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The Future of Firebird's Finery(1)Category: WizardMay-25-2016 2:40 PM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Firebird's Finery has been the focus of a lot of community discussion since the launch of Patch 2.4.1. As the patch and current Season settle in, we want to take a moment to share development insight on what's coming for this powerful class set in the future.

Firebird’s Finery has come a long way since its original implementation. We’re really happy with its theme. It’s the Fire set for Wizards and puts you in a place where you can burninate all the things. That’s awesome, we like that, and we want to preserve that feeling. On the other hand, we’re not happy with the bugs we’ve encountered and it’s become clear we need to take a new approach. We’re working on a fix that will be introduced in a future patch.

So, what does that mean for Season 6? There are a lot of players who have pushed hard and reached high ranks with these unintended bugs. However, we don’t want to punish players for working within the parameters given to them. To that end, the current functionality will remain intact for the duration of Season 6. Once these bugs have been resolved, you can expect that the power level of Firebird’s will be much more in line with other sets.
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The Future of Firebird's Finery(9)May-25-2016 3:06 PM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Skerzy

Is this to say there won't be punishment for people intentionally abusing these bugs?

Nope. We will not be taking action on accounts for this.
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The Future of Firebird's Finery(200)June-10-2016 5:28 PM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
A bit of a bump, but an update I felt you all would want to see!

We've been preparing the changes for Firebird's Finery, and ultimately, we've settled on slightly redesigning the 4-piece and 6-piece bonuses. Here's how they currently read internally (though, as always, these details are subject to change):

  • (4) Set Bonus
    • Dealing Fire damage with one of your skills causes the enemy to take 1000% weapon damage as Fire for 3 seconds. This effect can be repeated a second and third time by different skills. If an enemy is burning due to three different skills simultaneously the enemy will Ignite, dealing 3000% weapon damage per second until they die
  • (6) Set Bonus
    • Your damage is increased by 100% for each nearby enemy that is Ignited up to a maximum bonus of 2000%. You always receive the maximum bonus whenever a nearby Elite monster is Ignited

As you can see, we've definitely gone the way of trying to preserve its play style while approaching it from a slightly different angle. You are still encouraged to light multiple targets on fire, and the more you light up, the more powerful you grow.

It should be noted this will impact some existing builds, like the Firebird's/Chantodo's interaction. We are definitely going to want plenty of player testing and experimentation with the revised set, so expect to see a dedicated Focused Feedback thread when we head to PTR.

We're really looking forward to see your thoughts and testing!
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The Future of Firebird's Finery(321)June-13-2016 4:44 PM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
In the words of a wise man, Don’t Panic.

This is just the first pass on Firebird's Finery (here forth known as Firebirdy's Finery because I CAN'T STOP MAKING THAT TYPO WHYYYY) for the next PTR. We're not done yet. Heck, we haven't even started! First passes are rarely ever final ones.

We totally get the concern. It’s easy to jump to conclusions when this is all the info you have to operate off of. I see some reasonable feedback in here and we are taking notes, a process which we’ll be keeping up throughout the whole of PTR. This is just the first pass. You guys constantly astound us with your creativity, and that's exactly what we hope to see during this PTR phase.

The Feedback Forum will be opening up when the PTR becomes available, and I'm really looking forward to delving into it and running a few tests of my own.
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