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Wyatt Cheng Exclusive BlizzCon 2013 InterviewTopics include: making Face-tanking optional, the removal of Lifesteal, class popularity, and more!9 years ago
Blizzard Blues - BlizzCon 2013 EditionA slew of blue posts discussing: ladders, Nephalem Rifts, Bounties, Enchanting and more9 years ago
Nephalem Valor Removed in 'Reaper of Souls'Wyatt Cheng discusses gameplay system changes coming in the Loot 2.0 patch and the expansion9 years ago
BlizzCon Merchandise Available to EveryoneAnyone can purchase the BlizzCon 2013 merchandise, through Sunday9 years ago
Diablo III Fansites Q&A With DevelopersA wide ranging Q&A between the Diablo III fansites and the developers at BlizzCon 20139 years ago
No Melee Damage Reduction Bonus for the CrusaderThe Crusader class does not get the 30% damage reduction bonus for melee9 years ago
PS4 Diablo III Supports Remote Play on PS VitaDiablo III comes to handheld consoles via a PS4 streaming to a PS Vita9 years ago
Reaper of Souls FAQ and VideosPlenty of press releases and videos about Reaper of Souls on the PC and PS49 years ago
BlizzCon 2013: Diablo III Q and A PanelA live blog of the question and answer session about all things Diablo III9 years ago
Diablo III: Gameplay Systems and Crusader PanelA live blog of the BlizzCon 2013 Diablo III panel digging into the new and updated systems coming for the game9 years ago
Diablo III on the PS4: Ultimate Evil EditionA look at Diablo III on the PlayStation 4 console, with a gameplay video9 years ago
Reaper of Souls First Look: Adventure ModeAn overview of Adventure Mode, featuring Bounties and Nephalem Rifts9 years ago
BlizzCon 2013: Diablo III Lore and Story PanelA live blog of the Diablo III Lore and Story Q + A panel at BlizzCon 20139 years ago
BlizzCon 2013: Reaper of Souls Preview PanelA live blog of the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Preview panel from BlizzCon 20139 years ago
BlizzCon 2013 Opening CeremonyA live blog of the announcements and opening of the BlizzCon 2013 event9 years ago
BlizzCon 2013 Limited Free Live StreamsRegistration day blues for the start of BlizzCon 2013, plus details on the free and paid streams for the event9 years ago
Diablo III Has Sold Over 14 Million CopiesBlizzard Activision Q3 2013 report brings World of Warcraft stabilization, and Hearthstone release delayed to 20149 years ago
Diablo III Panels and Activities at BlizzCon 2013An overview of all the Diablo III events coming up at BlizzCon9 years ago
'Reaper of Souls' Beta Hints in Battle.net UpdateA step towards the expansion beta, and the Loot 2.0 patch9 years ago
Blink-182 the Closing Concert for BlizzCon 2013BlizzCon preparation continues with the band info, and official mobile app9 years ago
BlizzCon 2013 Online Store Now OpenThe first set of BlizzCon items includes a 'Reaper of Souls' lanyard9 years ago
BlizzCon 2013 Digital Bonuses RevealedSpecial bonuses in Blizzard games for attending BlizzCon 2013 or buying the Virtual Ticket9 years ago
BlizzCon 2013 Virtual Tickets Now on SaleOrder tickets for a live stream of BlizzCon 2013, on November 8 and 99 years ago
Reaper of Souls Beta May Start in 2013Josh Mosqueira hopes for a beta this year, and answers other questions about the Reaper of Souls expansion9 years ago
Diablo III Expansion Gamescom Trailer ConfirmedThe D3 expansion trailer is rated, and 'The Dark Below' trademark is now verified9 years ago
Blizzard Reportedly Trademarks 'The Dark Below' (Update)The trademark is not registered to Blizzard Entertainment at this time.9 years ago
Diablo III Developer Podcast InterviewAn interview with Josh Mosqueira, Wyatt Cheng and Travis Day9 years ago
June 2013 Interview of Josh Mosqueira, Travis Day, and Kevin MartensThe Diablo III developers discuss the itemization revamp, designing D3 for both console and the PC, monster affixes, and much more!9 years ago
'Items 2.0' Revamp in D3 Won't Happen Before BlizzConPart 2 of our developer interview covers the eventual overhaul to loot and other rewards in Diablo III9 years ago
Blizzcon 2013 Brings Big NewsTickets go on sale this month to the next Blizzcon, which may have Diablo III expansion news along with other big announcements10 years ago
BlizzCon 2013 Coming on November 8 and 9Will there be an announcement at BlizzCon for the first Diablo III expansion?10 years ago
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