Archive of Most Popular Wizard Runes in Patch 1.0.8

  • Note: This is historical data, from level 60 characters who played during the Diablo III PC patch 1.0.8.
  • This is useful data for players on the console Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions of Diablo III, to see the most popular level 60 runes in the console Diablo III. The runes and skills reflected in these charts are similar to the current Diablo III patch on PS3 and Xbox 360.
  • Players of Diablo III on the PC (Windows and OS X) should see the Popular Builds and Skills charts for the data from the current Diablo III PC patch.
  • This set of charts lists all the Diablo III Wizard runes. The runes are ranked from the most popular rune to the least popular, based on data from active level 60 Wizards who played during patch 1.0.8.
  • The chart on the left lists the runes used by softcore Wizards, while the chart on the right shows those used by hardcore Wizards. The Percent column in these charts is the Percentage of Wizards who use that particular rune, of all the softcore or hardcore level 60 Wizards who were active in patch 1.0.8.
  • Select any rune or skill below to view full information about it.
Charts Last Updated: March 3, 2014
All Runes by Popularity - Wizard Softcore
1Crystal ShellDiamond Skin44.30
2Wicked WindEnergy Twister37.90
3Chain ReactionExplosive Blast34.70
5Blood MagicMagic Weapon29.90
6Improved ArchonArchon28.60
7Prismatic ArmorEnergy Armor25.60
8Pinpoint BarrierEnergy Armor22.90
10Deep FreezeFrost Nova20.40
11Force WeaponMagic Weapon19.90
12Cold SnapFrost Nova17.80
13Shocking AspectStorm Armor16.50
14Bone ChillFrost Nova14.60
15Living LightningShock Pulse12.60
16Diamond ShardsDiamond Skin12.10
17Healing BladesSpectral Blade8.00
18Forked LightningElectrocute6.30
19Stretch TimeSlow Time5.60
21Safe PassageTeleport5.20
23Time WarpSlow Time4.90
24Force ArmorEnergy Armor4.80
25Piercing OrbShock Pulse4.30
26Stark WinterBlizzard4.10
27ScrambleStorm Armor3.64
28Chaos NexusDisintegrate3.62
29Arcane HydraHydra3.60
30Meteor ShowerMeteor3.15
32Unrelenting StormBlizzard3.01
33Molten ImpactMeteor3.00
34Venom HydraHydra2.82
35Thrown BladeSpectral Blade2.80
37Chain LightningElectrocute2.70
38Thunder StormStorm Armor2.66
39PrismDiamond Skin2.60
40Frozen SolidBlizzard2.30
41SeekerMagic Missile2.20
42Enduring SkinDiamond Skin2.00
43Power of the StormStorm Armor1.90
44Storm ChaserEnergy Twister1.85
46Lightning HydraHydra1.75
47Lightning BlastElectrocute1.70
48Tap the SourceArcane Orb1.63
49Surge of PowerElectrocute1.62
50Celestial OrbArcane Orb1.60
51CrystallizeIce Armor1.50
52Reactive ArmorStorm Armor1.44
54Arcane DestructionArchon1.40
55Pure PowerArchon1.30
56ShatterFrost Nova1.20
58Mistral BreezeEnergy Twister1.15
59Energy TapEnergy Armor1.13
60Frost HydraHydra1.11
62Sleet StormRay of Frost1.05
63Charged BlastMagic Missile1.01
64Black IceRay of Frost1.00
65Star PactMeteor0.93
68Mammoth HydraHydra0.84
69ElectrifyMagic Weapon0.83
70Deep CutsSpectral Blade0.82
71Short FuseExplosive Blast0.82
72ConduitMagic Weapon0.82
73Mirror SkinDiamond Skin0.82
74Cold BloodRay of Frost0.80
75DuplicatesMirror Image0.73
76SplitMagic Missile0.72
77ObliterationArcane Orb0.71
78CascadeArcane Torrent0.70
80Fire BoltsShock Pulse0.65
81Time ShellSlow Time0.65
82Ice ReflectIce Armor0.65
83Arc LightningElectrocute0.60
84Slow TimeArchon0.55
85Penetrating BlastMagic Missile0.54
86AttunementMagic Missile0.54
87Exploding WaveWave of Force0.54
88Siphoning BladeSpectral Blade0.53
89DisruptionArcane Torrent0.53
90Impactful WaveWave of Force0.53
91Chilling AuraIce Armor0.52
92Arcane NovaArcane Orb0.50
93UnleashedExplosive Blast0.44
94Mirror MimicsMirror Image0.44
95Gale ForceEnergy Twister0.42
96Frozen StormIce Armor0.40
97ObliterateExplosive Blast0.35
98Lightning AffinityShock Pulse0.35
99Jagged IceIce Armor0.34
100PerpetuitySlow Time0.34
101Force AffinityWave of Force0.34
102Explosive BoltsShock Pulse0.34
103VenomMagic Weapon0.33
104Snow BlastRay of Frost0.32
105Grasping ChillBlizzard0.32
106Forceful WaveWave of Force0.32
107Time BombExplosive Blast0.32
109Death BlossomArcane Torrent0.25
110Arcane MinesArcane Torrent0.25
111Raging StormEnergy Twister0.25
112Mocking DemiseMirror Image0.23
114NumbRay of Frost0.23
115Ancient GuardianFamiliar0.20
116Arcane OrbitArcane Orb0.15
117Power StoneArcane Torrent0.15
118MiasmaSlow Time0.15
120Extension of WillMirror Image0.14
121Frozen MistFrost Nova0.13
122SimulacrumMirror Image0.13
123Impactful BladesSpectral Blade0.12
124Teleporting WaveWave of Force0.12
125AbsorptionEnergy Armor0.10
All Runes by Popularity - Wizard Hardcore
1Prismatic ArmorEnergy Armor60.70
2Crystal ShellDiamond Skin53.80
4Blood MagicMagic Weapon38.00
7Wicked WindEnergy Twister18.90
8Cold SnapFrost Nova17.80
9Force WeaponMagic Weapon16.90
10Chain ReactionExplosive Blast16.70
11Improved ArchonArchon16.60
12Healing BladesSpectral Blade15.90
13Arcane HydraHydra13.20
14Living LightningShock Pulse11.50
15Forked LightningElectrocute9.90
16Pinpoint BarrierEnergy Armor9.80
17Deep FreezeFrost Nova9.10
18Piercing OrbShock Pulse8.70
19Chaos NexusDisintegrate8.60
20Stark WinterBlizzard8.20
22Chain LightningElectrocute7.00
23Safe PassageTeleport6.74
24Bone ChillFrost Nova6.70
26Shocking AspectStorm Armor5.10
27Frozen SolidBlizzard4.20
29Thrown BladeSpectral Blade4.03
30Reactive ArmorStorm Armor4.00
31Thunder StormStorm Armor3.70
32Enduring SkinDiamond Skin3.20
34Unrelenting StormBlizzard2.90
35Lightning HydraHydra2.75
37Venom HydraHydra2.72
38Diamond ShardsDiamond Skin2.70
39CrystallizeIce Armor2.60
40ScrambleStorm Armor2.50
41Force ArmorEnergy Armor2.40
42SeekerMagic Missile2.30
44Time WarpSlow Time2.12
45Lightning BlastElectrocute2.10
46PrismDiamond Skin2.00
47Surge of PowerElectrocute1.90
48Molten ImpactMeteor1.80
49Charged BlastMagic Missile1.70
50Meteor ShowerMeteor1.65
51Power of the StormStorm Armor1.64
52Tap the SourceArcane Orb1.63
53Celestial OrbArcane Orb1.60
54Stretch TimeSlow Time1.53
55Impactful WaveWave of Force1.50
56ShatterFrost Nova1.42
57DuplicatesMirror Image1.40
58Arcane DestructionArchon1.30
59Explosive BoltsShock Pulse1.20
60SplitMagic Missile1.12
61DisruptionArcane Torrent1.10
62Energy TapEnergy Armor1.03
63Frost HydraHydra1.01
64Deep CutsSpectral Blade1.00
65Cold BloodRay of Frost0.90
66Black IceRay of Frost0.90
67Fire BoltsShock Pulse0.85
68CascadeArcane Torrent0.85
70Star PactMeteor0.83
72Slow TimeArchon0.75
73Sleet StormRay of Frost0.75
74Penetrating BlastMagic Missile0.74
75Pure PowerArchon0.72
77Ice ReflectIce Armor0.65
78Mistral BreezeEnergy Twister0.65
79Storm ChaserEnergy Twister0.65
80ElectrifyMagic Weapon0.63
81Grasping ChillBlizzard0.62
82Chilling AuraIce Armor0.60
83Mammoth HydraHydra0.54
84Mirror MimicsMirror Image0.54
85AttunementMagic Missile0.54
86Siphoning BladeSpectral Blade0.53
87ConduitMagic Weapon0.52
88ObliterationArcane Orb0.51
89Arcane NovaArcane Orb0.50
90Time ShellSlow Time0.45
91Arc LightningElectrocute0.44
92Force AffinityWave of Force0.44
93Mirror SkinDiamond Skin0.42
94Ancient GuardianFamiliar0.40
97Exploding WaveWave of Force0.34
98Mocking DemiseMirror Image0.33
99Impactful BladesSpectral Blade0.32
100Short FuseExplosive Blast0.32
101Forceful WaveWave of Force0.32
102Arcane MinesArcane Torrent0.30
103Power StoneArcane Torrent0.25
104Lightning AffinityShock Pulse0.25
105Extension of WillMirror Image0.24
106Jagged IceIce Armor0.24
107PerpetuitySlow Time0.24
108Frozen StormIce Armor0.24
110VenomMagic Weapon0.23
111NumbRay of Frost0.23
112Snow BlastRay of Frost0.22
113Death BlossomArcane Torrent0.20
114ObliterateExplosive Blast0.15
115Arcane OrbitArcane Orb0.15
117UnleashedExplosive Blast0.14
118SimulacrumMirror Image0.13
119Gale ForceEnergy Twister0.12
120Time BombExplosive Blast0.12
121AbsorptionEnergy Armor0.10
122MiasmaSlow Time0.05
123Raging StormEnergy Twister0.05
124Teleporting WaveWave of Force0.02
125Frozen MistFrost Nova0.00

Most Popular Rune per Wizard Skill

  • This set of charts lists the single most popular rune for each Wizard skill, as of the end of Diablo III PC patch 1.0.8. The runes are listed from the most popular for their skill, to the least popular. This makes it easy to see which skills only have one rune that is commonly used at level 60.
  • These charts are based on data from level 60 Wizards who were active in patch 1.0.8. The chart on the left lists the softcore Wizard runes, and the chart on the right lists the most popular runes for hardcore Wizards.
  • Select any rune or skill below to see more data on it.
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