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Patch 2.4.1 is live on the PTR and headed soon to live realms. For our Seasonal heroes out there, we’ve prepared a two-part guide to Season 6 so you can roll right into a fresh start on day one.

Along with the updates that are coming to the Season Journey objectives and Conquests, we’ve got plenty of new rewards for aspiring Seasonal heroes to seek! Here are the glorious goodies that await.

New Cosmetic Rewards

Season 5 introduced a new rotation of cosmetic rewards, and Season 6 continues this tradition!

In addition to an exclusive Portrait Frame and the usual rotating pieces of the Conqueror’s Transmogrification set, Season 6 will include a unique pennant for players who complete the fourth chapter of the Season Journey.

Season Journey Rewards

Last Season, we introduced a method of acquiring more stash space by completing the Season Journey. In Season 6, we’ll be bringing back this reward again for those who unlock the Conqueror title.

Want to plan ahead for acquiring your expanded storage space? Here are the steps you’ll need to complete for the Conqueror tier of the Season Journey:

  • Complete a Torment X Nephalem Rift in under 4 minutes
  • Level 3 Legendary Gems to Rank 55 or highter
  • Complete any two Conquests
  • Kill Rakanoth in under 15 seconds on Torment X
  • Slay Greed on Torment X
  • Clear Greater Rift 60 Solo

Haedrig's Gift

Season 5 introduced Haedrig’s Gift, which grants pieces of a specified Class Set upon completing steps in the Season Journey. We covered the details in our previous blog here, but they bear repeating, as a free set is still quite the valuable reward!

Starting in Chapter 3, three of the objectives in the Season Journey will reward you a Haedrig’s Gift to open, each containing two (or in some cases, three) pieces of one of your Class Sets.

These objectives will reward set pieces in Season 6:

  • Chapter III: Reach Level 70
  • Chapter IV: Defeat Izual at level 70 on Torment II or higher
  • Chapter IV: Complete a Greater Rift Level 20 solo.

Note that all players will only earn one full Class Set per Season, including both Hardcore and Non-Hardcore Seasonal characters, so choose wisely! In addition, the set you receive will depend on the Class of the character who opens it. If you’d like to collect a full Class Set, be sure to open them all on the same nephalem! Here are the sets granted by Haedrig’s Gift in Season 6:

Looking to start a new Class, but don’t know what to expect? Here’s a quick run-down of each Set’s specialty in case you decide to dabble in something new during Season 6.

  • Barbarian - Legacy of Raekor: Furious Charge takes front and center with this set, refunding charges, dealing huge amounts of damage, and empowering the next Fury spender of your choice. Zip around from combat to combat, overrunning your enemies, and smashing them to smithereens!
  • Crusader - Armor of Akkhan: This flexible set utilizes the Akarat’s Champion skill, massively reducing the skill’s cooldown and empowering your other abilities while it’s active. All skills enjoy 50% reduced costs and a huge boost in damage while you embody the raw, holy energy of the legendary prophet, Akkhan.
  • Demon Hunter - Embodiment of the Marauder: Also known as the Sentry set, Marauder’s capitalizes on these little turrets by enhancing their damage, along with certain Hatred spenders and your primary skills. Emboldened by an army of Companions, you’ll be able to rain death from all directions as your Sentries will cast Elemental Arrow, Chakram, Impale, Multishot, or Cluster Arrow when you do!
  • Monk - Inna’s Mantra: Your Monk will never be alone, protected by all Mystic Allies and Mantras while donning the power of Inna’s Mantra. The effects of these skills are also enhanced, and you’ll find as long as your Mystic Allies remain at your side, your damage will also receive impressive benefits.
  • Witch Doctor - Zunimassa’s Haunt: The veritable “pet set,” your Fetish Army will remain by your side and protect yourself and any summons you might have as long as they live. Feel free to use any Mana spender you choose, as whatever you throw at your enemies will enhance the damage your summoned army deals.
  • Wizard - Delsere’s Magnum Opus: Wizards can bubble their troubles (and look magnificent in the process) with Delsere’s Magnum Opus. Slow Time is at the core of this spender-heavy set, and you’ll want to look at Arcane Orb, Energy Twister, Explosive Blast, Magic Missile, Shock Pulse, Spectral Blade, or Wave of Force to complement your build.

Ready? Set…!

All that’s left to do is await the start of Season 6, and we’ll be right there with you, hitting the ground running on day one! Got questions about what to expect? Don’t forget to check out our detailed FAQ in the first part of our Season 6 preview.

What reward are you most excited for in Season 6? Which Class Set do you look forward to donning? Got plans to level up with a friend on April 29? Share your thoughts in the comments and get pumped—we’ll see you in Season 6!

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