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Charts of Diablo III class popularity, by Character Levels and Paragon Levels

  • This guide contains charts of the Diablo III class popularity, as characters gain Character Levels and Paragon Levels. They show the most played Diablo III classes in hardcore versus softcore, and the most popular classes for getting to high Paragon Levels.
  • One of the first choices that a player makes in Diablo III is: which of the 5 classes is best for their new character? A look at the data shows how Diablo III players have answered the question - which classes players pick the most initially, and what ones they stick with. As a character gains experience, it obtains Character Levels from 1 up to level 60. These charts show the class popularity while leveling and at level 60, in softcore and hardcore.
  • The charts and graphs are updated daily from the scans of more than 3 million Diablo III characters in Patch 2.0. See the Account and Character Profiles overview for details on how the data is collected.
  • With the introduction of the Paragon 2.0 overhaul, the charts below that detail Paragon levels are now outdated. We will be replacing them in the future with other charts that reflect the new Paragon system. See the Patch 2.0 Site Update news for further details.
Charts Last Updated: April 12, 2014
Character Level Class Popularity
Class Popularity for All Diablo III Characters
  • This chart shows all the Diablo III characters we have scanned, with data from over 3 million characters in total.
  • This includes all groups of characters: softcore and hardcore, all Character Levels and Paragon Levels, living and dead. It provides a simple look at the popularity of each class. Among all characters that we have tracked, the Barbarian is the most popular Diablo III class, and the Witch Doctor is the least played class.
  • This chart mixes together data from both softcore and hardcore characters, including the dead ones. For a look at the survival rate for hardcore characters, see the Hardcore Deaths charts.
Class Popularity for Level 60 Characters
  • This chart show data for the level 60 characters in Diablo III. The blue columns represent the softcore level 60 characters, while the red columns are for the living hardcore characters at level 60.
  • This shows the popularity of each of the 5 classes, at level 60.
  • Since this chart shows all level 60s, it is not restricted by Paragon Level. See the Paragon Level Class Popularity section for data on class popularity at different Paragon Levels.
Class Popularity for Softcore Characters at Level 1-59
  • These charts show the popularity of each of the 5 classes in Diablo III during the leveling process. They reflect the class popularity by percentage as characters gain levels.
  • Click or tap the square class colors in the legend, to highlight the points of data for that class. Select any point to see the exact percentage of that class, at the level range.
  • The class percentages while leveling is different from the final representation of level 60s, as shown in the chart above.
  • The softcore leveling chart here shows a very minor varation in leveling, with all the classes close together during the entire leveling process.
Class Popularity for Hardcore Characters at Level 1-59
  • The hardcore class percentages while leveling is dramatically different from the final representation of level 60s, as seen in the Level 60 Characters by Class chart above.
  • The hardcore leveling chart here reflects the vast differences in class popularity in hardcore, while leveling. It is interesting to note the low hardcore Witch Doctor percentage while leveling, compared to the high rate at level 60. Since Witch Doctors survive so well, they are more likely to stay alive, once they do reach level 60.
  • See the charts of Hardcore Deaths for data on when hardcore characters die while leveling, and surviving to 60.
Paragon Level Class Popularity
  • When a Diablo III character reaches character level 60, they automatically move to an alternate advancement path called Paragon Levels, with an increasing amount of experience required to reach the higher levels.
  • Since the Paragon system was changed in Diablo III Patch 2.0, these charts are now outdated. We will be replacing them in the future with other charts that reflect the new Paragon system. See the Site Update news for further details.
Paragon Level Distribution
  • These charts show how many characters reach which Paragon Level as they gain Paragon Levels.
  • The characters who have reached Paragon Level 1 or higher are listed, with a percentage showing how many characters have obtained a certain Paragon Level. Not surprisingly, a huge percentage of characters have only reached Paragon Levels 1-9.
  • The charts reflect how much harder it is to continue obtaining Paragon Levels in hardcore mode, than softcore. As seen in the Hardcore Deaths charts, a large number of hardcore characters die before they can achieve many Paragon Levels.
  • The other charts below show the same data, split out for each class.
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