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Error on startup(1)Category: Technical SupportSeptember-23-2016 6:40 PM PDT (2 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
hey yall i keep getting 2A7904D0-19AC-4183-9425-F176DC3F60F6 as a code when i try and start up diablo 3. i have deleted the bliz ent folder as well as battle.net folders as well. i am also scanning and repairing as we speak. i don t have any layovers enabled and im not sure what to do next...
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Error on startup(2)September-23-2016 7:14 PM PDT (2 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Hey Rossya!

It looks like that error crash may be due to the XBox DVR being enabled on the system. Windows did an update that automatically enables that and it can cause some crashing issues with the game. You just have to go in and manually disable it.

Turn off Game DVR:
1. Open Start Menu.
2. Open Xbox App. You can also find it at the bottom of all apps.
3. Open Settings in Xbox App.
4. Click Game DVR.
5. Click the Slider to Disable Game DVR. It should be set to on as default.

If the repair doesn't work for you, give that a try and let's see how things go.
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