Top Seasonal Life Characters

1-25 Characters
Life - Softcore
Hero ClassBuildLife
1Ghostdragon 70Demon Hunter1,790,634
2Kuchendennis 70Demon Hunter1,655,903
3Yoyo 70Demon Hunter1,625,997
4Shady 70Demon Hunter1,181,482
5Gogoru 70Demon Hunter1,143,672
7Ratwarthree 70Demon Hunter1,126,109
10Tuc 70Demon Hunter1,062,291
11Hertze 70Demon Hunter1,037,737
12Luckydino 70Demon Hunter1,035,037
13Zora 70Demon Hunter1,032,605
14Goiabada 70Demon Hunter1,028,424
15Mirage 70Demon Hunter1,027,165
16Xorena 70Demon Hunter1,019,797
17Frag 70Demon Hunter1,013,623
18Farmking 70Demon Hunter1,012,362
19Roxy 70Demon Hunter1,011,212
20Arrow 70Demon Hunter1,005,628
22Freya 70Demon Hunter989,561
23Chingchong 70Demon Hunter987,720
24Blackout 70Demon Hunter984,908
25Killlakill 70Demon Hunter973,736
Life - Hardcore
Hero ClassBuildLife
1Adaix 70Demon Hunter1,748,321
2熔火一顆就死 70Demon Hunter1,588,228
4Victoriaii 70Demon Hunter1,474,142
5被動記得帶 70Demon Hunter1,439,847
6Hot 70Demon Hunter1,433,200
7Blackosfour 70Demon Hunter1,387,707
8Trail (Dead)70Demon Hunter1,337,069
9Akido 70Demon Hunter1,327,420
10Pifpafpouf 70Demon Hunter1,294,668
11Jimeena (Dead)70Demon Hunter1,294,374
12Nightingale 70Demon Hunter1,290,352
13Illuvutodeth 70Demon Hunter1,282,296
15Zangersu 70Demon Hunter1,274,738
16Neyla 70Demon Hunter1,267,821
17Pinkiepie 70Demon Hunter1,266,286
18Decreed 70Demon Hunter1,252,510
19Vandersar 70Demon Hunter1,246,923
20Edeaa 70Demon Hunter1,241,597
22Mega 70Demon Hunter1,236,772
23Mrspin 70Demon Hunter1,228,762
24Анка 70Demon Hunter1,227,790
1-25 Characters
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