Demon Hunter Runes by Popularity in Patch 2.2

Archive of the Demon Hunter runes for active skills at level 70 during patch 2.2

  • Note: This is historical data from characters at the end of Diablo III PC patch 2.2. See the current Demon Hunter Runes charts for the latest data, from the current Diablo III patch.
  • These are charts of all the Diablo III Demon Hunter runes, ranked from the most to least popular rune, as of the end of Patch 2.2.
  • This data is archived from more than 6 million Diablo III characters in patch 2.2. See the Patch 2.2 Data Archive for details on the data.
Charts Last Updated: September 12, 2015

All Demon Hunter Runes Ranked by Popularity

  • These charts show every Demon Hunter rune, based on their popularity by level 70 Demon Hunters in patch 2.2. As players choose the best Demon Hunter runes for their skills, those choices generate data of the most popular Demon Hunter runes.
  • The chart on the left ranks the runes by popularity of use of softcore Demon Hunters, while the chart on the right lists them by popularity among hardcore Demon Hunters.
  • The Percent column in these charts is the percentage of all Demon Hunters who use that particular rune, of the level 70 Demon Hunters active in patch 2.2.
  • Select any rune or skill to view full information and statistics about it.
Runes by Popularity - Demon Hunter Softcore
1Wolf CompanionCompanion60.00
2FocusEvasive Fire44.70
6Polar StationSentry22.10
8Spitfire TurretSentry18.00
10MaelstromCluster Arrow14.80
11Bat CompanionCompanion14.30
12DisplacementSmoke Screen13.70
13Loaded for BearCluster Arrow11.80
14ContagionMarked for Death10.30
15Lingering FogSmoke Screen9.30
16StampedeRain of Vengeance9.00
17Rocket StormStrafe8.90
18Ball LightningElemental Arrow7.80
19Frost ArrowElemental Arrow6.80
20Focused MindPreparation6.60
21Dark CloudRain of Vengeance5.00
22Trail of CindersVault4.90
23Justice is ServedEntangling Shot4.80
24Healing VaporsSmoke Screen4.70
25Fire at WillMultishot4.60
26Bait the TrapCaltrops4.40
27Serrated ArrowHungering Arrow3.60
28Drifting ShadowStrafe3.40
29AnathemaRain of Vengeance3.30
30Full BroadsideMultishot3.02
31Flying StrikeRain of Vengeance3.00
32Shooting StarsCluster Arrow2.80
33Rattling RollVault2.70
34Icy TrailStrafe2.60
35Boar CompanionCompanion2.50
36Action ShotVault2.40
37Immolation ArrowElemental Arrow2.30
38Twin ChakramsChakram2.13
39Grim ReaperMarked for Death2.10
40Valley of DeathMarked for Death2.04
41Mortal EnemyMarked for Death2.01
42Burst FireMultishot2.00
44ShadeRain of Vengeance1.80
45GloomShadow Power1.51
46Covering FireEvasive Fire1.50
47Spider CompanionCompanion1.40
48From the ShadowsVengeance1.36
49Personal MortarVengeance1.36
50Ferret CompanionCompanion1.30
51Imminent DoomBolas1.23
52Assassin's KnivesFan of Knives1.20
53Side CannonsVengeance1.06
54Dark HeartVengeance1.06
55Freezing StrikeBolas1.04
56Thunder BallBolas1.00
57Devouring ArrowHungering Arrow1.00
58Backup PlanPreparation1.00
60Impaling BoltSentry0.92
61Spray of TeethHungering Arrow0.91
62Carved StakesCaltrops0.90
63Special RecipeSmoke Screen0.83
64Withering FireRapid Fire0.82
66Stinging SteelStrafe0.76
67Razor DiskChakram0.74
68Chain GangEntangling Shot0.73
69Fire SupportRapid Fire0.72
70Guardian TurretSentry0.71
71Blood MoonShadow Power0.70
72HardenedEvasive Fire0.66
74Vanishing PowderSmoke Screen0.65
75Shadow GlideShadow Power0.64
76Volatile ExplosivesBolas0.62
77Shatter ShotHungering Arrow0.61
78Dazzling ArrowCluster Arrow0.60
79High VelocityRapid Fire0.54
80Suppression FireMultishot0.53
81Shuriken CloudChakram0.51
82Battle ScarsPreparation0.50
83Heavy BurdenEntangling Shot0.44
84Cluster BombsCluster Arrow0.40
86SurgeEvasive Fire0.35
87Death TollMarked for Death0.34
88Pinpoint AccuracyFan of Knives0.34
89Fan of DaggersFan of Knives0.34
90Frost ShotsRapid Fire0.32
91Shock CollarEntangling Shot0.32
92Jagged SpikesCaltrops0.31
93Puncturing ArrowHungering Arrow0.31
94Torturous GroundCaltrops0.30
95BombardmentRapid Fire0.30
96Well of DarknessShadow Power0.26
97Parting GiftEvasive Fire0.25
98Bounty HunterEntangling Shot0.25
99Grenade CacheGrenade0.25
101Cluster GrenadesGrenade0.23
102Lightning BoltsElemental Arrow0.23
103Knives ExpertFan of Knives0.22
104Hooked SpinesCaltrops0.22
105Nether TentaclesElemental Arrow0.20
106Bladed ArmorFan of Knives0.20
107Echoing BlastSpike Trap0.16
108Sticky TrapSpike Trap0.15
109Lightning RodSpike Trap0.15
110Stun GrenadeGrenade0.14
111Night BaneShadow Power0.13
112Chain of TormentSentry0.13
114Cold GrenadeGrenade0.12
115Chemical BurnImpale0.12
117Grievous WoundsImpale0.10
118ScatterSpike Trap0.10
119Bitter PillBolas0.10
120Long FuseSpike Trap0.00
Runes by Popularity - Demon Hunter Hardcore
2FocusEvasive Fire51.10
3Wolf CompanionCompanion50.40
7Polar StationSentry23.60
9Bat CompanionCompanion17.80
10MaelstromCluster Arrow17.20
11Spitfire TurretSentry15.80
12Lingering FogSmoke Screen10.00
13DisplacementSmoke Screen9.90
14Boar CompanionCompanion9.60
15ContagionMarked for Death9.20
16Healing VaporsSmoke Screen9.10
17Loaded for BearCluster Arrow7.70
18Frost ArrowElemental Arrow5.70
19Rattling RollVault5.60
20StampedeRain of Vengeance5.30
21Rocket StormStrafe5.05
22Dark CloudRain of Vengeance5.00
23Serrated ArrowHungering Arrow4.70
24Justice is ServedEntangling Shot4.40
25Full BroadsideMultishot3.80
26Trail of CindersVault3.70
27Action ShotVault3.60
28Focused MindPreparation3.40
29Flying StrikeRain of Vengeance3.20
30Icy TrailStrafe3.06
31Twin ChakramsChakram3.03
32Fire at WillMultishot3.00
33Ball LightningElemental Arrow2.90
35Shooting StarsCluster Arrow2.40
36Burst FireMultishot2.30
37Drifting ShadowStrafe2.24
38ShadeRain of Vengeance2.22
39AnathemaRain of Vengeance2.20
40GloomShadow Power1.90
41Assassin's KnivesFan of Knives1.80
42Covering FireEvasive Fire1.70
43Bait the TrapCaltrops1.70
44Ferret CompanionCompanion1.60
45Side CannonsVengeance1.56
47HardenedEvasive Fire1.46
48Immolation ArrowElemental Arrow1.43
49Carved StakesCaltrops1.40
50From the ShadowsVengeance1.36
51Personal MortarVengeance1.36
52Mortal EnemyMarked for Death1.31
53Grim ReaperMarked for Death1.31
54Freezing StrikeBolas1.30
55Spider CompanionCompanion1.25
56Guardian TurretSentry1.20
57Valley of DeathMarked for Death1.14
58Imminent DoomBolas1.13
59Impaling BoltSentry1.12
60Devouring ArrowHungering Arrow1.10
61Dark HeartVengeance1.06
62Withering FireRapid Fire1.02
63Thunder BallBolas1.00
64Battle ScarsPreparation1.00
65Razor DiskChakram0.94
66Volatile ExplosivesBolas0.92
67Backup PlanPreparation0.90
68Stinging SteelStrafe0.86
70Fire SupportRapid Fire0.82
71Chain GangEntangling Shot0.80
72Spray of TeethHungering Arrow0.71
73Shatter ShotHungering Arrow0.70
75Shuriken CloudChakram0.61
76Dazzling ArrowCluster Arrow0.60
77Special RecipeSmoke Screen0.53
78Puncturing ArrowHungering Arrow0.51
79Blood MoonShadow Power0.50
80Vanishing PowderSmoke Screen0.45
81Shadow GlideShadow Power0.44
82Pinpoint AccuracyFan of Knives0.44
83High VelocityRapid Fire0.44
84Heavy BurdenEntangling Shot0.44
85Frost ShotsRapid Fire0.40
87Parting GiftEvasive Fire0.35
88SurgeEvasive Fire0.35
89Fan of DaggersFan of Knives0.34
90Suppression FireMultishot0.33
91Shock CollarEntangling Shot0.32
92Jagged SpikesCaltrops0.31
93Torturous GroundCaltrops0.30
94Bladed ArmorFan of Knives0.30
95Bounty HunterEntangling Shot0.25
96Grenade CacheGrenade0.25
97Death TollMarked for Death0.24
99Cluster GrenadesGrenade0.23
100Lightning BoltsElemental Arrow0.23
101Knives ExpertFan of Knives0.22
102Hooked SpinesCaltrops0.22
103Cluster BombsCluster Arrow0.21
104Nether TentaclesElemental Arrow0.20
105BombardmentRapid Fire0.20
106Echoing BlastSpike Trap0.16
107Well of DarknessShadow Power0.16
108Stun GrenadeGrenade0.14
109Night BaneShadow Power0.13
110Chain of TormentSentry0.13
112Cold GrenadeGrenade0.12
113Chemical BurnImpale0.12
115Grievous WoundsImpale0.10
116ScatterSpike Trap0.10
117Bitter PillBolas0.10
118Sticky TrapSpike Trap0.05
119Long FuseSpike Trap0.05
120Lightning RodSpike Trap0.00

Top Rune for Each Demon Hunter Skill

  • These charts show the single most popular rune for each Demon Hunter active skill, among level 70 Demon Hunters active in patch 2.2. The runes are listed from the most popular for their skill, to the least popular. This makes it easy to see which active skills have one rune that is extremely popular at level 70.
  • The chart on the left shows the rune choices by softcore Demon Hunters, and the chart on the right lists the most popular runes among hardcore Demon Hunters.
  • Select any rune or skill to view the full information and statistics about it.
Want more historical data from patch 2.2? See the Patch 2.2 Data Archive for other charts.
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