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BlizzCon Returns on November 7-8, 2014

Tickets go on sale on May 7 and May 10 for this year's Blizzard celebration

BlizzCon is the convention that Blizzard Entertainment runs nearly every year, to celebrate their games and the many fans who enjoy them. BlizzCon 2014 has been officially announced, and will run this year on November 7 and 8. Tickets will be on sale in just a couple of weeks, on May 7 and May 10. They sell out quickly, as the demand always is much greater than the supply! Here are the details so far for BlizzCon 2014.

Steel thyself, O mortal realm of Anaheim! The eighth BlizzCon is coming to your Convention Center this Friday, November 7 and Saturday, November 8, 2014. Prepare for two relentless days of Blizzard gaming and fellowship, including in-depth discussion panels with Blizzard developers, hands-on opportunities with the latest Blizzard games, and intense eSports tournaments featuring top pro gamers from across the earthly plane.

Tickets for BlizzCon 2014 will go on sale in two batches, one on Wednesday, May 7 at 7 p.m. PT and the other on Saturday, May 10 at 10 a.m. PT, through the online event ticketing service Eventbrite, priced at $199 each (plus applicable taxes and fees). In addition, a limited number of tickets to an exclusive pre-BlizzCon Benefit Dinner will go on sale Wednesday, May 14 at 7 p.m. PT for $750 apiece (plus applicable taxes and fees; BlizzCon admission included), with proceeds benefitting Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Check out the BlizzCon Ticket webpage for more information—we’ve made some changes to how ticket sales work this year, and fortune favors the prepared!

If you can’t make it to the show in person, the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket is the next best thing, offering comprehensive live coverage of the event via a multichannel Internet stream. Further details on the Virtual Ticket, including pricing, availability, and programming information, will be announced at a later date.

See the full press release or check out the BlizzCon Ticket page for more information, and be sure to visit www.blizzcon2014.eventbrite.com at the dates and times above for a chance to purchase a ticket to the show. See you in Anaheim!

Buff for Damage on Legendary Sources and Mojos

Blizzard Blues cover changes to skills and items coming in future patches

Wizard Source - Triumvirate
Now that the Reaper of Souls expansion has been out for nearly a month, there is a lot of data for the Diablo III developers to review. They are using that to plan changes in skills for future patches of the game. Another change planned is a buff to the damage of the Witch Doctor Mojos and Wizard Sources, such as the Triumvirate Source shown above. The latest Blizzard Blues posts detail these upcoming changes.

Damage Buff for Legendary Mojos and Sources
Lylirra provided a detailed explanation of what already happened in patch 2.0.4 for the Legendary items of Wizard Sources and Witch Doctor Mojo holdable items. There are more changes coming, with a boost in their base damage scheduled to arrive in a future patch.
Hey everyone!

First off, apologies for the delay on this follow-up and thank you very much for your patience. We've looked into your reports with QA and the dev thoroughly and here's what happened:

The issue is actually two-fold:
  • Issue #1: Pre-patch 2.0.4, crafted Legendary Sources and Mojos had, on average, approximately 6% more damage than dropped Legendary Sources and Mojos.
  • Issue #2: Legendary Sources and Mojos (both crafted and dropped) are not currently being appropriately up-ranked to have more powerful base damage than Rare Sources and Mojos.

The first issue was resolved in patch 2.0.4. For reference, in patch 2.0.4, we implemented a bug fix to address an issue with crafted Legendary Crusader shields rolling with the wrong Block value. It turns out that the same bug that was causing crafted Legendary Crusader Shields to roll with Block values that were too low was also causing crafted Legendary Sources and Mojos to roll with Damage values that were too high. As a result, we when we fixed the issue with crafted Crusader shields we also fixed the issue with crafted Mojos and Sources. This fix had the secondary effect of reducing the maximum +Damage value on many existing crafted Sources and Mojos, bringing them in line with dropped Sources and Mojos.

While crafted Legendary Sources and Mojos are now using the correct values (both newly rolled and existing), this particular fix came a little sooner than we anticipated which means we didn't get to post about it advance. We sincerely apologize for not providing messaging ahead of time on this topic as well as for any inconvenience or negative effect that lack of messaging may have had on your gameplay experience. This applies especially to anyone who had an existing item affected by the fix itself.

In the near future, we'd like to address the second issue, which is that Legendary Sources and Mojos (both dropped and crafted) are not being appropriately up-ranked to have more powerful base Damage than Rare ones. Since any change made to address this issue would affect client-side data, it's not something we can hotfix; BUT, we are looking to implement a fix in an upcoming patch. We're still working out the specific details (including an ETA), but suffice to say that crafted/dropped Legendary Sources and Mojos should be more powerful than they were even prior to patch 2.0.4 once issue #2 is resolved.

Blade of Prophecy Working Properly
There has been a lot of discussion about the Legendary two-handed sword Blade of Prophecy, which has the specific power All Condemned enemies also trigger Condemn's explosion. There were questions about how that power was supposed to work with the Crusader Condemn skill, and how often the affect should go off. Lylirra checked into that with the developers, and provided info on how the sword is working. The sword's description doesn't accurately describe exactly how the sword works, so that will be updated in a future patch.
Alright, folks. Here's the follow up:

  • Blade of Prophecy currently only procs two extra explosions of Condemn, regardless of how many targets are Condemned while the weapon is equipped.
  • This is intended functionality of the weapon, and has been since it was implemented. (This is really what I wanted to confirm.)
  • No changes have been made to Blade of Prophecy since RoS shipped, and no known bugs are currently active with the weapon.

Just as an FYI, I've already passed along the feedback regarding BoP's tooltip and the relevant secondary affix being somewhat misleading/confusing. :)
Posted by: Rolly

Looks at tooltip, looks at this statement.

Big explosions in brain at the cognitive dissonance.

When I passed along the feedback from earlier posts in this thread to the dev team, they'd agreed with the posts that the description is confusing and not really representative of the behavior of the proc, so it's something they'd like to fix and just make much more clear to players. Since it's a text change (and therefore hitting client side data), it's not something we can hotfix, but we are looking to tackle with a future patch.

Skills Tuning Pass in Future Patch
Another post in that thread provided more info about an upcoming tuning pass to skills. We have seen a lot of changes to skills in the minor patches and hotfixes since the initial major Patch 2.0, but those were just the start. The developers are reviewing the data of how players are using skills, and will be adjusting some of them in a future patch. Presumably this will boost the usability of some of the skills that rank poorly in our charts of Most Popular Skills and Builds.
Posted by: Zbik

please Lylirra , please for the love of everything thats holy pass along a message stating how much of a horrific state whirlwind for barbarians is , lightning just cannot do any damage

Happy to pass on the feedback, but pretty sure Nevalistis already beat me to it. I know she documented quite a bit of feedback from the discussion she was keeping an eye on here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12506571517?page=9#178

Posted by Delkerramak

The whole reason for the uproar about this (and as per your response I know you didnt glean this) is because the proc coefficients on abilities such as Whirlwind (13% coeff), which also does laughable damage by itself, don't permit build diversity because you actually get more AoE damage from skills//procs by using Single Target abilities that have nearly 100% proc coefficients.

We haven't yet completed a full tuning pass after the launch of Reaper of Souls. While we started with a few changes to some generators and single-target skills with the 2.0.4 patch, that doesn't mean we're done with evaluating all the classes and their skills.

While I don't have exact details to share at this moment, tuning and balancing is something always being discussed amongst our developers. I'm certainly happy to carry back feedback on skills that you (or others) feel need another look, but that would be a separate case entirely from the bug fixes for Shard of Hate. A bugged weapon shouldn't be a solution to an issue with a skill - if Whirlwind or other skills need to be re-evaluated, then that should be a separate (if related) discussion, and I can certainly pass that on!

Note that the tuning pass she's referencing refers to the reevaluation we always do after a game is launched (or a big patch has been released). We do a tuning pass before we ship and then after; this post-ship pass is to account for the wider net of data we get once the game has been played by a larger audience of players.

Skill Element Changes Coming
In a thread that initially dealt with Whirlwind, Nevalistis also talked about elemental damage types throughout the class skills. Those are not very evenly distributed right now, and some classes find it hard to make builds based around a specific elemental damage type. That will also be reviewed, and some skills (and likely runes) will be updated to provide a different elemental damage type.
Some of these tests can be misleading in that they often create an environment attempting to compare each skill point-for-point when not all skills are designed to perform equally under the same circumstances.

Using Whirlwind as your exclusive damage dealer on Ghom is going to have lower performance when compared to something like Ancient Spear because it's designed to hit multiple targets. Whirlwind is the type of skill that performs exponentially better the more targets it's able to hit, and less well on single targets. Ancient Spear, on the other hand, is tuned the other way around (better at single target, less than ideal at multi-target) as it's (generally) a single-target skill.

Damage is not the only factor of a skill that's weighed when we're considering balance. The proc coefficient, the average number of targets a skill usually hits, the amount of player skill involved to capitalize on an ability's powers, and whether or not that skill provides any additional utility bonuses are some of the other parts of that equation. While some of that is quantifiable data, other details are a bit harder to measure in raw numbers. That's part of what makes the act of balancing so tricky.

We want to make sure each skill is serving its design intent and feels good when utilized in those environments. Single-target skills will generally excel the most when you're fighting bosses, when AoE skills will feel more powerful among packs of beasties. We think that Whirlwind, when used in the latter situation, feels pretty good right now, and even more so when geared up with items that synergize well with its strengths.

We're keeping an ever-vigilant eye on player feedback and our own data, and as these concerns pop up, those of us on the Community team will continue to do our best to let you know what the thoughts are behind these design decisions. :)
Posted by: soci

WW is not imo a huge issue but the fact that lightning/cold/non-fire builds all perform poorly and aren't really good compared with fire.

This is actually a topic I've been meaning to post on for a while, but hadn't found a good opportunity yet. Now's as good a time as any, I suppose!

When we did a pass on elemental damage types across skills during the Closed Beta for Reaper of Souls, the Barbarian class was one that received the most revision. While we arrived at a place much closer to where we were aiming, we think there's room for some additional adjustments. I don't have details on exact changes to share at this time, but it's likely you'll see some skills, and not just for the Barbarian, shift around their elemental type in a future patch.

Keep track of the current Reaper of Souls news with the latest Blizzard Blues posts in our Blue Post Tracker or the RSS feeds.

New Ebook Released: 'Diablo III: Morbed'

An e-novella story set in the Diablo III universe is available on Monday

Diablo III: Morbed Ebook
The latest story set in the Diablo III universe is available on Monday, as an ebook novella. The story is titled Diablo III: Morbed and is written by Micky Neilson, who is the long-time publishing lead at Blizzard. The characters in the story include a Crusader, tying into the Reaper of Souls Expansion.

The 64-page ebook is available from Amazon.com (UK, Canada). Here is the book description:
An original e-novella based on the bestselling video game!

Morbed is a thief and a survivor, and his skills in both roles are about to be put to the ultimate test. Joining together with a wizard, a druid, a necromancer, and a crusader, Morbed has arrived at a remote island to track down an elusive vagabond andreclaim valuable items pilfered from the city of Westmarch.

But there is something loose on the island, something that has killed and is very close to killing again. In order to leave the island alive, Morbed will be forced to confront not only the terrifying creature that stalks the forests, but the darkest corners of his own spirit as well.
This novella continues Blizzard's publishing work in providing extra stories about the world of Sanctuary, outside of the Diablo games. It follows the last full book, Diablo III: Storm of Light.

Diablo III Developers on Healing and Follower Gear

Blizzard Blues and developer thoughts on quality of life improvements

The Diablo III developers are looking at quality of life improvements that could be made to the game, to refine the many changes made in Patch 2.0 and in the Reaper of Souls Expansion. The latest Blizzard Blues delve into those, including thoughts from developer Wyatt Cheng on the Healing overarching stat, and a discussion about whether Followers should share their gear across all characters on an account.

Possible Changes to the Healing Stat
Developer Wyatt Cheng took to the forums to reply to an interesting post about how the Healing and Toughness stats should be viewed. The Healing stat was already changed in Patch 2.0.4, and it may be adjusted or renamed entirely in the future.
Thanks for spreading awareness! Great write-up.

Damage, Toughness and Healing are all designed to be rough guides to try and help players make gear choices, but knowledge of the underlying mechanics will always allow players to get the most out of your gear. Savvy players understand that mechanics like "+% damage to skill X" or "Cooldown Reduction %" can provide significant increases to your combat effectiveness. Equipping your character is about much more than just making an abstract number on your character sheet as large as possible.

Healing is currently an estimation of approximately how much Life the game thinks you probably heal per second. Obviously it's just an estimation because mechanics such as Life Per Kill and Life Per Resource Spent don't translate directly into a Life per second value.

We've been talking about changing Healing into a "Toughness healed per second" value. This unfortunately makes it even more of an abstract concept, but it would help take into account that your damage mitigation enhances the value of your Life recovery stats. The ultimate goal of the three summary stats is to provide a "quick gut check" of an item's effect on your character, and making this change to Healing could probably help guide people better.

No DPS Meter for Diablo III
Some of the European community managers talked about the commonly requested DPS Meter. As mentioned back in the expansion release party Q&A, Wyatt Cheng also noted there why the developers aren't interested in adding a DPS meter to Diablo III. They also discussed the meta-stats like Damage, Healing, and Toughness.
Posted by: Deconstruct

A build's worth isnt just defined by its DPS potential, but also by its defenses and utilities

Well said! We know that a DPS meter is a fairly frequent request and you can be sure that we’ve talked about it. Ultimately though, we feel that a DPS meter would put too much focus on one single aspect of the game and we currently don't have any plans to implement one.

Let me explain why we feel this way: DPS is certainly important, but Diablo is a combination of activities. Healing and Toughness are are important, too, and your movement and positioning, your ability to aim with certain abilities and using them at the right moment also play an important role in "determining" how "well" you're doing. DPS alone shouldn't be the only number that matters when you play.

Posted by: Deconstruct

You're not competing with anyone but yourself so that DPS number is completely irrelevant to your own experiences.

Actually, we believe the frequent call for such a feature is indicative of a desire for a way to measure your progress and compare with others.

One feature that we’re working on and that is planned for our first major content patch are Tiered Rifts, and our intention is to add Leader Boards which will allow you to track your progress. That way, you’ll be able to see how quickly you can clear these special rifts which in turn should allow you to assess your efficiency and compare with the community at large.

We don’t have details to share at the moment, but we’ll have more information on Tiered Rifts (and Seasons) in the future – stay tuned!
Posted by: Magnelien

what im trying to say is that those numbers mean nearly nothing... SPECIALLY damage number.

DPS, Toughness and Healing are stats that are meant to serve as quick way to assess your general character power. The numerous individual stats on your character sheet, perks granted by your legendary items, and various skill options all need to be considered however if you wish to analyse your combat efficiency thoroughly. This is the Diablo III reality and a single legendary affix can make a hero with surprisingly low values perform at a level that is unachievable for those with higher raw stats but wielding no special legendary powers.

Nevertheless those stats can still be used for a surface check for the gear and characters - especially if you keep in mind the stats marked with adjacent orange diamond (that are not calculated into either DPS, toughness or healing), and how crucial can they be in increasing your real damage output or survivability. We are definitely open to hear your feedback on how these aggregate stats could be improved so as to better indicate the power of your heroes so please keep it coming.

Should Followers Share Gear?
Grimiku discussed the idea of Followers sharing their gear across multiple characters, so they wouldn't each need to be geared up individually as they are right now. There are some complicating factors to the idea, as he mentions while gathering information about how players would view a potential such change down the road.
I think this is solid feedback, and I'd be happy to pass it along. A lot has changed with the followers since Reaper of Souls was released, and it might be a good time to take another look at them. We don't have any current plans to alter how followers are equipped, but I'd still like to hear your thoughts about it.

  • Do you currently share follower gear between your characters?
  • How often do you swap follower gear around?
  • Would you use a feature that allowed your max level characters to share follower gear?
Posted by: Nurl

Just posting from the hardcore perspective...it would be nice, but I still think this should just be allowed on softcore, sure it sucks to die on HC and lose the gear that you had on your follower, but with that said...thats kinda the point of Hard Core.

Thanks for sharing your perspective on this, and it's definitely a good point that would need to be addressed if a system like this was ever implemented.
Posted by: Artemix

Also, Grimiku, please deliver this feedback:

- when you die an are about to respawn, your follower respawned seconds before you did, instantly dying, then you revive -> no follower there.

Fix: give him the same "ghost time" that you have.

I'll put this on my list of things to talk about at our next meeting. It's something I certainly notice when I'm playing my normal mode characters, and the followers would probably like it if they took less dirt naps, too.
Posted by: KirusAlufras

No, I do not share item between class because each class has different requirement and the specific follower that best suit that build. I may switch follower for a character but the item are different between classes. Even if I have 2 class of the same, I will have different builds and require different follow setups.

As said above. I will only switch them to test to see if this setup is better or not.

No. Please don't force it on everyone if it must be added. I would like to keep each of my follower different. If they are all the same, the fun of gearing these "pets" will be removed.

It's certainly true that there are plenty of situations where a player would not want to share follower items, and that would need to be considered if a feature like this was implemented. Personally, I know that equipping my Scoundrel with a Windforce is fine on my Demon Hunter, but a pain when I'm trying to keep monsters stuck in a Piranhado.

No Reset to Enchanting Costs
If an item is Enchanted multiple times, the gold cost increases each time. This can add up when trying to reroll to get the perfect stat on an item! There have been specific changes to Enchanting costs in patches, but there isn't a system that would reduce them automatically.
Posted by: blackheart01

Basically, if I enchant an item 30 times and it's up to say 1,000,000 gold to enchant again, if I come back a week later, will it still be 1,000,000 gold to enchant again? Or does it eventually reset to something reasonable again?


To be clear, I'm just pulling those figures out of thin air. I don't actually know how many enchants it would take to get a particular item up to 1,000,000 gold.

Currently, Enchanting costs do not go down through a natural system. What I mean is, if something was patched to change the costs then that's one thing, but there's no system in place that would reduce the cost for Enchanting an item as it stands.

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Blizzard Introduces Theorycraft Thursdays

A weekly focus on a specific class build and the items that work best with it

Diablo III Theorycraft Thursdays
So much of the class builds in the Reaper of Souls Expansion are based on a specific combination of skills and equipment. A new Diablo III community weekly 'Theorycraft Thursday' event will focus on a specific interesting build each week, along with the items that can make it work. Submissions are already open, with the highlights starting on May 1. It will be fun to see a focus on specific builds, and compare them to our Popular Builds and Skills data.

In your adventures across Westmarch and beyond, you've undoubtedly come across different items, affixes, environments, mechanics, and even anecdotes from other players that have influenced or outright changed the way you play the game (or at least tempted you to try something you never before considered). All these variables can shape and help define your hero's individual playstyle, also known as its build. 

There are so many different ways to a build a hero in Diablo III. But what build are you using right now? How did you create it? And why do you like it so much? That's exactly what we intend to explore in our new weekly segment, Theorycraft Thursday!

What's Theorycraft Thursday?

Every Thursday starting May 1, we'll highlight a new build created by you, our community. We'll showcase the skills and passives you're using, the items that may have had an effect on your choices, how this build has shaped your gameplay experience, and of course: why you love it. If selected, your build will appear on the front page (right here!) of diablo3.com, giving other players the opportunity to discuss, debate, and ask you questions about it.

The fun doesn't stop there, though. Every four weeks, we'll throw up a poll and have the community vote on their favorite featured builds from the past month. The player whose build nets the most votes will have an opportunity to join a few Blizzard employees in-game and showcase their build LIVE on our official Diablo Twitch.tv channel!

How to Participate:

Interested? Awesome! To participate, just send an e-mail to TheorycraftThursday@blizzard.com with the following information:

  • The name, if any, of your build. (If you don't have one, I am not completely responsible for the lame pun your build may wind up being associated with.)
  • The mode in which you use this build. (Normal, Hardcore, or dare I say… Seasons?) Feel free to mention what difficulty you play on too!
  • Which skills, runes, and passives you use. A link to your build using the Skill Calculator would also be appreciated.
  • A screenshot of and/or a link to your character profile. (If you only submit a link to your character profile but not a screenshot, please do not change your skills until you’ve received a confirmation e-mail that we’ve received your submission.)
  • The names of any items or Legendaries that help this build flourish. If it doesn't focus on a build-changing Legendary, that's cool too – just let us know!
  • What this build does best. Do you use this build primarily for doing Bounties? Or do you use it for playing Campaign Mode?  Whether you’re taking on Infernal Machines or doing a bit of everything, be sure to specify!
  • What makes this build AWESOME. Does it showcase big crits, or is it great at clearing large packs? Maybe it’s super mobile, or features supreme survivability?
  • Two to three screenshots of your build in action!

We're eager to see the creativity of our community, and we're even more excited about getting the chance to hang out and play alongside you. So get your submissions in and we'll see you May 1!

If you hvae a great build that you want to show off, it's a good time to think about how to present that to the world.
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