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On May 15th, several members of the Diablo III development team and I partied up with a handful of community influencers and rumbled our way through Reaper of Soulsâ„¢. Brought together in celebration of Diablo III's second anniversary, we slaughtered demons, found amazing loot, and answered some of your questions!

If you weren't able to join us for the festivities, don't despair. Check out the VODs embedded below or click here to view the livestream directly on Twitch.


1st Hour - System Design


  • Wyatt Cheng (Senior Technical Game Designer)
  • Jesse McCree (Lead Content Designer)
  • Jaetch (Community MVP)
  • Jaetch's keyboard

Carrying me on their Witch Doctor duo, Wyatt and Jesse shared some details with Jaetch about Seasons, Tiered Rifts, class balance, and design philosophy! Jaetch's keyboard featured as the fifth member of our party.

2nd Hour - Art Design


  • Neal "Barrel Master" Wojahn (Technical Artist)
  • Kevin K. Griffith (Senior Artist)
  • Thunderclaww (Reddit Diablo moderator)

Neal and Kevin shared their experiences with designing interactive items, lighting design, and The Battering Ram event. Information on the upcoming Barrel level is not yet available*.

*By "yet" we mean "at all."

3rd Hour - Lore & Story


  • Brian Kindregan (Lead Writer)
  • Leonard Boyarsky (Senior World Designer)
  • Neinball (BlizzPro Editor)

Neinball tagged along with Brian, Leonard, and I as we toured Act V in Westmarch, talking about our favorite aspects of the story, voice over casting and fun facts (featuring JB Blanc), and clarifying some loose ends sprinkled throughout Diablo lore.

4th Hour - Game Direction & Production


  • Josh Mosqueira (Game Director)
  • Rob Foote (Senior Producer)
  • Archon the Pizza Chef (Twitch Streamer)

Josh and Rob reflect back on their experiences working on Diablo while Archon ponders the possibilities of changing his class to Pizza Chef. We talk about where Diablo has come from, and what sort of goodies might be on the horizon.

We were so immensely grateful for the warm reception, great questions, and equally awesome company. On behalf of the Diablo team, thanks so much for celebrating this wonderful anniversary with us!

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