Veiled Crystal Drops Increased in Hotfix

Boosts to crafting materials and Blood Shards in recent patch 2.1.1 hotfixes

Diablo III Hotfixes
A steady rate of Diablo III hotfixes have been rolled out over the past few days, and the latest boosts the drop of Rare materials. This balances out the changes to the rate at which items are procured from Kadala, after patch 2.1.1. Other recent Blizzard Blues include improvements on the way for Greater Rift Guardian spawns, and Stormshield being available once again.

Patch 2.1.1 Hotfixes
The hotfixes over the past week have helped improve a few issues since patch 2.1.1 landed. The latest hotfix boosts the drop rate of Rare items, most notably the Veiled Crystal crafting materials that are in high demand for Enchanting. When the drop rate from Kadala was changed in the recent patch, developer Travis Day stated that the developers would keep an eye on the crafting materials and make further tweaks as needed. This latest hotfix is a response to that, to make sure that players have the crafting materials used in crafting up items, and rerolling to get the perfect stat with Enchanting. Other hotfixes that went live late last week include an increase to the Blood Shards obtained through Greater Rifts.
The hotfix list has been updated:


Greater Rifts
  • Players will now receive more Blood Shards when completing Greater Rifts (9/26)
    • For example, at Tier 15, you will receive 58 Blood Shards (up from 45) and at Tier 25, you will receive 115 Blood Shards (up from 83)

  • The Greater Rift keystone reward from completing the Realm of Trials in multiplayer games has been increased (9/26)
    • 2 Player groups will receive a key equal to their last wave completed minus four
      • Ex. If you completed wave 20, your group will receive a level 16 keystone
    • 3 Player groups will receive a key equal to their last wave completed minus five
      • Ex. If you completed wave 20, your group will receive a level 15 keystone
    • 4 Player groups will receive a key equal to their last wave completed minus six
      • Ex. If you completed wave 20, your group will receive a level 14 keystone

  • The number of Rare crafting materials that drop from monsters (including Rift Guardians) has been greatly increased (9/30)

Stormshield Drops Again
Back in patch 2.1.0, there was a bug with item affixes not displaying properly on the Legendary Stormshield. Because of that issue, the shield was set to not drop at all. The bug was fixed in patch 2.1.1, and the shield is once again available. This is especially good news for the hardcore players who are more likely to use shields, such as the Barbarians for whom Stormshield is the most popular hardcore shield.
Update: The display issue with Stormshield has been fixed. As a result, the ability for this item to drop has been re-enabled in patch 2.1.1

Greater Rift Guardian Spawn Improvements Coming
There have been ongoing issues with a Greater Rift Guardian occasionally not spawning close to the player. This can be a big problem in a tough, time-limited Greater Rift. There are multiple improvements on the way to help deal with where those bosses spawn.
Great feedback. We agree that it can be frustrating to have a Greater Rift Guardian spawn in a location that is unclear or unspecified, especially if you’re running down that timer. Right now, if a Rift Guardian spawns on an undiscovered part of the Rift map or at certain distance away from the player, sometimes the indicator will not appear. Though technically not a bug, we still want adventurers fighting the Greater Rift Guardian and not the Greater Rift map, so we’ll be working to improve this functionality (ideally making it easier and more consistent for players to see where a Greater Rift Guardian spawns) in a future game update.

With this, we’re also looking at tuning and improving the AI that determines where a Greater Rift Guardian can spawn to begin with.

Public Game Tag Issue
Grimiku gave more details on the issue with players not being put into the right public game, based on the tag they chose from the drop-down. Besides fixing that bug, the developers also want to improve the selection in general, so stop by the thread to leave feedback if you have suggestions!
As HeMan noted, there’s currently a bug affecting Public Game tag selection, resulting in players being placed into games under a tag they didn’t actually select. This bug sometimes occurs whenever a player selects a tag from the drop-down menu, but instead of locking in the player’s intended tag, the bug will cause the game to select another tag (often the one right below it). We're aware of this issue and are working on a resolution for a future patch.

I'd also like to point out that we're looking at making some additional quality of life improvements to the Public Game tag system in future patches. Ultimately, tags are there to help players find games easier, and we recognize that there are small changes we could make to help the system as a whole function a little better. We’re open to your feedback in the meantime!

Infernal Machine in Ultimate Evil Edition
Grimiku also clarified a big difference in the Infernal Machine event for the console Ultimate Evil Edition, compared to the PC Diablo III.
I'd like to help clear up any confusion about where the Key of Evil is found in Ultimate Evil Edition, since it doesn't work the same way it does on PC. In UEE the Key of Evil drops from The Savage Behemoth during the Infernal Machine of War event instead of Nekarat (like it does on PC).

To put it another way, players who are used to the PC version will discover they need to craft Infernal Machines of War instead of farming the Act IV keywarden in order to get a Key of Evil.
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