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[GUIDE] 2.0.5 Carnevil Build Discussion(1)Category: Witch DoctorMay-20-2014 1:11 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Hello everyone! I thought we needed a place to exchange information, ideas and thoughts about the Carnevil WD build in patch 2.0.5

The following statements are MY OWN OPINIONS and not fact. However, I do have EXTENSIVE experience playing CarnevilDoc or DartDoc as my only character. I have seen some running a Carnevil build using TONS of CDR to proc FA without SMK. I don't think this is the best way to go.. but who the !@#$ am I to tell someone that isn't the best way? I am just spreading what I have found to be the best FOR ME! ENJOY!!
Here is my profile for transparency: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sal4m4nd3r-2673/hero/1479243[1]

Summary of the Build
Carnevil's legendary affix is "Your fetishes shoot a poison dart every time you do." This applies to FS and FA..but not Gidbin fetishes. This also means Tasker and Theo has NO affect on your fetishes now. the only way to increase the speed at which your fetishes fire darts is to increase your own attack speed. Also stacking physical has no place in this build as your Fetishes darts deal all poison damage.

The Three Stages of Gear
As I see it there are three stages of gear you will go through as you progress with your build. Some of you may be able to jump straight to stage 1 (best/highest stage...IMO)

*Stage 1 -- No SMK - No Zuni bonus
This stage is where you will be using FS and NOT FA. So with that being said you will need a procing skill. It used to be bats. Now the vast majority of us docs use RoT. It proc's insanely well, has a short cast animation so you can also maneuver and doge attacks, and you can have three rains going at one time. It also synergizes with all the +poison damage you SHOULD be stacking (more on this below). +FA damage will not increase the damage of the FS.. but make sure you are able to add this modifier when you do progress to future stages.
At this stage you will need to alternate between you fetish generation skill and Poison darts. I was in this stage in 2.0.4. I used plague bats (to spite all the vampire bats users). So i would use bats to generate a good amount of fetishes. When i had a solid core I started shooting darts. I didn't wait to long because since you are stacking poison damage which doesn't effect the FS when they are melee mode.. you are losing DPS. When I did have solid core of FS I started gunning. the poison darts will proc SOME fetishes and help stabilize your fetish generation.. but it wont carry you. When the ranks thin a bit.. switch back to your procing skill.. but not for to long! When you aren't shooting darts.. you are depriving yourself of DPS!! It is important and efficient to find a balance.

---Can anyone think of ANY other good procing skills.. or is RoT just so good where everything else fails to hold up? I hope this is not the case.. because if so it really decreases build diversity.

*Stage 2a -- Zuni Bonus (3+RoRG or 4 Piece Zuni set)/ No SMK
At this stage you have more consistency. Also you build changes slightly because you will be replacing FS with FA. You no longer need to worry about procing fetishes. Also with all the +FA gear applying to your FA.. they are almost 50% stronger. Even though you do have less of them they are stronger and the time spent procing is now all spent firing more darts. So in my mind.. this trade off is a positive for FA and not a negative or knock against FA as some see it. Remember: When you aren't shooting darts.. your losing DPS So that time spent procing fetishes can now be spent just purely firing away.
Also the fetishes have a tendency to get "stuck" in a melee mode. this effects both FS and FA. When you are procing fetishes they auto switch to melee mode. Now that you don't need to proc fetishes anymore.. they wont rush in and get stuck in this melee mode less often.. if never at all! this is really good. Your fetishes attack MUCH faster when they are shooting darts (using your APS rather then their own..even when one equips a Tasker and Theo.. your APS is still faster).
----Summary: So IMO.. this set-up is a step above the FS Stage both because no procing is needed so you can fire more darts and the fetishes get stuck in that melee mode MUCH less often.

*Stage 2b -- No Zuni bonus/Have SMK!
So you did it! you have done something very few WD's are able to do. you finally found that SMK. At first you thought that Legendary ceremonial knife was just another last breathe or Spider Queens Grasp.. but no! It was the Starmetal Kukri.
After a short learning curve on how to time your FA casts you will become good at keep FA up 90%-95% of the time. There is still some times where you wont have the mob density to actually get the cooldown all the way in 20 seconds. Sometimes you think a huge mob is right to the left and it turns out to be 3 baddies and you just hit the cast button. You bring the cooldown like 5 seconds and there is just nothing. You finally find another mob and your fetishes expire before you can strike.. and your stuck for about 1 minute+ before you can summon. It can suck..BAD and slows you down. but it only happens occasionally. What makes up for this?? BBV is %^-*ing up all the time. you get 30% increased damage. Also you can relax on the IAS on your gear because of the increases attack speed of BBV (WHICH IS UP ALL THE !@#$ING TIME. It seriously rocks). This lets you get your sheet DPS, CHC, CHD, and MOST IMPORTANTLY your +poison skill damage up a bit.
Also SMK allows you to constantly recast FA which does have an advantage.. It allows you to re-position the fetishes and optimize your firing lanes.
----You will most likely need Tribal Rites in order to help bring down the cooldown to 0 before the fetishes expire. It will also help bring down the cooldown of your garg if you use one!

This is the stage I am at. One piece away from the Zuni bonus and moving onto the final stage. Stage three.

*Stage 3 -- Zuni Bonus + SMK
You may think this is redundant. Every time people talk about SMK they say FA is up 100% of thye time!!1! LOL. But seriously it isn't. I mean its up like I Said 90%-95%. That 5%-10% its not REALLY sucks. and slows you down. With the Zuni bonus FA is up 100% of the time... and you get the BBV up all the time. No longer fear you wont get the CD of FA wiped before they expire.

I have been theory crafting about somehow wedging in a Procing skill and adding in FS in place of Tribal Rites (since CD is no longer necessary). I know I know.. FS overwrites the FA.. but what if procing wasn't your MAIN focus and just used it to buff the number of fetishes. Trying to keep like 7-10 fetishes where it wouldn't go over the cap. Or even just relying on darts to proc extra fetishes. Especially if you wont be re-casting FA (which kills off all FS) you might be able to get a handful extra fetishes for nothing.. which would add a powerful punch! As I don't have the Zuni bonus yet More testing is need.
----Once the FS/FA bug is fixed.. Stage three will be GG level. As of right now it is only MARGINALLY better then Stage 2. But when the bug is fixed you will be able to (presumably) have 8 FA and 15 FS.. so 23 total.. that's just INSANE to me.

Very strong. Much potential. Such poison.

----I don't buy these forum trolls saying "ZUNI IS WORTHLESS OMGGGG." Its not worthless. is it worth-*LESS then what it was pre-2.0.5..? yes. but not 0 worth. Again when the bug is fixed this will be a GODLY combo.

My Profile again: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sal4m4nd3r-2673/hero/1479243[2]
my gear is not GG..YET :P
I'm still working on it. I have limited playing time (full time job, part time second job and my own business on the side/weekends and 2 month old daughter) so I keep chipping away. I post my build as an example of what direction head in... NOT as the END ALL BE ALL BiS LIST!
I'm not going to sit here and tell you what gear to use. The only required gear is Carnevil. SMK is optimal.. but you don't need it to run a successful Carnevil build. Sure it would be ore efficient ...but just as much FUN. And that's what this build is %^-*ING FUN!

Aughilds Bracers - INT, VIT, Armor, and (up to 20%) Poison Damage
Aughilds Shoulder - INT, VIT, Armor, +FA Damage
Amulet - +Poison damage (up to 20%) + 3 of the following.. AS, CHD, CHC, Main stat.
*Haunt of Vaxo proc very very well with snake to the face rune.. the best rune to run with the carnevil build. A good HoV is BiS
SOJ with +poison damage and whatever your lucky enough to get :P
Swamp Land Waders - As close to +20% poison damage as possible. two sockets with topaz
Zuni Chest - with Int, VIT, +FA damage and 3 sockets.
MOJO - Need Toughness? go with Serpent. Want to utilize GI? Grab a ToTD.. eventually replace with Zuni Strong of Skulls with +FA damage. This spot should amplify your build's personality and needs.

SO THAT'S THE MEAT OF IT! I will probably be adding and editing this in coming hours/days. Hope you all enjoy this build as much as I have. It is so much fun. Very strong and high torment viable.. as much as any PetDoc. I will argue that with anyone..even those who claim MoJ/TaT based PetDOc is "head and shoulders" better. Simply not true IMO.

Add me! Sal4m4nd3r#2673

Always down for rifts/loot share. and you can get the SMK if it drops :D Just give me dem Zuni boots (I have lvl 60's) or Zuni Mojo.

-Tasker and Theo does not impact fetish dart attack speed.
-The darts converge on your cursor..and keep going. so purposfully shooting short of the mob can cause a fanning dart attack for aoe.
-Snake to the face is considered the best rune to use.. because your dart damage doesnt matter in comparison to the fetishes.. so STTF gives you the added bonus of stun effects and procing Haunt of Vaxo

When you have the Zuni bonus, darts can be used as a fetish (FS) generator. You now begin to use FS with FA.

*GASP* but the bug!1!! LOLZ!! ok calm down. This is where you want to maintain an extra ~10 fetishes. enough to hit hard and add damage..but not proc to many fetishes where you you go over the cap. RoT procs to good in this situation and FS starts replacing FA. STTF run for darts has a 1.000 proc rate. so each hit has 10% chance to spawn a fetish x 1.000 (proc) = straight up 10% chance. its a great match up. your already shooting darts. And this skill gets you about 8 fetishes extra per minute. sometimes more sometimes less..and depending on your APS. This gives you some room if you use AC for AoE..that might proc a fetish or to.. but probably not enough to go over the cap.

This is all over when the bug gets fixed.
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[GUIDE] 2.0.5 Carnevil Build Discussion(174)June-24-2014 1:13 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
My fresh Hardcore Witch Doctor now has a decent Carnevil, but is still decked out in mostly Rare items. This thread helped me find a build that took advantage of this mask's legendary power despite the lack of supporting gear, and I found it very helpful. Thanks for putting it all together, and I've been having a blast running the build. Great work!
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