Diablo III BattleTag Khaladas #1489

Last Time Played: 4 years ago
Last Full Update: 4 years ago
Paragon Levels for Khaladas #1489
  • Softcore Paragon Level: 67
  • Hardcore Paragon Level: 707
  • Hardcore Season 4 Paragon Level: 783
  • Projected Hardcore Paragon Level after Season 4 ends: 844
Khaladas #1489 Heroes in the Americas Region
HeroLevelClassElite Kills
Khalawalla70Witch Doctor25,530
Becky70Witch Doctor11,672
Groo70Witch Doctor7,205
Highgrifter70Witch Doctor5,999
Zerpyderps70Witch Doctor3,918
Nephrite70Witch Doctor1,281
Crayzdips70Witch Doctor827
Overpowered70Demon Hunter63
Kirstiealley 70Barbarian
Dontdie 70Barbarian
Hotador 70Barbarian
Jimmyhendrix 70Barbarian
Puzzlecow 70Witch Doctor
Maekfyr (Dead)70Wizard5,935
Khalawalla (Dead)70Witch Doctor5,297
Hrrnnnnrrrhn (Dead) 70Barbarian
Whodat (Dead)70Witch Doctor
Groo (Dead)70Barbarian5,155
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