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The GR80 Club!(1)Category: MonkApril-8-2015 6:42 AM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Edit 3: increased to the GR80 club! for 2.4.1 (Season/Era 6)

Edit 2: increased to the GR70 club! for 2.4 (Season/Era 5)

Edit: increased to the GR60 club! Sounds like a good goal for S4 as well!

Hadn't started a club in a while, but have been hoping to join this one for a long time... actually since they announced Greater Rifts and Legendary Gems. Tier 50! I'm sure it will be super-easy to solo soon with R6, but its all about personal progression anyways.

Had around 16 keys saved up from helping a DH buddy level keys a few months back and finally got to fish with them today. Hate Taeguk & Gogok, so went with both S2 gems + BotT and after a few epic fails trying to solo a RG without adds, decided to add SoJ and drop RRG. Had a free slot for belt and used String of Ears. So toughness wasn't much of an issue (85m+). Completed quite a few GR50s past the timer just to level gems for my other monks until I found the right rift!


I absolutely suck at EP targeting, and it took me nearly the entire RG fight to figure out how to best draw the RG into the skeletons. >_> So if you watch the video, make sure to laugh at my EP targeting and Forbidden Palace placements heh. Did finally pull one off at the end.

So I will once again be retiring Davlok after a good day of GR-Mode. Was frustrating but now that I am out of keys and ready to try something new. Time to figure out a good/lazy Raiment DS rotation. Still hope to numlock as much as possible for T6, and will give GR a shot by the end of the season. Hopefully rejoin this club with a Flying Dragon ^_^
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The GR50 Club!(73)June-1-2015 4:17 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: TomKnapp

Cleared a 53 on seasonal this weekend! Did it with no power pylon anywhere on the map too.

Wow, GR 53 and no Power Pylon is definitely an achievement. Congrats!

One of the best parts about reading of victories like these are the stories that usually accompany them. A few of my faves here in this thread...

Posted by: Armalas

Then 50 (my 4th try at 50) was a bit anti-climatic to the 49 but luckily got an dense Act IV rift and cleared with about 2 1/2 minutes to spare.

Posted by: kcbandit

Got Sandshaper as final boss with literally 8 minutes left on the clock but no pylons.

Posted by: Davlok

R6 I was up to 25 sec rez timer ^_^

Posted by: Faux

Guardian was Tethrys, had to skip a few elits, but over all was a good rift.

I can imagine each of these scenarios in my head. The pressure had to be intense, but regardless, you each pulled it off.

I'm... I'm... so proud... *sniffle*
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The GR50 Club!(77)June-3-2015 10:20 AM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Lazar

So, Tyvalir, you have a story to share :)?

I don't yet, but hope to soon! I tend to work on multiple alts at the same time. While it keeps things fresh for me, it also makes it hard to get any one of them to GR 50. My current highest for Monk is only GR 35 or so, so there's definitely room to improve. ;)

Posted by: Davlok

Aye, intense clears that go down to the wire are the best. I just hope next patch you guys provide actual incentive to kill yellow packs or blue packs.

Yup - monster balancing is an ongoing goal, and tweaking the experience gained for killing different types of enemies is part of that, for sure.
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