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The Wizard is lying on its Death Bed With Cancer(1)Category: PTR FeedbackNovember-12-2015 10:15 AM PST (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
This is going to be another long post/last attempt before i give up. I cant not continue to have hope for a game/class that blizzard out right refuses to provide justice for. So please bare with me :)

2.3 was a vast improvement over 2.2 just like how 2.4 is now a vast improvement over 2.3, but that only matters to the other classes. Wizdog's are tired being left on the back burner. Just like in patch 2.3 you buffed pretty much all classes through items/passives/skill changes which is great for everyone but the wizard class since you left us out. It doesnt matter how many Legendaries you add to this game you will NEVER fix the core problems with our class through items; Why should wizards be the only class forced to ware items to fix broken game mechanics?

Patch 2.3 was a prime example of the developers deleting something that our class was designed around (intentionally or not) without giving us any compensation for it; instead to this day we are still being excluded from compensation. Other classes got class specific flat damage reduction (sets/items) and we still to this day got nothing.

What blizzard needs to understand is that the J-Wilson team designed the wizard class (probably not intentionally but it happened that way) with Critical Mass and Crowd Control as the Wizards main mitigation which is why 95% of our skills/runes/passives have some type of crowd control designed right into them. This is why Wizards had/still have no choice but to heavily rely on crowd control and cooldown reduction. This is not the first time these developers have deleted something major from our class this is actually the second time they deleted something major that effects the entire design structure of the wizard class more than any other class. The first time they deleted something was with Critical Mass (When they could have changed it to match Grave Injustice since they happily left that in the game; the name Grave Injustice is ironic in regards to the deletion of CM)

When J-Wilson Designed the Wizard class in Vanilla he had to make design choices that effected everything in relation to our class Skills/Cooldowns/AP regeneration/Proc Rates/Skill Damage ect... which is why some of our skill cooldowns are much higher than they should be.

Example #1
Teleport has an 11 Second CD with no charges, yet Dashing Strike has an 8 second CD that holds 2 charges.

Example #2
Spirit Walk has a 12 second Cooldown that makes you immune for 2 seconds. Diamond skin is a 15 second cooldown with a tiny worthless shield.

But then when ROS launched the current development team deleted Critical Mass anyways along with nerfing APOC and not compensating our class in any way.; instead they didnt even bother to revert our proc rates which were directly nerfed because of that passive. Then they made the same mistake again in 2.3 when they increased Crowd Control resistance. And what did they give us for removing removing crowd control as one of our major ways to mitigate damage (when 95% or our skills/passives/runes relied on them) Nothing; Instead you just buffed Firebirds which buffed all of our fire spells Neglecting the actual problem yet again. So far this is how Wizard's Deal Damage and continue to do so

In 2.1 Wizards kill though Firebirds with an Infinite Dot.
In 2.2 Wizards kill through Tal Rasha through the set Meteor's Proc.
In 2.2 Wizards kill though Delsere's with the 2000% Bubble Dot.
In 2.3 Wizards Kill through Vry's and the Chantando Dot.
In 2.4 Wizards are back to the Firebird Dot
In 2.4 We can Channel, but kill through an Item proc that Spams AP Spender's on the bar
In 2.4 Wizards are at least able to use Legacy of nightmares (builds unknown)

Things that the Developers continue to refuse to change even-though our class has begged to have them when other classes get them.

  • Wizards are the only class without an Immunity Cheat Death Passive.
  • Wizards are the only class without a way to Spam Resource Endlessly.
  • Wizards are the only class without Major Group Buffs (bad skill design left over from vanilla).
  • Wizards are the only class with a Sets that Forces the buff to fall off (Yet blizzard changed helltoth for the WD class to not let this happen).
  • Wizards are the only class Without Flat Damage Reduction on Sets or Items (Still in 2.4 no class specific flat damage reduction items)
  • Wizards are the only class with a SET that forces the buff to fall off
  • Wizards are the only class Forced to juggle worthless skills for a SET that's main damage is a Meteor proc from a 2 piece bonus.
  • Wizards are the only class that can't keep their top Skill in Perma Form (Archon)
  • Wizards are the only class that cant recover life through skills/passives/or item stats like (life per fury) instead were forced to use life per hit or life regeneration

  • How do you not see the pattern Blizzard? Either you do not play Wizards extensively or your just to focused on other classes like you always are to realize that your Excluding Wizards from the rest of the 5 class game design philosophy and then you remove the only two things that made us different in regards to mitigation (Crowd Control and Critical Mass)

    I fully understand that you want classes to be different which is why you pick and choose what features classes get that others dont, but the only thing you continue to do is hurt wizards more than than your buffing us. Wizards are TWIGS in any grift above 60 and in 70+ its all about not getting 1 shotted. Removing a classes ability to mitigate damage from Crowd Control can not be compensated with more a damage increases through buffs/items. You need to go through all of our items/skills/passives/runes and redesign them/balance them out to compensate us for that loss with longer CC duration's, longer CC reach, or more damage reduction.

    What i still dont understand is why you decided to NERF the entire games Crowd Control Mechanics(which hurt wizards the most) instead of just Modify the mechanics that effected the Perma Fear build like you did by removing Critical Mass and like you just did in 2.4 when you decided that Heal Monk's were too powerful.

    Now we have a ton of useless legs here's a small list


    If you truly want Wizards to be different than other classes (similar to how melee classes get 30% extra damage reduction) then decrease the monsters maximum crowd control resistance back down what it was in 2.3 for just the wizard class (that's how we can be different). Its really obvious that you dont want us to be like other classes since you continue to modify our shields when we keep telling you that they are useless until they are designed to scale with the endless grifts (based on grift number).

    Wizards have alot of why's questions

  • Where is our promised class specific dedicated patch?
  • Why are we not getting any changes to skills/passives/runes when other classes do?
  • Why did you mess with a broken shield mechanic when you know that the only way to fix it is to scale it based on Grift number?
  • Why are wizards not compensated for the APOC nerf?
  • Why are wizards not compensated for our Proc rate nerf?
  • Why are all of the wizards cooldowns still overly high?
  • Why are all of the wizards skills/runes/passives still designed around crowd control?
  • Why are wizards forced to use life regeneration when other classes have another way to recover life?
  • Why do you continuously nerf major game mechanics that directly effect our class without compensating us? Critical Mass, Crowd Control, Life Per Hit?

  • Wizard's have tried to get your attention every single PTR, every single patch, and even in between, but apparently you want the wizard to be designed like this? Twigs? Do seriously want and entire Wizard class to quit the game? What will it take to get your Attention on us and get you to actually Fix the problems with our Core Class mechanics that were broken by you?

    Even in patch 2.4 you modified more Runes/Passives/Skills from other classes than you did with the wizard class when we actually need the most modifications out of everyone because of the damage you did to our class. The worst part is that the only modifications you did were in relation to our shields the one mechanic that is a severely broken as the rest of our skills/passives are. Diamond skin got a shield boost, but the cooldown is still 15 seconds; Its not even an immunity skill!

    The wizard class as a whole is dieing. Even the wizard forum section is slowly dieing. This is my last attempt (and im sure a lot of other wizards feel the same) that the treatment against or class has gone on long enough and its time to move on. All we are really asking for is changes to the things that you broke. If you can not provide that to us at least TELL us that you have no plans to touch them that way any hope that we might have left can be thrown out the window and we can move on from this game allowing us to delete this game and free up some hard drive space.
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    The Wizard is lying on its Death Bed With Cancer(18)November-12-2015 12:06 PM PST (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
    There are some great points in here. Which is a shame, because this type of thread is a perfect example of how not to give feedback and violates our posting guidelines.

    Constructive criticism will always be more than welcome in our community. However, severely exaggerated hyperbole that makes light of serious real life issues does not strengthen your cause, and only serves to break down the positivity that we strive for in our community. This kind of behavior won't be tolerated.
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