'Looking-Glass' Tool Released by Blizzard

Use the tool to diagnose issues connecting to Blizzard servers and games

Battle.net Looking Glass
With online games like Diablo III, technical issues can sometimes crop up that make it difficult to connect to the servers. The Diablo III Technical Support forum has technicians that help with many of those issues. Blizzard has also recently released a new tool to help diagnose internet problems. The Looking-Glass tool runs diagnostics from a computer to various Blizzard servers, including Battle.net Authentication servers or Diablo III servers.

Looking-Glass can perform a ping, traceroute, or the combined MTR. This information can be used to diagnose where a problem may be in the many hops from a home computer to Blizzard's servers. This can always be done with programs on the PC, as detailed in a Battle.net support article. The benefit of Looking-Glass is that you don't have to run any programs yourself, it does all the work for you. If you have connection problems to Blizzard's servers down the road, keep Looking-Glass in mind to help narrow down the issue.
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