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Heavily armored and shielded, Carriers are the flagships and main operations centers for the formidable Protoss forces. Their plasma charges can tear through well-regimented formations, allowing them to effortlessly punch through their enemies' defenses. In today’s Play Your Way build, Grond#1672 has the same plan with his stylized Seeker of the Light Crusader build.

About the Build

If you’re unfamiliar, the Seeker of the Light set props up the Falling Sword and Blessed Hammer skills. Blessed Hammer brings incredible amounts of damage to the table while Falling Sword provides both mobility and a source of increased damage reduction. Everything else you’ll find in Grond’s build aims to either dial up the damage or continue fulfilling the fantasy of being a tanky, artillery-slinging warship.

We selected the Protoss Carrier build prior to the launch of Patch 2.4.2, so it was mostly tested on Torment X. The build crushed it just fine, and performs just as well in bounties as it does in Rifts. There is definitely a cadence to big bursts of damage, particularly when you line up the cooldowns for Laws of Valor and Akarat’s Champion while blinding your enemies via the passive from The Sultan of the Blinding Sand. It’s a really interesting way to capitalize on the buff from Hammer Jammers while keeping your skill slots open for more utility. 

The Skills

Here’s a closer look at this build in the skill calculator.

Active Skills:

Passive Skills:

The Items

Required Items:

Recommended Items:

Recommended Legendary Gems:

Recommended Kanai’s Cube Powers:

Recommended Stats:

  • Offense: Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Attack Speed
  • Defense: All Resistance, % Life, Armor
  • Other: +% Holy Damage, % Chance to Block, % Chance to Blind, Stun, or Immobilize on Hit

Tell Us What You Think!

How do you fare in your tireless efforts for the crusade? Do you love Blessed Hammer, or is there another skill your Crusader favors? What’s your favorite set, and have you sent us your build with it yet?

Next week, we’ll wrap up the first full round of Play Your Way with the master of all elements, the Wizard. See you in Sanctuary!

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