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Diablo 3 freeze randomly / need to reboot PC(1)Category: Technical SupportMay-1-2016 7:24 AM PDT (4 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Since new season Diablo 3 freeze for me for unknown reasons it just happens randomly mostly when doing rifts.

The game freeze (not responding) and freezes my pc
Sometimes i can launch task manager to try kill the session but then the PC freezes as well.

- First time having this issue.
- Checked temperatures of my hardware all seems normal.
- No issue with other games (League of legends, StarCraft, ...)
- Issue also occurs when running Diablo and nothing on the background
- To be sure i did a malware / virus scan and cleared my pc of old and temp files
- Clean install of Diablo 3
- Updated my drivers

Dxdiag: http://pastebin.com/hjucdwpX
MSinfo: http://pastebin.com/BnXGExGu
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Diablo 3 freeze randomly / need to reboot PC(2)May-1-2016 8:38 AM PDT (4 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Hello Neophyte,

Could you please post the MSInfo again? The one posted doesn't seem to be complete. And may i ask how you updated your drivers? Because the ones shown in the dxdiag are still pretty old. Please make sure that you always visit the pages of the manufacturers of your hardware, because a update via windows wouldn't have the most up-to-date drivers.

Kind regards

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