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If you jumped into Season 5 using Patch 2.4.0’s new Season Rebirth feature, it’s possible that your items may be on their way out the door! As we rapidly approach thirty days into the latest season, we wanted to remind everyone how to check on your in-game mail and recover your hard-earned loot.

What is Season Rebirth?

Season Rebirth, introduced in Patch 2.4.0, allows you to take any non-Seasonal character you have and instantly transform them into a Seasonal character.

Any of the gear or items equipped on your character or in your inventory is automatically stripped from the hero and mailed to your non-Seasonal characters, similar to the rollover process that occurs with your stash space when a Season ends. Accomplishments like achievements, crafting recipes learned, artisan levels, or unlocked stash tabs are left behind as part of your non-Seasonal progression. However, personal records like your character name or time played are retained and carry on through your Seasonal adventures.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using Season Rebirth:

  • Gear mailed to your non-Seasonal characters is only available for reclamation for up to 30 days from the time it is mailed!
  • You may only Rebirth up to three characters per Season.
  • Hardcore characters who have fallen are not eligible to use the Season Rebirth feature.

How Do I Claim My Gear?

If you Rebirthed a character, simply log onto any of your non-Seasonal characters that match the game type of the character you Rebirthed. For example, if you used the Season Rebirth on a Hardcore non-seasonal character, you will need to log into another Hardcore non-seasonal character to claim your loot.

Just as with the end of season rollover, your gear will be found in your in-game mail, located in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.

We hope that you have been enjoying Season 5 and look forward to seeing where your Seasonal Journeys take you!

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