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Focused Feedback: New Crusader Set(1)Category: PTR FeedbackAugust-7-2014 5:40 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Greetings Crusaders (and other assorted heroes of Sanctuary),

We recently unleashed a new Crusader set into the wilds of the PTR. With this set, our goal has been to encourage a melee playstyle and to promote new builds and synergies apart from the established builds (looking at you, Blessed Shield and Darklight).

As we move forward with the PTR, please feel free to share any and all general feedback you may have about this new set in this thread. However, info which specifically relates to the topics below may offer the most productive commentary for us to share with our development team.

Related topics on which we're seeking feedback (again, in this thread) include:

  • What synergies prove most useful?
  • How do you see this set competing with existing sets?
  • How has your playstyle been affected by the set, and/or the individual items in the set?
  • What changes might you suggest?

Recent patch note information regarding the set can be found here.

As for one last point, we do ask that everyone tries to keep suggestions focused and on point. Off-topic commentary will be moderated.

Thanks again everyone! Your feedback is most appreciated and continues to be instrumental in helping us to bring 2.1.0 into the mortal world. As ever, your deeds of valor will be remembered.
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Focused Feedback: New Crusader Set(185)August-11-2014 12:21 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Thanks everyone for continuing to post and share your feedback! At present, we'd love to hear from testers in the PTR who are using this set at Greater Rift levels 30+. If you fit that particular bill, drop us a line in this thread.

As ever, all feedback about the new Crusader set (Roland's Legacy) is helpful; however, at this point, the targeted feedback requested above may be of the most value to us.
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