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Kaspersky Internet Security & Battle.net App(1)Category: Technical SupportSeptember-1-2015 10:28 PM PDT (3 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Hello fellow Diablo 3 players. Been having an issue starting the Battle.net application to play my Blizzard games where the app just does nothing in the launching/starting window.

To get past this I have been disabling Kaspersky Internet Security altogether but today have found the issue.

The component blocking the Battle.net application is Kaspersky's Anti-banner component. Turning off Anti-banner while leaving on all other Kaspersky security components allows the Battle.net application to start.

PS: Can someone in Blizzard's technical department look into this issue to determine what it is that Kaspersky's anti-banner dislikes about the Battle.net app and provide a more permanent fix other than disabling anti-banner? Click here to see the solution
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Kaspersky Internet Security & Battle.net App(22)July-12-2016 12:47 PM PDT (2 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Thanks for posting this information! It not only helps us be aware of this issue but also the community!
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