Diablo III BattleTag BlizzWorld #1895

Last Time Played: 4 years ago
Last Full Update: 4 years ago
Paragon Levels for BlizzWorld #1895
  • Hardcore Paragon Level: 322
  • Hardcore Season 4 Paragon Level: 322
  • Projected Hardcore Paragon Level after Season 4 ends: 417
BlizzWorld #1895 Heroes in the Europe Region
HeroLevelClassElite Kills
Traknar70Demon Hunter3,363
Voodoo70Witch Doctor1,010
Bagdad70Witch Doctor652
Krohazad 70Crusader
Shaolyn 70Monk
Tyraan 70Barbarian
Kroazhad (Dead)70Crusader1,842
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