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2.1.0 v2 PTR patch notes up! Thoughts?(1)Category: MonkJune-25-2014 3:11 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
I am... Underwhelmed^2

A few more +20% damage passives
Generator damage buffed and a lot of frozen
New leg = "Increases the duration of Sweeping Wind to 1 minute" < wow as that getting approved

My specific thoughts on Monk Changes after a few hours on PTR last night:

1) Dex > Armor = not too bad, still rely on 2xUnity for higher tiers solo.
2) Crippling Wave Changes = Rising Tide <3
3) Deadly Reach = 5 sec Foresight <3, Searing Grasp is what element again?, and SfB = massive nerf -_-
4) FoT = Ok single target generator.. for ubers I guess?
5) WotHF Assimilation = AWESOME! Best change in 2.1... which is pretty saddening.
6) Cyclone Strike: Wall of Wind Freeze Mechanic = Rimeheart <3
7) 7-Sided Strike = No FIRE rune still?! FO nerf? Higher Proc Coefficent for Madstone? >_>
8) Sweeping Wind Buffs = still not worth worth half your spirit bubble....
9) WoL Stun/Freeze chanes = meh
10) Determination & Relentless Assault = Less than 100% uptime for a 20% damage buff = MEH. Should be at LEAST 30%.
11) Upcoming EP change will be interesting. Hopefully replaced by something good!

Thoughts on 2.1 Changes

1) Greater Rifts = Solo T1 keystones then 4p group to unlock gem vendor once then restart.
2) Ubers will be hot for a few weeks until most people have a decent Hellfire Amulet (kind of like the original Hellfire Rings... need another carrot to dange to keep farming Ubers)
3) Leaderboards won't be interesting to follow after a few weeks.
4) Health Globes healing nerf = expected (30 to 15% and 20 to 15%), LoH/LpS values looked to have tripled and are RETROACTIVE
5) Ramalandi's Gift to socket items could be very good or very lame. If it only works on weapons and doesn't do something cool like add 2nd socket to a 2h... ^_^ will just be another thing to farm whenever an upgrade drops. I'm ok with that!
6) Depth Diggers is boring.
7) There are apparently MANY more typically insta-salvage legendaries that will instead roll 5x Primary affix in 2.1.
8) Alabaster Gloves are not even worth talking about.
9) Legendary gems could be interesting. Would be better of Rama's gift could add a socket to jewelry too.

Edit: Feedback after a few weeks of PTR

Well figured if we have the dev's ears for feedback, write a more comprehensive post on my view of Monk and the runes that could use some help.

Overall 2.1
I like the overall theme of Greater Rifts, but don't like the essentially 'moving bar' of gear requirements, particularly for toughness. Currently, we gear for enough toughness to survive T6, then improve our dps. With greater rift advances, we need both DPS and toughness, and we're not used to that. We don't want to continuously 'sacrifice' primary slots for toughness, and most of us monks end up speccing into high CDR and chaining immunity cooldowns to stay alive. That and you need to take a look at Gloves of Worship abuse in greater rifts by 4x-pre-shrining before entry.

I don't like the +elemental skill affix overall as it really limits build diversity (stuck using lightning runes, etc), but see a chance to keep One with Everything in the game and make it a passive everyone will like. Make it so your highest +elemental skill damage stat apply to ALL elements. Boom! Instant build diversity, awesome DPS passive, and makes us forget how hard it was to gear for in the past and how much more convenient and build friendly it could be.

All runes that were based on dodge, dodging, or increase dodge change need a re-look.

Monks are the only class with 3 part combo to our generators... why not give all our spenders the same 3-part combo? LTK could get the Chuck Norris triple-round-house kick! WoL could drop 1-2-3 bells.

Specific Monk Feedback for 2.1

Monk Generators:
Overall I think the generators are in a decent spot right now with a few exceptions:
1) Attack Speed. The thing I miss most about my vanilla monk was it's attack speed. Especially for Fists of Thunder. I think all of us would be 1000% ok with reducing the current damage and proc coefficients if it meant returning it to the original +50% speed modifier. Heck, remove the damage completely and make it apply a small +lightning damage taken debuff.
2) I think ALL generators across ALL classes need a major proc coefficent BUFF. Make it 2.0 to 4.0 and then we will actually notice the LoH healing, and work them into our builds. The datamined generator legendary gem seems to be headed this direction, and I think we need a push.

Exploding Palm:
I was actually surprised to see the devs conclude EP was the worst offender between Rimeheart/EP/Furnace. But also agree EP is a far and away the highest damage potential in the game even before greater rifts and would prefer to not be forced to use it in every end-game build. Some random thoughts and suggestions for what the *new* EP* I think could work:
1) Change EP's debuff to increase a specific element damage by 50% (100% with FoA)
2) Change EP explosion to be split between the enemies hit
3) Change EP explosion to debuff all enemies hit to take 20% increased damage (stacking) for 60 seconds

Seven Sided Strike:
The Fulminating Onslaught 7-yard radius per strike needs to be moved to the BASELINE rune, and Fulminating replaced by a FIRE rune. Also, Several Sided Strike's proc coefficent is currently bugged.

Sweeping Wind:
All runes need to have baseline 15 second durations. The seasonal legendary needs to be something different please.

Tempest Rush:
I'd just suggest the base +25% movement speed for alll runes be restored to vanilla state to compete with Dashing Strike.

Wave of Light
Cast animation for Pillar could be reduced.

Inner Sanctuary
Forbidden Palace +damage should be baseline for all runes.

Mystic Ally
Just needs a legendary set bonus that gives us all the runes like Maruader's 4 peice!

Breath of Heaven
The heal range on this skills needs to be 30+ yards. Reduce the CDR of Peshkov if you think Scorn would be too powerful.

Inner Fire should be baseline for all runes so each element has a melee attack and shadow clone. Maybe reduce the spirit regeneration and give all runes a base toughness bonus ~20%. Currently I suspect 95% of monks use Inner Fire or Desert Shroud.

Just needs a legendary set bonus that gives us all the runes or a given mantra... like Raekor's! But the base effect of all runes could use another look at to see if they scale with end-game gear as well as you want them to.

Provocation: Was removed, but why not change it to be a passive for the few shield weilding Monks. Maybe taunt mobs on block or when dodging.
STI: We could still use a flat +toughness passive as Harmony is still very gear dependent. Could take the easy route and give us extra +armor based on vitality...

Edit: Feedback for PTR

1) Dashing Strike changes. Would be nice if you also added a "elemental debuff" to each dash that increased that element's damage taken by a certain percentage from all sources. Or give them all a 'knock up' just so we know what enemies were actually hit by our DS.
2) EP Change = boring, but easy to balance I guess.
3) Mystic Ally = Meh. Make all allies MIRROR your attacks for the duration of their 'activation' and it might be cool.
4) Incinerate = Thanks, but all runes still need AoE damage. Then add the elemental flavor like DoTs on top.
5) Tempest Rush = Confounding. 50% damage buff for 300% more resource? What justified this change? Every other channeled spell in the game doesn't have this insane damage to cost ratio. If you want TR to become a true spender and "increase in damage the longer you channel" then do that. Make TR damage ramp up from 390% > 780% > 1170% after 3 seconds. Then for the love of balance, make it INDEPENDENT of attack speed.
6) I like the uncapped Flurry. Just ramp the channeling cost with stacks somehow and it will work itself out.
7) STI = #facepalm. Look at Crusader's Fervor or Demon Hunter's Ambush for some better inspiration please.

-Legendary Gems being 1 per type per account seems a bit harsh.Especially if they end up being intended to work on followers as well.
-Legendary Gems seems sufficiently grindy and at a power level well worth the 1 primary affix sacrifice.
-Life on Hit being Life per Attack is a decidedly random change that doesn't really address anything of help improve any class's effective healing.
-I don't want to collect purple orbs in greater rifts. You removed all loot and gold so we didn't have to waste time picking them up right?
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2.1 PTR patch notes up! Thoughts?(233)July-7-2014 3:52 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Hello, everyone

I've been going through this thread (and a lot of others), and I wanted to make sure that you all know that we hear you, and your concerns. There are more Monk changes on the way to the PTR, and we'll share more on those changes once we get closer to seeing them on the test server. We'll also continue to keep an eye on your feedback once you have a chance to test the new builds out.

This thread particularly has a lot of good feedback, and I'm hoping this continues to be the case as we test new iterations on the PTR. Thanks, everyone, and I'll be keeping an eye out for more!
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2.1 PTR patch notes up! Thoughts?(266)July-8-2014 2:42 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: OldSchool

Any chance that the multiple monk-related threads in "PTR Feedback" are among those that you're keeping an eye on? Because it would be great if some more blue were to appear in a few of them.

Oh yeah. The PTR feedback forum is my home away from home while the test realm is running. Thanks for bringing it up, though, and be sure to keep up with the feedback as iterations continue to be made on the PTR. I'll see what I can do about dropping a line to make sure everyone knows we're keeping up on the threads over there, too.
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