

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