PTR for Patch 2.1.0 is Coming 'Very Soon'

Blizzard Blues with new Hotfixes, and what will or won't be in Patch 2.1

Diablo III - Public Test Realm
The next major step for Diablo III is growing close, as Patch 2.1 looms on the horizon. We have heard recently how patch 2.1 will include new features like crafted Hellfire Amulets and Legendary gems for rings and amulets. That patch will arrive on the Public Test Realm (PTR) "very soon", according to a Blizzard Blues post. Here are recent posts with details on that and other Diablo III topics, including the recent hotfixes in the game.

Hotfix for Rend
There has been a bug since Patch 2.0.6 involving the Barbarian skill Rend, and is being fixed via a hotfix. Here are all the Patch 2.0.6 Hotfixes since the patch landed.
Last Updated - June 13th. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers.


  • Fixing an issue that allowed Rend to gain the benefit of Critical Hit Chance twice.
    • This was an unintentional result of the fix made to the +% Damage for Rend affix applied in 2.0.6.


  • Death Maidens no longer summon unlimited skeletons. (6/12)
  • Resolving an issue where the Raiment of a Thousand Storms 6 piece set bonus does not benefit from +% Lightning Damage. (6/10)

Hotfix Changes to Rend
Nevalistis discussed the hotfix change, to correct the issue with Rend. She mentions that the PTR for patch 2.1 is coming "very Soonâ„¢", so that should be arriving in the very near future.
Posted by: Nubtro

It is unclear whether this is an intended change to make the skill competitive again or just a "bug" byproduct of making the Rend damage bonus on gear work again.

In this particular case, this is indeed an unintentional change that occurred due to the fix to the +% Damage for Rend applied in 2.0.6, as denoted in our hotfixes. You should see this hotfix applied sometime in the near future, and I'll update the appropriate list when it becomes available.

That said, we're keeping an eye on feedback across the classes, including for Barbarians. While I don't have information to share about upcoming changes at this time, we will be having a PTR very Soonâ„¢ and I definitely encourage you all to log in and try things out once it's available.

No Crafting Resource Management Changes in 2.1
With the removal of the unique Legendary crafting materials in patch 2.0.6, players have a little more room in their stash. The big idea to change all the other crafting materials from being items into a currency-style storage is still being considered. But that is still just an idea that the developers are mulling, and it will not happen in patch 2.1.
This is a good suggestion, and it's actually been something that we've been exploring since just before Reaper of Souls launched.

On the whole, we agree with your feedback and are currently working on some different ways to help streamline the process of picking up, storing, and using crafting resources.

Let me preface what I’m about to say with the caveat that any changes we make to crafting material management at this point would come after Reaper of Souls ships. With that in mind, here’s a few ideas we’re tinkering with to help get you thinking about some of the cool possibilities:

  • All crafting materials would be moved to a currency-style storage in the UI. Think something similar to Blood Shards.
  • All crafting materials would become auto pickup, except for LEGENDARY crafting material. (Legendary crafting material would still be automatically stored as a currency, but players must click on it to pick it up.)
  • All crafters would pull crafting materials from this storage area for recipes.
  • Crafting materials that the player doesn’t currently own would appear in grey text with a 0 counter.
  • Players could mouse over the icons of all crafting material to get the full tooltip of the item. This includes greyed out ones.
  • Currently, we do not intend to store gems in this way because it would make socketing items feel clunky.

  • I should point out that we won't be making any adjustments to the crafting resource management system in patch 2.1. The ideas we have about possible changes to crafting material storage and currency are just that: ideas. They're still subject to heavy amounts of change and iteration, and are not something we've yet decided to implement.

    Loot Tables for Legendary Crafting Materials
    In the recent Theorycraft Thursday livestream chat with Travis Day, a discussion came up about the unique Legendary crafting materials. Mr. Day had to remove those manually from dropping for patch 2.0.6, and one slipped through. The loot tables used are standard for that type of item; most of the items that drop in Diablo III are not on loot tables, but instead drop randomly.
    Posted by: Anomalous

    Also on stream, Travis Day then remarked "Hey, that's not supposed to be there anymore...I had to look through 38 tables before the patch."

    This was taken extremely out of context.

    The Legendary crafting materials functioned differently than other items, because they were from specific creatures. Those specific creatures had allocations (or loot tables) for those items, and that's what was needed to be investigated to remove them.

    In this case "loot tables" refer to the difference between the items a Treasure Goblin has a tendency to drop versus a common enemy versus an Elite or Rare mob. That's what Travis was referring to - not to the popular (and incorrect) theory that items are seeded by things like player name or shoe size or game creation at midnight versus 10 AM. Those things have no bearing on the items you are able to find.

    None of this is new information. Grimiku referenced a similar situation in regards to Crafting recipes less than a month ago.

    FPS Lag on Nvidia 700 Series Cards
    Ongoing issues with FPS drops in Diablo III are being looked into by the Diablo engineers, specifically those involving the Nvidia 700 series graphics cards. The issue has been investigated for multiple months. The latest news is that there may be a fix in patch 2.1.

    I don't really have anything specific I can give you other then that it's actively being looked into. They've tentatively targeted the 2.1.0 patch as to when it might be addressed but that can easily change depending on what they find to be the cause and what the fix would entail.

    They did mention that disabling the game's vsync option might help though screen tearing may result if you do that.

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