Diablo III and Reaper of Souls on Sale 50% Off

Save on the base game, the expansion, or an upgrade to the expansion

Diablo III and Reaper of Souls Sale
March 25 marks the 1 year anniversary of the release of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Along with the ongoing celebration buff, a sale is running through March 30 for 50% off the base Diablo III game or the expansion. The digital download sale is going on at the Blizzard stores in the US and Europe. The base game or the standard expansion can be had for $20 each, or $40 for the Digital Deluxe Edition of the expansion.

If you already have the standard version of Reaper of Souls, you can also upgrade right now to the Digital Deluxe Edition for $20. That version provides an extra 3 character slots along with many cosmetic bonuses. For players who are filling up their character slots with Seasonal heroes, it's one way to get some more space. The sale ends on March 30 at 11:59PM PDT.

Diablo III game director Josh Mosqueira noted the anniversary on Twitter. He also provided an interesting recent interview discussing the progression of Diablo III, since the release of the base game and through the expansion. It covers much of the same ideas discussed in the GDC talk about learning from mistakes to make Diablo III the game it is today. This interview closed by noting the continued development going into Diablo III, building beyond the expansion and into the future.
Q: Do you see the game continuing to evolve? Is there still a large team working on it?

Josh Mosqueira: We have pretty much the team that wrapped up Reaper Of Souls. We're at the point where I think we've gotten most of what we wanted into Reaper Of Souls and now we're really just entering this... we're trying to build a legacy now. I think we're seeing as a team that this is our chance, this is our love letter to Diablo.

We play the game non-stop, we're super passionate about it, and now we get to start adding all the things that we really get geeked out about, that our players also get excited about. We have such a strong, solid foundation. I think Adventure Mode, looking back, we didn't realize it but it's such a powerful engine for us to be able to add new content, vary the experience and it really unshackled our ability to really let the players sort of explore and have fun.
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