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Diablo III Maintenance Today

Login server maintenance planned for 2 hours on Wednesday

Diablo III Server Maintenance - September 17, 2014
Maintenance in Diablo III is normally done on Tuesdays, as with other Blizzard games. There will be an unusual login server maintenance today on the Diablo III servers. The latest Blizzard Blues posts detail a reverted hotfix and an upcoming change to a difficult Nephalem Rift achievement.

Login Server Maintenance Today
As seen in the notification above, there will be login server maintenance today. It starts at 1PM Pacific (4PM Eastern) and is expected to last for two hours. The game will still be playable, but it might be difficult to login. Hardcore players may want to avoid playing during that time as well, just in case the maintenance causes issues with gameplay.

Cesspolls Still in Greater Rifts
In an earlier hotfix the Cesspools area was supposedly removed from showing up as a Greater Rift tileset. That didn't actually happen; the Cesspools can still be a Greater Rift area. The hotfix has been officially reverted, until it can be fixed properly.
The following hotfix has been removed from the list.


  • The Cesspools will no longer spawn in Greater Rifts (9/3)
    • Note that they still have a chance to spawn in regular Nephalem Rifts

The Cesspools still have a chance to spawn in Greater Rifts at this time.

You're Not the Boss of Me Achievement
Achievement - You're Not the Boss of Me
The Nephalem Rifts achievement You're Not the Boss of Me is currently very difficult to finish. As seen here, the Rift Guardian Lord of Bells is often the last boss to be found to complete the achievement. That boss is part of the very rare cow level Nephalem Rift, and so most players have never encountered it. The achievement will become far more achievable after a future client patch, that removes the bovine boss as a requirement.
Just to let you all know, we will be removing the Lord of Bells from the Greater Rift Guardian achievement "You're Not The Boss of Me" in a future client-side patch (as this is not an issue that can be hotfixed). MooOOOooo!

Season Transfers on the Fly
The idea of Seasons is a new one to many Diablo III players. Tyvalir explained why everything will be transferred at the end of a season, and not during it.
Posted by: MASKOAA

I'm asking to let us send season items over to non season, whats the difference in waiting till season is over?

When I say season items I'm not specifically asking for seasonal only leg I mean anything that will be transferrable at the end.

One of the main reasons we have your Seasonal inventory roll over at the conclusion of the Season, rather than at-will, is that we'd like players to experience a given Season as a cohesive package, from Season start to Season finish. When a Season is active, it's essentially a completely separate game mode.

We also want to avoid situations where players are just farming Seasons piecemeal for the new Legendary items since they're part of the reward scheme. Players who venture into Seasonal play are intended to get a shot at these items early; for the duration of a Season, those items are exclusive to that Season. Allowing players to bring them over at-will to their non-Seasonal profile before they're added to the normal item pool would work to undermine that reward and break the intended immersion that an active Season provides.

Monster Density Reviewed for Greater Rifts

Blizzard Blues on Greater Rift adjustments and Legendary gem fixes

Diablo III - Greater Rifts Introduction
In the three weeks since Diablo III Patch 2.1 was released, players have been putting in a lot of time with the new features like Greater Rifts and Legendary Gems. The Diablo III developers are reviewing the data from all those players, to iterate the design of those systems. The latest Blizzard Blues posts include areas that will be improved in the future, including Greater Rift monster density, fixing bugs in multiple Legendary gems, and providing more ways to acquire and use regular gems.

Greater Rift Monster Density
Much like regular Nephalem Rifts, Greater Rifts have widely varying amounts of monsters. This doesn't matter much in a normal Nephalem Rift as long as there are enough monsters around to finish it. But in the highly competitive Greater Rifts, lower monster density can make it difficult to quickly kill enough monsters to get the Greater Rift Guardian to spawn. This will be addressed by Blizzard in an upcoming patch, along with other parts of the Greater Rift gameplay.
Hey guys, thanks for your ongoing feedback on density in Greater Rifts. Finding the ideal density for every map for every player is not something we're likely to perfect in one fell swoop, but we are listening and will indeed be making adjustments to Greater Rift monster density in future patches.

I realize it may frustrating for some not to have an exact deadline for when monster density will be "just right," but it's going to be an ongoing process, and we'll continue to iterate on density (and the Greater Rift experience as a whole) with help from your feedback.

Simplicity's Strength Bug
The level 25 bonus on the Legendary gem Simplicity's Strength provides a heal when using a Primary skill. Currently there are multiple skills and rune combinations where that gem does not activate when it should. The skill reported was the Wizard Electrocute - Chain Lightning, but the issue has cropped up with other skills. Blizzard is working on fixing the bug, so that all Primary skills and their runes will properly activate the gem.
Posted by: icebeam

I have found a bug with the Electrocute skill. When using the Legendary Gem "Simplicity's Strength" at rank 25 the "Primary skills heal you for 2% of maximum health on hit." does not work with the rune "Chain Lightning" all other runes work just fine.

You're correct about this being a bug, and thanks for bringing this up. I'm sure you're not the only one who has noticed. Right now Simplicity's Strength doesn't always proc its healing effect when it's supposed to. The good news is that it's something we're not only aware of, but something we're currently working on correcting, too. I don't have any more details on that to share just yet, but it is in the works.

Also, I'd like to confirm that Simplicity's Strength is meant to work with all Primary skills, which includes Witch Doctor and Wizard Signature skills.

Bane of the Powerful Bug
Another Legendary gem with a bug that prevents it from activating properly is the commonly used Bane of the Powerful. When elite Corpse Raiser monsters are killed, the gem currently does not provide the buff. That issue is also being investigated, to likely be fixed in an upcoming patch.
We've found a bug with Bane of the Powerful that prevents it from activating when killing elite Corpse Raisers. We're planning on implementing a fix for this bug in the future, but we don't have any information to share at this time about when that will be. Thanks for the report, Lockewarden!

Farming for Gems
As mentioned previously by developer Travis Day, new options for regular gems are being considered for an upcoming patch. Community representative Grimiku expanded a little on those ideas. There will likely be two separate features added: one to help acquire a specific type of gem, and another that provides a way to use up extra gems that you currently don't need.
Posted by: Sollan

But why can't i use my other Gems to keep rolling for a socket (ive got thousands just sitting there, not ever going to be used), I want to play your game blizzard with its brand new features, but you wont let me with your bad game mechanics. pls, pls, pls fix this. This is the biggest problem with the game right now.

you've gone and made leg gems a major part of the game. but we cant enjoy it because we need to use the worst iterated mechanics in the game to do so.

Any kind of crafting done in large amounts (for example, rolling for a socket on Rings and Amulets) is going to consume resources to the point where they risk being depleted, which is fine on its own and an intended result. After all, nothing adds value to a resource like running out of it.

That said, we agree that this is an issue and feel the root of it—in this case, never having enough Amethysts or Topazes—lies in the fact that there isn't a reliable method of replenishing the particular resource being consumed. To address that, we’re currently looking at ways we can allow players to increase their ability to obtain specific gems they need.

On the flip side, we’re also aware that some players wind up stockpiling certain kinds of gems because there aren't a lot of compelling reasons to use them. We want to implement more uses for those gems, and are looking at various ways to achieve that too.

Boon of the Hoarder Gold Explosions
Grimiku also clarified how the Boon of the Hoarder Legendary gem works. As the gem is leveled, "gold explosions" appear more often. Increasing the stat Gold Find, from items or Paragon Points, will increase the amount of gold from those explosions.
Posted by: eVo

Does the amount of gold dropped scale with the % chance to cause the explosion?

Leveling up the Boon of the Hoarder will cause more frequent explosions of gold, but does not influence the actual amount of gold per explosion. Having a higher gold find percentage will yield more gold per proc, though.

Battle.net Diablo III Forum Cleanup
The official Diablo III battle.net forums are getting cleaned up, with some lesser used forums being retired, and a new one added. Forums being closed include Looking for Group [PVE], Quests, Crafting and Artisans, and Followers forums. There are suggested other forums in the announcements, to take those respective topics.

The Clans & Communities forum now offers a single spot to look for or chat about those social features in the game. If you are looking for a new Community or Clan to join, look no further than the official battle.net forum for that, in the Americas or European region.

Here at Diablo Somepage we have updated the Diablo III Blue Post Tracker to reflect the battle.net forum changes.

Pet Toughness Increasing in Diablo III Patch

Plus details on a loot bug in the Uber Diablo fight, and a community roundup

Diablo III Community Roundup - The Waypoint
There will be multiple changes to improve the durability of Diablo III pets in an upcoming patch, developer John Yang announced on Friday. The improvements include a clever way of scaling the damage that pets take from specific monster attacks. Other Blizzard Blues posts confirmed a bug that prevents Maghda in the Uber Diablo fight from dropping any loot, and a new community post roundup feature called The Waypoint.

Pet Durability Boost in Upcoming Patch
Pets in Diablo III come in many shapes and uses. Pets that can tank monsters are featured heavily for classes like Witch Doctors. Unfortunately those pets don't scale up in how much damage they can take, which is coming in sharp focus with the new Greater Rifts that increase in difficulty. Game designer John Yang took to the forums to address the issue, and the changes that are planned for a future Diablo III patch to boost the survivability of pets.
Hey everyone. We’re in the process of doing a review of Rift Guardian abilities and extremely damaging monster abilities in regards to the amount pets take. Our philosophy on pet survivability can be summed up as follows:

Pets should be roughly as survivable as the player. There’s a lot to this statement so let me clarify a bit:
  • Pets should scale with your survivability stats. They currently scale with most of your stats but not all of them. This is being worked on.
  • Pets should derive their Toughness from yours, and if you skip out on it, your pets’ survivability should be noticeably lower as a result. On the flip side, they should be noticeably tougher if you’ve increased your own Toughness. You shouldn’t skimp on Toughness just because you have pets.
  • We don’t want pets to be invulnerable tanks. In the live environment pets are too squishy, but even after our review is done in a future patch, if your pets are still dying a lot, we want you to be looking to increase your Toughness, which will consequently increase your pets' survivability.

To work towards the first goal, Pets should take reduced damage based on how avoidable the monster attack normally is for a player. This is done instead of giving pets AI to run away from damaging attacks, which would cause them to lose out on DPS time. These monster attacks exist in a spectrum but roughly fall into 3 categories:
  • Full damage to pets - Basic melee/weak projectile attacks, not expected to be always avoided by a player.
  • Reduced damage to pets - Special attacks such as fireballs, which typically deal more damage than a basic attack, are pretty bright and visible, and can sometimes be avoided by the player. Good example are Perdition’s volley attack or Agnidox’s fireballs.
  • Drastically reduced damage to pets - Persistent AoEs for which the player is intended to move out of quickly or highly-telegraphed attacks for which the player is intended to avoid altogether. Examples are Thunderstorm monster affix, Mallet Lord’s arm attack, or Morlu meteors.

We’re not at our goal yet but are actively working towards it. Though the vast majority of monsters abilities in the game already follow these guidelines, we’ve identified a number of monsters abilities (e.g. Mallet Lord’s arm attack and some others mentioned in this thread and elsewhere) which don’t, and we will be addressing them in a future patch.

Loot Bug in Uber Diablo Fight with Maghda
A reddit report by user Tyrlith was confirmed as a current bug, that players should be aware of in the Uber Diablo fight. If Maghda is summoned during the fight and is killed last, normally she should drop the loot for the fight. However if she is killed by a Crusader using a Lord Commander pet spec with Phalanx, and the pets get the killing blow, she will not drop anything. Nevalistis confirmed that it is a bug that the Diablo III quality assurance team is investigating. For now, Crusaders should be careful which spec they decide to use when farming organs in that Infernal Machine fight. For more details check out the report.

Torment Difficulty for Greater Rifts
Grimiku put out a good reminder for players just starting to jump into Greater Rifts - that is available on Torment I difficulty or above. While normal Nephalem Rifts can be completed at any difficulty level, the trial key needed to start a Greater Rift won't drop in lower difficulties.
Posted by: Oatz

Does difficulty matter?

I am on a season character so I was doing master level rifts and now on torment 1 rifts.


You'll need to be in Torment difficulty in order to have a chance to find a Greater Rift Trial Key. Each level of difficulty beyond Torment I will give you a greater chance of finding a key, too.

Read on for the first edition of the new The Waypoint community post roundup.

Infernal Machine Demonic Organ Drop Rate Boosted

Plus a bug fix patch for the Ultimate Evil Edition on consoles

Diablo III - Idol of Terror
Recent updates for Diablo III provided small but important changes, for both the PC edition and the console Ultimate Evil Edition. The Infernal Machine event has become much more popular since the arrival of Diablo III PC Patch 2.1, since it can now create a Hellfire Amulet as well as the previous Hellfire Ring. A hotfix was applied to the Diablo III PC servers that boosts the drop rate of the Demonic Organ crafting materials that are used to make the Hellfire items. With the new change, the crafting materials are now a guaranteed drop at Torment VI! On the console Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition, a tiny bug fix patch rolled out to squash some annoying bugs.

Hotfix for the Infernal Machine
Obtaining a useful Hellfire Amulet involves farming up keys from Keywardens, killing the Ubers for demonic organs, and then hoping to get a worthwhile passive along with other stats. That's a lot of random chances, even for a game as based on randomness as Diablo III! The developers decided to make the final part of the process easier, by increasing the drop rate of the crafting materials in all Torment difficulties, up to a guaranteed drop at Torment VI. This is double the old maximum of 50% drop rate at Torment VI, before the hotfix.
The following hotfix is now live in all regions. There are no upcoming hotfixes to report at this time.



Ultimate Evil Edition Small Patch
The Ultimate Evil Edition on consoles is a little behind the PC version of the game in patches. The game will eventually be patched up to patch 2.1, on the two next-generation consoles of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But first, a small patch rolled out to get rid of a handful of bugs. As noted in this blue post, patch 2.1 is still on the way, but this was just a small patch in the meantime.
As Halaa and Joseph have stated, today's console update addressed a few bugs. Although I don't have an ETA to share at this time as to when 2.1.0 will be released for next-gen, you can be sure we'll spread the word as soon as we can.

Here are the patch notes for the recent tiny patch. The Ultimate Evil Edition is still on version 1.0.3 on the Xbox 360 and PS3, and on version 2.0.9 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
  • Bonus Acts will now cycle daily.
  • Nephalem Glory description updated.
  • Belial will no longer become immune after using vortex abilities on his arms.
  • Massacre bonuses will be the same for all players in a local game.

We will have more details on the big patch 2.1 that will be arriving for the Ultimate Evil Edition, just as soon as it is available!

Legendary Beam Fades for Keystone of Trials

Travis Day discusses acquiring specific gems, and Keystone of Trials changes

Diablo III: Keystone of Trials
The official Diablo III forums have many comments daily from the community team. Occasionally one of the Diablo III developers will also stop by and offer thoughts on specific topics in the game, and announcements about upcoming changes. Diablo III game designer Travis Day had multiple posts that are detailed in this Blizzard Blues posts roundup: he discussed the Keystone of Trials drops and the beam of light for it, as well as changes in a future Diablo III patch for gems.

Keystone of Trials Drop and Beam of Light
Travis Day posted in two threads about the Keystone of Trials, the Legendary item that can drop at the end of Nephalem Rift, and allows you to enter a Greater Rift. The drop rate for the keystone was recently dramatically increased, so players are seeing far more of them. Mr. Day rebutted the speculation that the Keystone of Trials can "take up" the drop spot for a real Legendary item; the chance of the keystone dropping is entirely separate from other Legendary items that can drop.

He also noted that the orange beam of light that shoots up from a Keystone of Trials, seen above, is going away. This is in line with other non-equipment Legendary items that previously had beams of light when they dropped, and no longer do. The keystone is a common enough drop that it doesn't need that light beam, dubbed the "beam of disappointment" in the thread asking about it.
The keys are not part of the legendary drop table, they are entirely separate entries in the table and have no impact of any kind on whether or not you will get legendary items.

Also I'll be removing the beam from the keys in a future patch.

Yeah Blizz should totally pull those beams so they stop trolling me. Someone should do something about this!

*Removes the beam in a future patch*

Getting the Gems You Want
Travis Day also jumped into a discussion of having enough gems - the normal kind, not the new Legendary Gems. Enchanting jewelry rings and amulets uses up specific gems, based on the item being enchanted. Because of that, many players run low on specific gems (most often Topaz) even while they may have an abundance of other kinds.

In a future Diablo III patch there will be new features to deal with this. It sounds like there may be two different types of changes for gems - one that provides a way to somehow "farm" a specific type of gem, and the other that lets a player get rid of excess gems. Or it may all be part of the same new system - we will see once that patch arrives!
This is a topic that comes up with some frequency both internally and externally. We have plans for a future patch that will introduce more uses for any gem you have excess of as well as a way to increase your ability to get specific gems that you are lacking *read Topaz*.

As a general philosophy point, anytime we introduce mechanics that are intended to consume limited resources this is something that players will encounter. Whether it's gold, gems, or a specific crafting material, these are all meant to be gathered and consumed at varying rates. Inevitably, and intentionally, there will be times when you need more of some material than you have. The problem isn't that you are running out, the problem is when there is no mechanism for you to alter your gameplay to gather more of the thing you need. When you run out of blue material you start picking up blue items you were ignoring before, when you run out of gold you equip your Boon of the Hoarder if you've found one etc. The problem isn't that people are running low on Topaz from enchanting, the problem is that you have no way to increase the rate of Topaz you find when you want to. This is what we will be addressing in the future.

Achievements from Seasons
Even with the lengthy list of details on exactly how Seasons work and what is transferred over after a Season is done, there were still a few questions about achievements in Seasons. Community representative Tyvalir clarified how achievements work, both for obtaining new achievements in a Season, and also the rollover of progress towards big achievements.
Posted by: Glacius

I saw there is two new stuff in seasons for achievements, the ''seasonal only'' achievements and the ''conquests''. Will these two ''new tabs'' roll over to my non-season achievements after? Will they be transfered to feat of strenght? What's gonna happen with these?

Great question. Conquests and Seasonal achievements are handled differently:
  • When a Seasonal character earns an achievement that you haven't already earned on your non-Seasonal characters, it will immediately register for both your Seasonal and non-Seasonal characters.
  • When a Season ends, any Conquests you earned won't appear in your list of non-Seasonal achievements or add to your non-Seasonal achievement points. Instead of the two tabs you mentioned "rolling over" into your non-Seasonal profile (since they don't exist outside of Seasons), your Conquests and total Seasonal achievement points are snapshotted to a separate record in your profile (so people can see what you achieved each Season).

Posted by: Glacius

One last thing, what happens to the achivements like ''complete 10,000 bounties''. If I complete a bounty in season, does it count towards my non-season achievement? If it doesn't, here is my question, will the number of bounties I complete be transfered to my non-season number after season? Let's say I have 4,000 in non-season and I do 2,000 in season.. at the end of the season is my number of bounties done gonna be 6,000?

Yup! All progress you earn toward an achievement during Seasons should count toward your non-Seasonal achievements as well. (In the example you gave, you should have 6,000 bounties after your Seasonal progress carries over.)

Seasonal Legendaries from Kadala
The first Season brought 12 Seasonal Legendary items. Seasonal Legendaries can be obtained as a regular drop, or from gambling with Blood Shards at Kadala.
Posted by: LiLmEgZ

UPDATE: ITS POSSIBLE! I JUST got Leonine Bow of Hashir from gamble :)

Congrats on getting the Seasonal bow from Kadala! As you yourself discovered, it's absolutely possible to gamble Seasonal legendary items from her, so long as you are playing a Seasonal character.
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