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Area Damage unaffected by multipliers(1)Category: BarbarianApril-25-2015 4:38 AM PDT (5 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Patch 2.3 (live) status

Most Barbarian-related bonuses have been hotfixed on August 27th, 2015 and work with Area Damage. The list of bonuses that now work with Area Damage includes:
> Insanity
> Ruthless <- bonus applied to enemy hit by AD instead AD-triggering target***
> No Escape
> Bane of the Trapped
> Zei´s Stone of Vengeance <- distance from enemy hit by AD instead of main target***
> Immortal King´s (6) set bonus
> Wrath of the Wastes (2) set bonus
> Convention of Elements
> Raekor´s (2) set bonus
> Vile Ward
> elemental skill bonus
> elite skill bonus
> Bane of the Stricken <- applied if enemy hit by AD is stricken debuffed
> Restraint (spender portion of the ring set)
> Bracers of Destruction

***These bonuses act like debuffs and Area Damage acts like a separate attack and not like Bloodshed. For more info:

Here is a list of Barbarian-related bonuses that don´t work:
> Focus (generator portion of the ring set)
> Bracers of the First Men

Explanation: If you have 50% Area Damage equipped and your Hammer of the Ancients deals 1.5 billion damage and Area Damage is triggered, you should deal 750 million splash damage to enemies within 10 yards of the target. But AD currently doesn´t take Bracers of the First Men into account (triple hammer damage), so you´d only deal 250 million splash damage (500m less).

In the same example if Focus was also in effect, your Hammer would have hit for 2.25 billion damage but your AD would still only deal 250 million damage.


Original post - the following portion was relevant in patches 2.2, 2.3 PTR and early 2.3 live before the hotfix on Aug. 27th but I kept it here because it´s the portion most people responded to

While testing Rend Bloodbath and Area Damage, I noticed something weird. The Rend ticks (every 12 frames), substracted from monster health bar numbers (not the displayed ones you see every 48 frames), only dealt 1/6 of estimated Area Damage.

This didn´t make sense at first, but then I noticed I had Wastes (2) set bonus equipped, which is a 6x Rend damage multiplier, so maybe Area Damage was unaffected by that.

So I made a non Wastes (2) test with an unboosted Rend and there Area Damage worked just fine, cause there was no Rend buff.

I was chatting with page about this and we were wondering next if it only applies to the Wastes (2) multiplier or to other multipliers as well, so I began testing IK6 with Rend and then with other skills as well.

Long story short:
Wastes (2) Rend = 1/6 of Area Damage
IK6 + Insanity with Weapon Throw = 1/3 of Area Damage
IK6 + with Weapon Throw = 1/2 of Area Damage

Area Damage seems to be unaffected by certain separate multiplicative damage bonuses.


Area Damage is affected by:
> elemental skill bonus
> No Escape
> Vile Ward
> bonus vs Elites

Area Damage is unaffected by:
> Wastes (2) set bonus
> Immortal King´s (6) set bonus
> Insanity
> Convention of Elements
> Focus and Restraint
> Zei
> Bane of the Trapped
> Ruthless

Stuff left to test:
> Oculus
> Raekor (2)
> bonus vs Monster type (demon, human, beast, undead)

EDIT 2: Here´s the link to the bug report page posted. Feel free to upvote it or post a comment there.
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Area Damage unaffected by multipliers(78)April-29-2015 11:39 AM PDT (5 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Thanks to the thorough and specific testing from you all, we kicked this bug over to our Quality Assurance folks for investigation and they were able to verify exactly what's being described:

Area Damage is not benefiting from some skills or unique powers.

This is something we intend to fix, but we're holding off implementing these fixes for the time being as we're reviewing the mechanics of Area Damage as a whole and we want to avoid introducing sweeping changes in the middle of a Season. As a result, changes to Area Damage will not be coming in Patch 2.2.1, but at a later date. I do want to thank everyone who's brought this to our attention and provided detailed reports. Your diligence was extremely helpful!
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