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[PTR 2.2] Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac vs CDR(1)Category: MonkFebruary-26-2015 4:28 AM PST (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Since the current In-Geom sword seems bugged atm, I did some testing with the ORotZ. It reduces a random cooldown by 1 second everytime you spend resource.

NUMLOCKing Mantra w/ Chant of Resonance yielded the following results.

Using just Ascension, it took 50% cdr to get perma-serenity
Using just Epiphany, it took 28% cdr to get perma-epiphany

Problem is once you add more than 1 cooldown, many of your Obsidian procs are going into lowering Epiphany's cooldown needlessly, as the ring picks a cooldown at Random to reduce by one second, so with a bad string of luck, perma-serenity isn't possible unless you're already at Max CDR (ie - if all your ring procs lower Epiphany's cd instead of Serenity). It gets even worse when you add a 3rd cooldown like Blinding Flash.

Needs more testing, but it turned out to not be as good as I had hoped unless you want to limit yourself to a single cooldown. >_<
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[PTR 2.2] Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac vs CDR(22)March-2-2015 6:23 PM PST (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Heisenberg

I see perma-serenity w/ Zodiac pushing Team ICE up a few notches.

It’s interesting that you mention permanent Serenity uptime.

The concept of permanent immunity has actually been on our radar since we introduced Cooldown Reduction in Reaper of Souls. Since then, we’ve seen many players who have been able to skirt the edges of permanent immunity using this affix. Frankly, we think that’s awesome, since we love it that players can customize their characters in different ways.

While it’s our goal for CDR to be a desirable affix, and while we’re okay with players greatly reducing the cooldown of their immunity skills, we also want to avoid a scenario where permanent immunity is possible. For instance, in patch 2.1.2, we put a cooldown on Smoke Screen to mitigate permanent immunity builds for the Demon Hunter so that you couldn’t chain this skill back-to-back.

Starting in the next PTR patch, we’ll be applying this philosophy to the following immunity skills.

  • Spirit Walk
  • Serenity
  • Smoke Screen
  • Laws of Hope – Stop Time

With this, the cooldowns on these skills will begin after their buff ends. To minimize negatively impacting the normal use case for these skills, we’re lowering the cooldown time to compensate – for example, Serenity is going from a 20 second cooldown that starts on activation, to a 16 second cooldown that starts when Serenity ends.

Previously, we may have decided against adding an item power to the game that might lead to permanent invulnerability. However, with these new changes, we’ll have much more freedom in designing new and powerful items, since there will be a stop gap to ensure that permanent invincibility is no longer a concern.

We wanted to let you all know about the above changes in advance, so that you’ll be prepared for them in the next PTR patch. I'll be eager to hear everyone's thoughts once these changes actually go into effect.
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