Last Day for Diablo III Season 1

Log in your Season 1 heroes to update all their achievements

Diablo III Season 1 Ending
Today is the last day of the first Diablo III Season! Season 1 will end Tuesday, February 3. Hotfixes on the Diablo III servers last week took care of issues with Seasonal characters being awarded all their Seasonal Achievements. In order to take advantage of that, players should log on any Season 1 heroes before the end of the Season, and the achievements will be properly assigned.

Patch 2.1.2 Hotfixes
Three Diablo III PC hotfixes went live last week, including the fix for Season 1 achievements. Other fixes include squelching an exploit that would let players change gear or skills during a Greater Rift, and a fix for the bug preventing heroes from resurrecting if they had leveled while dead.
The following hotfixes have been applied:

  • Resolved an issue where players would not be able to resurrect if they leveled while dead (1/28)

  • Resolved an issue where Seasonal Achievements were not being recorded on the leaderboards if the achievement was awarded while the player was out of game; if you encounter this issue, please enter a new seasonal game on the affected character to correct your Leaderboard standing (1/28)

  • Players who modify their gear or skills in another game will be unable to re-enter a Greater Rift until they revert their loadout to what it was when the Greater Rift began (1/28)

Seasonal Achievements
Tsarnis from the Blizzard Quality Assurance team provided details about the issues that were keeping some Seasonal Achievements from showing up on the leaderboards. Since the hotfix, achievements will be automatically updated for any Season 1 hero that is logged in before the end of the Season.
Hi Everyone,

We just deployed a hotfix that should alleviate the majority of the issues you are describing in this thread.

There was an issue that was preventing achievement completion, times, and dates from properly posting to the leaderboards for some players. To correct this, we made a change that will cause the leaderboard to take another look at your achievement total, as well as the date and time when you completed your final achievement and then update itself and re-order standings based on the actual times and dates when the achievements were completed.

In order for the leaderboard to re-register your actual completion dates and times, you will need to do one thing: Simply enter a game on your seasonal character prior to the end of Season 1. Immediately upon entering the game the hotfix will make any needed adjustments to the leaderboard based on your actual achievement completion dates and times.

We appreciate your patience while we worked to resolve this issue, and thank you for all of your reports about this!

Greater Rifts Exploit
A feature of Greater Rifts is that gear and skills can't be changed once the Greater Rift is started. Some players were finding ways around this by exiting the game and swapping gear in a different game, then rejoining the Greater Rift game. That is no longer possible, after the hotfix.
Posted by: Miranna

There was no discussion about latest hot fixes so I just wanted to highlight that one.

Thanks for the call-out. :) There were indeed some players who were manipulating game mechanics in order to swap gear during a Greater Rift. This was clearly against the intended design of Greater Rifts, and something we wanted to address—hence the hotfix.

Just in case the current hotfix description isn’t clear, how it works is as follows: If you’re in game A doing a Greater Rift and you leave the game and go into game B and swap your gear, it will remove you from the Greater Rift in game A. When you return to game A, you will no longer be eligible to rejoin the Greater Rift until you re-equip your original gear and switch back to your original set of skills.

"Zero Dog" Witch Doctor Builds
One of the Witch Doctor builds being used more since Patch 2.1.2 arrived is a "Zero Dog" build that can spawn many health globes. Demon Hunters in the group can use those to generate Hatred, which leads to more overall damage. One powerful method involves the use of legacy Witch Doctor Legendary items that are no longer in the game. Community manager Tyvalir took to the forums to dispel the notion that the developers will punish players for using those old items.
While I realize the discussion in this thread has become more playful (and thus is relatively harmless), the title itself is misleading. At this time, we are not actioning (or planning to action) players who are using legacy items to support or run a zero dog build.

For those experiencing connection issues, it’s possible that you were having a separate technical issue. If that’s the case, please be sure post over in our Technical Support or Mac Technical Support forums. You can also reach our support staff through the Customer Service portal:

Gonna go ahead and lock this, folks. Thanks for your cooperation!

Legendary Design
Another discussion that Tyvalir had over the past week dealt with the Legendary items that just aren't that special. Many Legendary items without special powers have been slowly overhauled, including a handful in patch 2.1.2. We may see more new versions of other such Legendary items in future patches, as they gain special powers to make them truly Legendary.
Posted by: PowerCosmic

Please Blizz, make all useless Legendaries have a useful stat....afterall, they are legendary.

We've actually been adding special powers to Legendary items that previously didn't have one, but since we've done it gradually, it's not always immediately obvious.

For instance, Depth Diggers, Leoric's Crown and Sash of Knives all had new Legendary powers added to them in patch 2.1.0. The same will happen for Wyrmwood and The Band of Untold Secrets (renamed Halo of Arlyse) starting in Season 2.

I's been a while since it was last brought up, so I can see how it's nice to have a reminder now and then. Great discussion, PowerCosmic!
Posted by: Pereg

I would say that amulets are the one item slot that I'm always eager to identify, regardless of knowing which legendary power it will be.

I used to feel the same way. Since the recent patch, though, I'm far more likely to get excited about other item types, including Legendary or Set items I already have (since they could be Ancient items). I've heard similar comments from community members.

It's worth noting that one of our long term goals is to make more items competitive with those considered "best in slot." For rings, that means creating better alternatives to Unity, Ring of Royal Grandeur and Stone of Jordan. For sets, that means better alternatives to existing 6 piece Sets (some of which you'll see in a future patch).

Ideally, this should mean you'll get more excited about many different item types, as we gradually introduce more desirable Legendary item powers over time.
Posted by: clueso

and btw.: what about all our ideas from the Legendary Workshop from Blizzcon?!
I'm sure something useful is in there as well.

Ah, great question! John Yang and Julian Love actually discussed some of the Legendary item power ideas submitted for the workshop during our follow-up livestream. Aside from the power picked by the team at BlizzCon, there were several others that John and Julian mentioned wanting to add to the game.

While I don't have any specifics to share right now, if we were to move forward with any of those Legendary Workshop ideas (or different powers based on said ideas), the earliest players might see them added to the game would be in patch 2.2.0.
Posted by: Indubitably

I hope this isn't a trend where every single existing legendary gets a power and then is made seasonal only

Actually, the majority of items on which we've added a new Legendary power (specifically when the item didn't already have one) have been made available to non-Seasonal characters as soon as they were patched in. For example, Depth Diggers, Kimbo's Gold, Sash of Knives and Leoric's Crown all fit into this category.

While some Legendary items that are updated in this way will be introduced through Seasons first (as is the case with Wyrmwood in Season 2, for instance), we don't currently have plans to make all such items Seasonal.
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