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Let's say you've just hit Level 70 on a new Crusader. Bright eyed and bushy flailed, you've got your sights set on Torment VI. You know the build you want and the Legendary items that will help support it.

That's an awesome destination, but what about the journey? What kind of build should you focus on in the meantime, and what sort of gear will help you transition into those higher Torment levels?

This is where Deadset Gaming's video guide, "Beginning Crusader Gearing (1 Day to Torment IV)", comes in. If you're not be sure where to begin gearing up your newly-dinged Level 70 Crusader or are looking for a strong, mid-Torment setup while you hunt for popular build-changing Legendaries like JekangbordFate of the FellGyrfalcons Foote, or Darklight, this a great place to start. 

About the Guide:

"Before the Akkhans, Jekangbords and Fate of Fells, there is a journey deserving of just as much attention."

In this guide, Deadset seeks to provide players with a solid, intermediary Crusader build that's both accessible to class newcomers and viable at a variety of different difficulty levels. Focusing on Rare and Crafted items and skills that will help get you into the groove of common Crusader rotations, the guide is a great stepping stone for any burgeoning Champion of Light. 

Why It's Awesome:

  • It highlights an area of gameplay that's often overlooked, but still incredibly important.
  • It's concise, clear, and very easy to understand. 
  • It offers information in two formats: video and text! (For the text version, see below.)
  • It encompasses all elements of building up a new hero including skills, stats, and gear.

Additional Details:

Have you been working on gearing up a new Crusader? Was this guide helpful to you? We'd love to read your comments in the section below, and look forward to reading your feedback! 

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