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Reddit, twitch, twitter, facebook & whatnots...(1)Category: PTR FeedbackAugust-20-2015 11:42 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Here we go again :

Reddit Q&A on September 1st

Can't you devs, just for once, take advice from your own forums ?
It's full of meaningful data, insight and feedback.
Why do you always have to crawl to the worst places of the Internet and expect us to follow you like little puppies ?
I don't want to create an account in whatever random places just so we can communicate.
Come here, on your own forums, and answer some of the good threads that are posted everyday, but got ignored so far.

It's seems it's been a year since I saw a relevant blue post (not something bug related, but something with a minimum of thought, or "philosophy" you might say)

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Posted by: BossDogg

I'm OK with the devs posting/sharing information via social media venues but post it in the official site and forum first/simultaneously. I come to the D3 main page and official forums for D3 related information.

Thanks for this, BossDog. Also, hey there! Hope you're well!

We hear you on the need to better balance our information sharing and other activities across social channels. Finding the right balance is an ongoing process for us, and there's always room for improvement. If you have constructive suggestions on how we might do so, please share them here or send them on over to lylirra@blizzard.com.

On a similar note, I should mention that even though we can't always respond, we always make sure to pass on your feedback. If you have suggestions for special events you'd like to see, better ways to share game information, or other general feedback, we would love to hear it - these things help us improve. Thanks!
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Posted by: MCP

I realize that reddit might be a better format for a QnA and twitter might be easier for some of the devs, but there is no link to this info unless non blizzard employees post them.

Posted by: MCP

There was more info being posted in reddit and on other places that people weren't aware of because they aren't advertised through official means.

Ah, I get what you're saying. Sounds like the concern is less about where it gets shared per se, and more about being able to easily find the info in one place.

I've seen others post similar thoughts (i.e. "having to follow multiple channels to get all the news is frustrating," etc.). That's definitely valuable feedback. Thank you for this!
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Many people put in a lot of time to write their feedback, test stuff, calculate stuff. And often the community agrees with them because mostly these threads concern glaring issues which should be adressed.

Mostly, sentences like 'We are passing this on!' /// 'We think that this X should be designed Y because of Z' /// 'What would you like to see?' would already help.

It does happen but not often enough. I know all of you have a lot of work to do, especially when a Patch is going to go live. But PTRs simply need more communication.

That's absolutely fair feedback! And thank you for taking the time to pass it on to us.

We strive to provide info where we can, though we may not always have updates to share on issues the community is discussing. Additionally, with the volume of discussions taking place, we also can't always respond to each thread.

Even so, it's very good to hear that acknowledging we're passing on the info helps. While we try to avoid saying "we hear you and we're passing this on" too much, since it's repetitious (even though it's 100% true), this is good feedback to have. :)
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