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[Monk] Focused feedback on Monk Changes!(1)Category: PTR FeedbackJune-15-2016 5:42 AM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Edit: Updated OP now that 2.4.2 has gone through a few iterations.

Lashing Tail Kick Builds - LTK plays actually pretty well with just the addition of Scarbringer for Torment XIII. Solo GR with LTK will be pretty interesting - looks like there will be a lot of builds that are capable of GR80+ (both LoN and SWK along with various runes). The king of speed solo gem leveling may change from WoL to LTK. Need to balance out a ton of spirit regen, toughness, and damage options. Melee Sunwuko builds still have to deal with a illogical stack management issue. Gyana Nu Kashu fireball damage buff is nice, but could use an ICD update to include Rivera's IAS so that every LTK also fire a Gyana fireball. LTK's spirit cost of 50 still seems a bit high with no skill specific resource cost reduction.

Raiment 6pc generator buff from 300 to 1250% - this massive buff without iteration seems a bit arbitrary, as it will clearly be the top solo build if it goes like, but is probably the most boring build the play. I would rather there be more thought put into allowing more "viable" generators than just Fists of Fury. (it has just been too good in terms of snapshottable damage and proc for too long.) How about reverting FoT: Static Charge back up to 120% weapon damage? Buff Staff of Kyro as described below? Replace the base Crippling Wave's 30% movement speed reduction with +30% increased damage? Having at least 1 "viable" rune for each generator would be nice. Or *gasp* buff Combination Strike to be 40% multiplicative per geneator! #Gendiversity

Support Monk Changes - as far as monk role, it really hasn't changed skill-wise or functionally. We will still debuff via Crippling²/Resolve, heal via Soothing², spam shields with MoH, and drop Inner Sanctuaries. It seems like the top clears in 2.4.1 have already transitioned to Temple of Protection from Forbidden Palace (which will go from 99.9999% usage rate to 0.0001%). As for the Cyclone Strike changes, I never really thought CS was that effective a pull in high GR anyways, and we still need to spam it for Zodiac.

DISCLAIMER - The following is just some random un-solicited feedback from before this PTR with recommendations on how to get all 4 monk sets a little more interesting. None of these ideas are offered up as super-great ideas, just hoping to start a discussion on how we can update some obsolete items from the "salvage before you even ID them" trashbin or to change the gameplay into something better. ^_^

Sunwuko - QoL hassle of sweeping wind is still the most frustrating thing about SWK
Vengeful Wind: - Should be moved to either the 2pc or 4pc Sunwuko set bonus. Instead VW should have the "gain all Sweeping Wind runes" affix.
Scarbringer - Lashing Tail Kick deals 25,200% weapon damage split between the first 5-7 enemies hit.
Kyoshiro's Soul - change the affix to always gain 2 stacks per second even when sweeping wind does damage.
Gyana Nu Kashu - If we must have the fireball, at least remove/update the ICD and change from 10 yard detonation to 10 yard width projectile. If we can drop the fireball, how about, "Gain 40 spirit per second when in combat with an elite".
Balance - Add +200% damage in addition to 100% crit chance, remove the +% additive affix roll.
Incense Torch - Increase the additive damage from +30% to +100%.
Warstaff of General Quang - Each second spent Channeling gain 10% movement speed and 25% more damage, up to a maximum of 5.
Support items - Add all the +damage bonuses from Tzo Kirin, Gyana, and Balance to the Kanai Cube powers.

Raiment - Still can't decide if you want R6 to be a generator or DS set because it can't be both in the same build unless you have support items buff both Gen+DS damage
4pc: - 75 spirit is still too high, reduce it to 50 spirit.
Fleshrake - change to +250% with max 4 stacks.(+1000% total)
Staff of Kyro - Add +50% attack speed to Deadly Reach and increase to +150% damage.
Thundergod's Vigor - All lightning based attacks cause enemies to be afflicted by Static Charge. (monk only)

2pc: - Allow all U2 EPs to be able to proc Area Damage. If the monk has MR, allow all EPs applied by U2 to also gain MR. (also fix the bugs associated with MR and drinking a potion/levelingup)
4pc: -Add "Gain Sustained Attack rune."
6pc: -Would be nice to have some EP rune diversity - copy-paste the Jade Harvester 6pc code and allow SSS to also consume all the remaining EP DoT damage into the detonation.

6pc: - Add "Your Allies now cast your spenders when you do." #DOIT ^_^

For 2.5, please consider converting essentially "mandatory" legendaries as a 7th Set item to ALL class sets with 6 pcs. (So for Monk: 7th Sunwuko = Kyoshiro's Soul, 7th Uliana = Binding of the Lost, 7th Raiment = Spirit Guards)
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[Monk] Focused feedback on Monk Changes!(64)July-18-2016 5:13 PM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: WalkinTall

.@astralapache Working on rewording this - I completely misunderstood the hotfix. Please hold.

Here's the updated version:

  • Fixed an issue where Mythic Rhythm would be consumed by Exploding Palms cast by the Uliana's 2-piece bonus.
    • Note: Mythic Rhythm should only apply to Spirit Spenders that are cast manually, not by items or set bonuses.

Most of our bugs internally are listed as the issues, not the resolution, so we end up re-writing a lot of them before we post hotfixes. This was bad wording/misunderstanding on my part. Sorry for the confusion!
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