Diablo III News for Topic: Server Maintenance

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Diablo III Maintenance TodayLogin server maintenance planned for 2 hours on Wednesday7 years ago
EU Diablo III Server Restarts for Latency IssuesA possible fix is tested for the latency issues plaguing the Diablo III servers in Europe8 years ago
Diablo III Console TV AdA television commercial is unveiled for D3 on the console, and server maintenance on Tuesday8 years ago
Thursday Server Maintenance in Diablo IIIBlizzard Blues with an unusual Thursday maintenance, and improving the item hunt8 years ago
Gold Stack Increasing on RMAH from 10 Million to 50 MillionThe price of gold will drop, from a hotfix change in Tuesday's maintenance8 years ago
Diablo III Chat Channel Bug Under InvestigationChat channels are not populating properly, which may be fixed in Tuesday's maintenance8 years ago
Massive Gold Duping Strikes Diablo IIIA bug in patch 1.0.8 allowed gold to be duplicated, wreaking havoc on the Diablo III economy in the Americas server8 years ago
Discussion of Daily Rewards in Diablo IIIMore details from the developers about the next patch, and a fix for AH errors lands on Tuesday9 years ago
Server Maintenance on Tuesday for 10 HoursAll live Blizzard games are down for maintenance, in preparation for the StarCraft II expansion release9 years ago
Diablo III 12-Hour Server Maintenance on TuesdayExpected downtime from 1AM PST to 1PM on Tuesday, February 199 years ago
Patch 1.0.6a Release For a Single BugfixA minor 'fastpatch' released as part of Tuesday's maintenance9 years ago
Tuesday is 10 Hour Maintenance, 1.0.7 Not ScheduledBattle.net upgrades coming on Tuesday, but patch 1.0.7 will have to wait a while longer9 years ago
Battle.net Server Maintenance on Tuesday6+ hour maintenance for all US Blizzard servers9 years ago
US Server Maintenance on Saturday MorningA quick maintenance on Diablo III servers at 5AM PDT9 years ago
Blizzard Blues: Goblin Health Nerf, Hellfire Ring SalvageDetails on Tuesday maintenance, possible changes to high MP Treasure Goblin health9 years ago
Urgent Auction House MaintenanceThe Americas region Auction House servers went down for emergency maintenance9 years ago
Server Issues Hit Diablo IIIIssues with battle.net servers leaves Diablo III inaccessible - Updated with official response9 years ago
Diablo III 8-hour US Server Maintenance on September 18Maintenance is scheduled to run from 3AM to 11AM PDT on Tuesday9 years ago
Diablo III 8-hour US Server Maintenance on September 11 (Update: Cancelled)Maintenance previously scheduled for Tuesday, September 11 is cancelled9 years ago
Diablo III Server Stability IssuesMany problems with the login and AH servers (Update: and maintenance)9 years ago
1.0.4 Official Patch NotesSee all the details for the new Diablo III patch!9 years ago
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