Diablo III Hero Vexing (Dr3ad7ock #1410)

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Last Time Played: 4 years ago
Last Full Update: 4 years ago
Skills Used by Vexing
Active Skills Passive Skills
Piranhas - Piranhado Rush of Essence
Big Bad Voodoo - Slam Dance Spirit Vessel
Haunt - Poisoned Spirit Grave Injustice
Mass Confusion - Paranoia Tribal Rites
Spirit Walk - Jaunt
Horrify - Face of Death
Statistics for Vexing
Hero Power
Damage: 202,078.00World
Witch Doctor
Toughness: 49,108,400World
Witch Doctor
Recovery: 2,924,160World
Witch Doctor
Strength: 687
Dexterity: 958
Intelligence: 6913World
Witch Doctor
Vitality: 8853World
Witch Doctor
Life: 1034562World
Witch Doctor
Life on Hit: 21920World
Witch Doctor
Gold Find: 93%
Additional Crit Damage: 50%World
Witch Doctor
Critical Hit Chance: 5%World
Witch Doctor
Resist All: 1311World
Witch Doctor
Armor: 10005
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