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Problems installing the game(1)Category: Technical SupportJune-4-2016 8:47 AM PDT (4 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Hello everebody, hope someone can help me with this, you see; I just bought diablo 3 a while ago, i managed to install it; I started playing, but then I realised that after defeating the skeleton king there were mot any more missions popping up. Then I found out that i had not wrote the password of the game to be able to play the whole thing (I have the phisical version). So i clicked the bottom in the battlenet options window and it takes me to a battle.net web that asks me to select a question and an answer to make my account safer before introducing the code. The thing is that every time that I select this answer and question and click submit, It tells me that something went wrong and that i should wait a few minutes before trying again. This has been going on a long time now and i still cant put the code, so i cant play the game. Is it because I have done something wrong or is the web having problems? Thanks for your time.
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Problems installing the game(2)June-4-2016 10:59 AM PDT (4 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Hello LocoFerreo,

Could you try a different browser? Or delete cache and cookies of the browser your are using, close it and try again. You could also contact our Customer Support, they will help you out. https://battle.net/support/games/diablo3

Kind regards

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