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new lv 70(1)Category: New Player HelpJune-11-2015 8:29 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Been 70 for a day now. What am I suppose to do to start gearing up? Do I redo the entire game on one of the hardest difficulties? Or should I be doing adventure modes? So many things to do so don't know what I should be doing. I have all legendary gear with a 2 T-pieces. Any information on what I should be doing next would be appreciated.
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Thanks for helping out a fellow player, virpyre. :)

Deylilsman, I concur with the above. Gathering Rift Keystone Fragments by completing bounties in Adventure Mode, and then doing Nephalem Rifts, is a great way to get started with attempting higher difficulty levels. Since you have all Legendary items at this point, you should be ready for Torment I difficulty. As you get better gear (and maybe some Legendary Gems), it would be wise to gradually increase the difficulty in which you're playing so you have better chances at getting Torment-only Set items.

I've heard others suggest starting Nephalem Rifts as soon as you have a handful of Rift Keystone Fragments - maybe 10 to 15 or so. If you manage to snag a few Keystones of Trials from Rift Guardians, you might want to start tackling low-level Greater Rifts so you can take advantage of the increased Legendary and Set item drops you get from Greater Rift Guardians.

Good luck in your journey, nephalem!
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