Hungering Arrow
Level Required: 1
Skill Type: Primary

Generate: 3 Hatred

Fire a magically imbued arrow that seeks out enemies for 155% weapon damage and has a 35% chance to pierce through them.

Requires Bow

Element: Physical

Runes for Hungering Arrow
Skill RunesLevelElement
Puncturing Arrow

Increase the chance for the arrow to pierce to 50%.

Serrated Arrow

Increase Hatred generated to 6.

Hungering Arrow's damage turns into Fire.

Shatter Shot

If the arrow successfully pierces the first enemy, the arrow splits into 3 arrows.

Hungering Arrow's damage turns into Lightning.

Devouring Arrow

Each consecutive pierce increases the damage of the arrow by 70%.

Hungering Arrow's damage turns into Cold.

Spray of Teeth

Critical Hits cause a burst of bone to explode from the enemy, dealing 60% weapon damage to enemies within 10 yards.

Note: Information on this page is based on a level 70 Demon Hunter.
Hungering Arrow Rune Popularity
  • This chart shows the popularity of the runes for the Hungering Arrow Demon Hunter active skill. Select the blue bars for softcore data, the red bars for hardcore data, or view all the rune statistics in the table display.
  • These are the Hungering Arrow runes as chosen by level 70 Demon Hunters who are currently playing the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls on PC or Mac in patch 2.3. It can also guide Demon Hunters looking to pick the best Hungering Arrow runes in Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition on consoles - the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.
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Hungering Arrow Rune Popularity Chart
Popularity percentages for Hungering Arrow runes, as used by level 70 hardcore and softcore Demon Hunters. Hightlight the bars on the chart to see the percentages for each Hungering Arrow rune.
Hungering Arrow Rune Popularity Table
Popularity percentages for the Hungering Arrow runes used by level 70 softcore and hardcore Demon Hunters.
RuneSoftcore %Hardcore %
Serrated Arrow54.763.3
Devouring Arrow1814.5
Spray of Teeth13.26.7
Shatter Shot9.39.1
Puncturing Arrow4.76.5
No Rune0.10
Charts Last Updated: November 3, 2018
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