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Blizzard work on WD Lag(1)Category: Witch DoctorAugust-26-2015 2:52 PM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
You still got Lags with the new Helltooth set.
Blizzard really need to fix it or else were dead next season.
The Lag is not only in group play in solo you got the same lags too.

Heres one Lag example:http://www.twitch.tv/baskenater/v/12959689
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Blizzard work on WD Lag(50)September-1-2015 3:31 PM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
The Helltooth lag is a result of several factors, and we've already deployed hotfixes that address 2 of them (and reports indicate performance has improved in those specific areas). However, there are still some unaddressed issues that are still affecting performance. We plan to make further optimizations in the near future that should help, but we want to be sure there isn't a loss of power as a result.

If you'd like to read a bit more on the subject, then you can read John Yang's /r/Diabo response right here.
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