New Diablo Merchandise at Comic-Con

Exclusive merch at Comic-Con, and other products coming to the store

San Diego Comic-Con
Blizzard is returning to the San Diego Comic-Con this year, and will be showing off new merchandise at their booth. There will be special exclusive merchandise for the show, and following the show other items will be available to everyone at the Blizzard Gear Store. One of these is a cute new Treasure Goblin plush, among other Diablo-themed pieces.

If you're headed to San Diego Comic-Con this July, you won't want to miss out on visiting the Blizzard booth! Blizzard is raiding SDCC once again, and we're excited to give you a sneak peek at this year's exclusives and premiere merchandise. 

Our San Diego Comic-Con exclusives are a limited run produced only for the convention, so make sure to grab them early. If you can't join us in San Diego, don't worry! We'll have several different items featured on the Blizzard Gear Store ( after the event.

Whimsyshire Treasure Goblin Plush

Trapped among the rainbows and unicorn meadows of Whimsyshire, this Treasure Goblin's gone (adorably) native! Catch one for a lifetime of snuggles . . . or don't and regret it forever. 

SDCC_D3_Whimsy_Lightbox-Thumb_CK_250x250.jpg SDCC_D3_Goblin_Lightbox-Thumb_CK_250x250.jpg

The Whimsyshire variant is limited to 3,500 pieces. (Standard Treasure Goblin coloring coming to the Blizzard Gear Store soonâ„¢!)

Funko POP! Vinyl—Primal Kerrigan 

Back from her vacation on Zerus, Kerrigan has got her groove back and gone primal! 

Primal Kerrigan is an SDCC-exclusive variant of her POP! Vinyl figure and is limited to 2,500 pieces. (The non-exclusive variant Funko POP! Vinyl Kerrigan is available now.)

Nether Faerie Dragon Plush

Catch one if you can! This soft and huggable fey friend is made of premium plush materials and features wings you can pose and a tail with over 50 points of articulation. 


The exclusive Comic-Con Nether variant is limited to 2,000 pieces. (Standard Faerie Dragon coloring coming to the Blizzard Gear Store soonâ„¢!)

Cute But Deadly Cloaking Zeratul

He's cute. He's deadly. He's invisible-ish (and so is his box). Blizzard’s Cute But Deadly figure line continues with this comical cloaked variant of the not-so-comical Dark Templar.

Cloaking Zeratul is limited to 2,500 pieces and will only be available for purchase at San Diego Comic-Con. 

Premiere Merchandise:

  • Cute But Deadly Shirt for Men and Women
  • StarCrafts Zergling Plush Keychain
  • Hearthstone Plush with Light and Sound Effects
  • Blizzard Heroes and Villains Lanyard
  • . . . and More!

SDCC_SC2_Carbot_Lightbox-Thumb_CK_250x250.jpg SDCC_Heroes_Lanyard_Lightbox-Thumb_CK_250x250.jpg

All premiere items will be available on the Blizzard Gear store after San Diego Comic-Con concludes. 

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