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Diablo III PatchesAn overview of the client patches and hotfixes for Diablo III on the PC and Consoles8 years ago
Patch 1.0.7A guide to Diablo III patch 1.0.7 - with info on Brawling, Monster Power changes, crafting account-bound recipes with Demonic Essence, and more.9 years ago

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Guide to Top Builds & Skills in Patch 1.0.7Reviewing the winning and losing Diablo III skills for each class9 years ago
Upcoming Hotfix - EXP from Pets in The Scorched ChapelA hotfix will be rolling out to keep characters from gaining experience through PvP9 years ago
Crafting as Gambling, Patch 1.0.7a Known IssuesBlizzard blues with developer design ideas, and info on bugs cropping up in patch 1.0.7a9 years ago
Diablo III Patch 1.0.7a is LiveHotfix details and new bug fixes are all rolled into a small client update9 years ago
Hotfixes, Patch 1.0.7a, and Patch 1.0.8 DetailsInfo on a hotfix and multiple patches on the way for Diablo III, detailed in a new guide9 years ago
Blizzard Blues: Bugs and Better LegendariesTalk about displaying buffs, patching consoles, and disappearing battle.net profiles9 years ago
Hotfix on Tuesday to Fix Siegebreaker & AchievementsBlizzard Blue posts include an unexpected visit by Wyatt Cheng9 years ago
Charts and Guides Updated for Patch 1.0.7Charts such as 'Popular Builds' & 'Top Legendary Items' show data from the new patch9 years ago
Blizzard Blues: Game Guide Updates, Marquise GemsDiscussion of drop rates for new plans, the cost of Marquise Gems, and more9 years ago
Diablo III Patch 1.0.7 Hotfixes - February 13Fixes for PVP damage outside the Scorched Chapel, and other issues9 years ago
Patch 1.0.7 Killer Bugs and Known IssuesIssues in patch 1.0.7 include Hardcore characters dying from Brawling, missing recipes and achievements9 years ago
Patch 1.0.7 is Live - Final Patch NotesDiablo III patch 1.0.7 brings PVP, new crafting Account Bound recipes, and more9 years ago
Patch 1.0.7 Release on TuesdayPatch 1.0.7 lands on Tuesday, February 12; also changes for Account Restoration9 years ago
'Ask the Devs' Answers for Patch 1.0.7The developers give info about many different topics for patch 1.0.79 years ago
Ask the Devs Answers on MondayAnswers about patch 1.0.7 will be posted on Monday, February 119 years ago
Dueling System Renamed to 'Brawling'The PVP system is given a new name, and is complete for patch 1.0.79 years ago
Blizzard Blues: Expansion Ideas, Monster Power For LevelingThoughts on playing without AH items, sockets for items, and the eventual release of patch 1.0.79 years ago
Patch 1.0.7 Updated on PTR, Rubies RevampedLatest PTR patch brings PVP damage reduction to all classes9 years ago
'Ask the Devs' About Patch 1.0.7New Q&A feature starts on Tuesday, January 299 years ago
Blizzard Blues: 'Black' Weapons Not Changing in 1.0.7Long-standing achievement bugs scheduled to be fixed in the patch9 years ago
Update for Patch 1.0.7 Lands on the PTRBuild 14295 brings many bug fixes to the Public Test Realm9 years ago
Blizzard Blues: Expansion Beta, PVP DeathsInfo on many topics including dyes for legendaries, and PVP with Elite item bonuses9 years ago
Demonic Essence Crafting Material Drop InfoDetails about the drop creatures and rate for the Account Bound reagent, added in patch 1.0.79 years ago
Patch Notes for PTR Diablo III Patch 1.0.7Full notes on all the new additions and changes in patch 1.0.7, so far on the PTR9 years ago
Diablo III Patch 1.0.7 Now on the PTRInstructions on how to set up your account for the Public Test Realm9 years ago
Blizzard Blues: Preparing for the PTR, 1.0.7 CraftingDetails on the new Rare crafted recipes, Hellfire Ring salvage, unidentified items on the PTR9 years ago
Patch 1.0.7 Extra DetailsDiscussions of monster density, Ruby gems, One With Everything, and more9 years ago
Diablo III Patch 1.0.7 PreviewBalance changes to Monks and Wizards, new crafting recipes, dueling and more9 years ago
Diablo III Patch 1.0.7 Likely ChangesA list of the changes and additions that will probably arrive in patch 1.0.79 years ago
Patch 1.0.7 Confirmed as a 'Sizeable Patch' with a PTRThe next patch brings major changes and additions, will go on the Public Test Ream9 years ago
Blizzard Blues: 1.0.7 News, Fixes for Votekick Player KillsMore details on the next patch should arrive later this week9 years ago
PVP Update for Diablo IIIA dueling ability is coming with patch 1.0.7, other PVP features are still being worked on10 years ago
Blizzard Blues: Monster Power XP, Nephalem ValorPossible changes coming to higher MP xp bonuses, NV requirements, and mob density10 years ago
Tuesday is 10 Hour Maintenance, 1.0.7 Not ScheduledBattle.net upgrades coming on Tuesday, but patch 1.0.7 will have to wait a while longer10 years ago
Diablo III PVP Blog is DelayedJay Wilson says the post won't be coming 'very soon'10 years ago
Diablo III Patch 1.0.7 AnnouncedDetails coming soon on the next patch, and the upcoming PVP system10 years ago
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