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On Thursday, August 6, we closed out the Play Your Way livestream series in style as I streamed the build you voted for: MicroWaveCat's Haunting Spirits Witch Doctor. If you happened to miss the live broadcast, have no fear—a quick show recap and VOD are here!

While our Witch Doctor winner couldn't join us, I was joined by Drothvader#1215, senior game designer Wyatt Cheng, and the richly voiced and well renown YouTube artist Rhykker! After a short interlude thanks to some technical difficulties from a power outage, we hopped on the PTR to test out our builds for Patch 2.3.0. With a medley of characters including my Witch Doctor, Wyatt's Wizard, Droth's Crusader, and Rhykker's Demon Hunter, we tore our way up several Greater Rift levels before finishing each other off in a friendly (and hilarious) session of Brawling.

If you were unable to catch the show live, the video below has you covered. You can also watch it directly on our official Twitch and YouTube channels.

Curious about the builds we used? Here's what we were rolling with:

Thanks to everyone who tuned in and/or cheered us along in chat. Remember to keep playing your way (and to send in those builds)!

As we've mentioned, Play Your Way is going on a temporary hiatus while it undergoes some revisions. We'll be taking a break until after the launch of Patch 2.3.0 and Season 4, hopefully in a better, more improved format than ever! Until then, we'll see you in Sanctuary and may all your loot be Legendary!

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