Diablo III BattleTag Cruciform #2793

Last Time Played: 3 years ago
Last Full Update: 3 years ago
Paragon Levels for Cruciform #2793
  • Softcore Paragon Level: 721
  • Softcore Season 4 Paragon Level: 1,000
  • Hardcore Season 4 Paragon Level: 3
  • Projected Softcore Paragon Level after Season 4 ends: 1,034
Cruciform #2793 Heroes in the Americas Region
HeroLevelClassElite Kills
Cruciophage70Witch Doctor88,025
Hilal70Witch Doctor9,821
Osiris 70Witch Doctor
Sausagetits 70Barbarian
Horus 70Wizard
Erebus 70Witch Doctor
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