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HT Gargs RoE Will be Problem on Live(1)Category: Witch DoctorJuly-23-2016 1:24 AM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
I'm not gonna lie, it really feels nice to see a build hitting hard like that.

Now, I think blizz intended to make jade and maybe arachyr more competitive with gargs by boosting roe. People found a way to fit it on ht garg, and it turns out that gargs are even stronger and jade/arachyr still less viable.

If you even compare to other classes high end builds on PTR, garg roe is doing far more dmg than the others. This will probably impact on live servers when several pros, and people pushing for real will be. Making wd skyrocket from other classes in the ladder, and once again creating a discrepancy in the classes balance, making everyone have to make wd to level gems, and wd the only option for 4s dps.

I main a wd, and I love garg build as much as i love trying stuff with lon and arachyr. I honnestly think blizz should change this ring to a way that it would only be viable for jades and maybe arachyr sets. HT garg didnt need this ring to stay competitive with other classes builds in 2.4.1, this ring is just making it unfair now.

Edit - 07/25

I forgot to add a suggestion to this ring. The ring should apply the 300% dmg only to you and not your pets. Like that jade harvester, arachyr and HT/LoN pet-less builds can benefit from it. Gargantuans and Zombie dogs have enough multipliers already. Fetishes still need a help, but could come from another individual source like the dog/garg rings. Maybe in a shoulder like corruption, the zuni offhand or the in the set itself.

Edit 2 - 07/29

A good change for gargs, would be to buff the other garg runes which are currently useless. LoN and HT speed farm builds could benefit a lot more from a stronger big stinker rune. Bounties would be more fun and better with a stronger wrathful protector.

Not dumbing down and adding a x4 multiplier (RoE). Ok, you are sacrificing a x1.5 from taskers and a variant x1.5 from furnace. Thats a x2.25 multiplier against elites vs a x4 multiplier against all targets. HT gargs has more than enough dmg buffs in the build, no other set/ability can't even compare. MoJ (x2), TnT (x.1.5), Midnight Feast (x1.5), Enforcer (~x1.4) and most important SMF (3x3.5=x10.5). All of these are only the pet exclusives being the last one garg exclusive.

Without the ring HT garg was already the top wd build and the top class with DH and Saders. Yes, wiz was far ahead but because of either an exploit or 2 overpowered items that are being nerfed for season 7.

Edit 3 - 07/31

During PTR, when SWK monks got into high lvls of GR thanks to the new fist weapon, and R6 monks due to the set buff combined with fists of fury mechanic, blizz was really fast into fixing it so it would be more balanced.

When the changes to the twisted sword they initially made was still not enough and wizards were sitll performing extremely higher than the other classes, they again were fast to answer it.

When people found that Gazing Demise was bugged and buffing all of wd spells, and making jade doc go up to gr 105. They quickly went and destroyed the mojo, instead of fixing the bug.

It only remains to me to believe now that they intend to make HT Garg RoE a build far superior than the other builds/classes, for reasons i can't know.
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HT Gargs RoE Will be Problem on Live(110)August-4-2016 5:11 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Tchevs

Now, I think blizz intended to make jade and maybe arachyr more competitive with gargs by boosting roe.

This was certainly the intention.

Posted by: Tchevs

I forgot to add a suggestion to this ring. The ring should apply the 300% dmg only to you and not your pets.

And this is a great suggestion - one we've seen from a lot of great Witch Doctors who gave feedback, and it lines up with the change we have in store. The Helltooth/Gargantuan build surfaced during a time on PTR in which we were already submitting our final builds to the production line. This means changes we could make were limited for the actual deployment build, so an adjustment didn't make the patch launch.

The good news is we've been working on a hotfix instead. Ring of Emptiness now only works on damage dealt directly by your Witch Doctor and not your pets. This hotfix should hit servers momentarily, well before the launch of Season 7.

I do want to thank the community for your discussions and testing. Your passion, dedication, and pursuit of fair play are a valuable contributor in making Diablo III the best it can be!
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