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Diablo III PatchesAn overview of the client patches and hotfixes for Diablo III on the PC and Consoles8 years ago
Patch 1.0.8A guide to Diablo III patch 1.0.8 - with info on increased monster density, multiplayer boosts, skill buffs, Identify All, matchmaking game tags, multi-crafting items, and more.9 years ago

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Gold Stack Increasing on RMAH from 10 Million to 50 MillionThe price of gold will drop, from a hotfix change in Tuesday's maintenance9 years ago
Hotfix for Monsters in New TristramA fix is put in to stop aggressive creatures from killing characters in town9 years ago
Rubberbanding Issues OngoingBlizzard Blues on account closures for exploits, and other issues9 years ago
'Most Popular Builds and Skills' Guides Updated for Patch 1.0.8The charts reflect data since patch 1.0.8, and in the current patch 1.0.8a9 years ago
Monster Density Increase for Lower DifficultiesBlizzard Blues on fallout from the gold dupe, and updated Patch 1.0.8 Known Issues9 years ago
Patch 1.0.8a Patch NotesDiablo III fast patch fixes multiple bugs from patch 1.0.89 years ago
All Auction Houses Are Back OnlineMaintenance has concluded from the Diablo III gold dupe audit; Blizzard Blues on monster drops and other changes in 1.0.89 years ago
Diablo III Accounts Audited for Gold Dupe ExploitsAuction Houses stay down as the investigation continues; Blizzard Blues on other issues9 years ago
Massive Gold Duping Strikes Diablo IIIA bug in patch 1.0.8 allowed gold to be duplicated, wreaking havoc on the Diablo III economy in the Americas server9 years ago
Patch 1.0.8 Patch Day BugsIssues with selecting characters and menu options crop up9 years ago
Diablo III Patch 1.0.8 Patch NotesThe official patch 1.0.8 notes arrive, as patch 1.0.8 goes live9 years ago
Hotfixes and Weeping Hollow Monster DensityBlizzard Blues on a recent hotfix, monster density development for patch 1.0.8, and more9 years ago
Monster Drops, Health, and Experience Reduced on PTRA new PTR build for patch 1.0.8 brings nerfs for some easy to farm monsters9 years ago
Magic Find Cap Raised in 1.0.8Blizzard Blues on the new cap for Magic Find and Gold Find, and another change for Inspiring Presence9 years ago
Life Regen Doubled in Skills on 1.0.8 PTRA new PTR build brings boosts for greater multiplayer skill support9 years ago
Buffs to Shrines and More Skills in Patch 1.0.8The Blizzard Blues cover nerfs to Blazing Guardians, Ray of Frost buffs, and more9 years ago
New Build for Patch 1.0.8 on the PTRA new build brings skill changes and other content to the Public Test Realm9 years ago
Preview Diablo III Patch 1.0.8 and Patch 1.0.9New guides detail patch 1.0.8 on the PTR, and the future itemization patch9 years ago
Skill Changes in 1.0.8 PTR PatchBuffs to Wizard, Witch Doctor, and Demon Hunter skills are coming in the next build9 years ago
Nekarat the Keywarden Drops Keys in Patch 1.0.8The Act IV Keywarden will live up to it's name and drop keys, as well as the Infernal Machine recipe9 years ago
Major XP Boosts and More Monsters in Patch 1.0.8Info on the higher monster density, experience boosts, Teleport changes and more in the new patch on the PTR9 years ago
Patch Notes for PTR Diablo III Patch 1.0.8The first build of Patch 1.0.8 arrives on the Public Test Realm9 years ago
Patch 1.0.8 Known Issues Published for 1.0.8 PTRMore info comes out as patch 1.0.8 nears the Public Test Realm10 years ago
Developer Journal: Multiplayer Improvements in Patch 1.0.8Info on new matchmaking features in the next patch, which is landing on the PTR 'very soon'10 years ago
Diablo III for PS3 Patches DetailedThe console version will get patches after the PC version, and other Blizzard Blues news10 years ago
Endless Dungeons in Diablo IIIBlizzard Blues discuss possible patch ideas, and bringing the game to the PS310 years ago
Hotfixes, Patch 1.0.7a, and Patch 1.0.8 DetailsInfo on a hotfix and multiple patches on the way for Diablo III, detailed in a new guide10 years ago
All Legendaries at All Levels, Quest XP at 60Blizzard Blues with more info about legendary items not being tied to a specific level10 years ago
Blizzard Blues: Co-op, Monster Density, More for 1.0.8The Diablo III developers provide more info on changes scheduled for the upcoming patch10 years ago
Developer Preview: All About ItemsDeveloper Travis Day previews changes for legendaries and other items in Diablo III10 years ago
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