Season Paragon Levels Calculated in BattleTag Profiles

Automatic calculations for the Paragon rollover at the end of Season 1

Diablo III Paragon Level Calculations - Gabynator 1902
The first Diablo III Season is going strong, and many players have accumulated Seasonal Paragon Levels. At the end of Season 1, all the experience from those Seasonal Paragon Levels will rollover into the standard non-Seasonal Paragon Levels pool. Here at Diablo Somepage we now fully support all types of Paragon Levels, as we scan more than 5 million Diablo III characters. We automatically calculate how many total Paragon Levels a Diablo III account will have, once Season 1 is finished. Look up a BattleTag to see the details.

Use the BattleTag Locator to see a Diablo III BattleTag data!

  • An example can be seen with the Paragon Levels calculated on the profile for Gabynator#1902, as reflected above. Currently he has 1018 standard softcore Paragon Levels, and 537 softcore Seasonal Paragon Levels. When Season 1 ends, those Seasonal Paragon Levels will roll over. We estimate he would end up with 1025 standard Paragon Levels, if the season ended now. This shows just how much experience is required to obtain the extremely high Paragon Levels.
  • A similar situation can be seen on the profile for Alkaizer#1727, when the nearly 600 Seasonal Paragon Levels obtained so far are rolled over into the standard Paragon pool.
  • The level 70 heroes are tracked and displayed for all the Diablo III accounts we scan, as seen at Gabynator's Season 1 Demon Hunter. We use this data to generate our charts and guides, including the Popular Builds and Skills charts and the Best Legendary & Set Items.
  • We have done updates to the displays for the BattleTag and Hero profiles, and more are on the way. We are working on implementing Legendary gems in that display, and will provide charts with them very soon.
  • We currently scan Diablo III BattleTags that are used in the Americas and European regions, and only those with standard characters in the name. For more details, see the BattleTag and Heroes Profiles overview.
  • The data for each Paragon Level has been updated to Paragon Level 2000, as listed in this spreadsheet. If you have details on other data for Paragon Levels, or specifics on datamining those experience levels, feel free to contact us with them.
  • Even if you don't have a Seasonal Diablo III character, we are always looking for more data! Submit your Diablo III BattleTag with the BattleTag Locator to see specifics on your account, and include it in our massive Diablo III dataset.
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