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Akkhan Set Rework(1)Category: CrusaderJuly-16-2015 4:48 AM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
I think the general consensus is to keep it as a universal damage dealer, making it flexible for a large number of builds.

This one is partially inspired by a few other players, mix & match ideas with some of my own.

[2] - Increase generator damage and the wrath it generates by 400%. Generator crits restore 2 wrath

[4] - Damaging attacks lower the active cooldown of Akarat's Champion by 3 seconds

[6] - Increase damage by 650% and damage reduction by 40% while Akarat's Champion is active.

Belt - "Akarat's Champion gains the effect of the Prophet rune"

Righteousness passive change - "Increase wrath pool by 30. Increase wrath regen by 4% wrath/sec for 5 seconds after using a generator. Stacks 3 times"

This set would allow for the players to really create diverse builds around AC and propel them to the upper-middle tier for competitiveness.

Please post your ideas
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Akkhan Set Rework(81)September-1-2015 3:38 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
I just wanted to let all of you know that an Akkhan's Set re-work is in progress. We don't have any additional details to share at the moment, but we'll be happy to do so as soon as we can. If you'd like to read the original comment about this, then follow this /r/Diablo link.
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