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Posted by: Athomize

Posted by: HunterD333

yeah it would seem that common sense would dictate that we won't get the portrait. Maybe Sir William could drop something different for us. Those Dark Bat Wings sure looked nice ;-)

Nevalistis said that it was available though...


But I personally don't think it is, since many people have killed Sir Williams already and didn't get the drop.

Posted by: Athomize

I think it's safe to say that it's not available on consoles and nevalistis made a mistake.

You are correct; the portrait frame is not available on console. I was wrong. :( I did some digging and discovered that I misunderstood one of our internal communications that *all* new cosmetics were carrying over. The portrait frame is not available as there is no support for selecting alternate portrait frames on console.

I went ahead and edited my original post to clarify this information. My apologies for the confusion!
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